Hey Reddit, you may know me from The Other Two or as the guy with a bad fake beard in a Subway commercial 3 years ago...

Proof: https://i.redd.it/mbi4dsfso1f21.png

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missrisible119 karma

Hi Drew! I don't really have a question. Just wanted to tell you that I laughed til I cried when Martin sings "Ship of Love" and the subsequent variations.

Okay yes I do have a question: How did you get that tune out of your head afterwards?? What works? Help!

Drewtarver105 karma

Thank you! I don’t get them out of my head. I’m singing love gym at the top of my lungs in a crunch fitness right now

haydenny50 karma

Hey Drew! Congrats on The Other Two!

Any word on when the next season of Teacher’s Lounge is coming out?

Also... Medium Friends? Ever coming back?

Staaaaaay flippy!

Drewtarver32 karma

Thank you! Deff want to do more Teachers. Hopefully more soon. Me and Steve Szlaga have gone from medium friends to full blown enemies. Jk jk. Me and Steve want to do more stuff together soon. He is the funniest

agentdom41 karma

Love your recent Bang Bang appearances, hope to hear you on more podcasts!

Do you have a favorite moment from Bajillion Dollar Properties?

Drewtarver37 karma

When me and Ryan Gaul disguised our characters as delivery guys to trick Dean. Love some good mustache work

Drewtarver39 karma

Alright y’all! That was fun. Let’s do it again soon. I have to go back to working at this Panera Bread. Talk sooooooon

samuelpg38 karma

Hi Drew! Big fan of your work, hope you don't mind a couple of questions:

  1. Were the Martin Sheffield Lickly's songs written beforehand or are improvised on the spot ? (like in off book)

  2. Is there anything in your character in The Other Two based on yourself or your experiences?

  3. Are you a fan of musicals? Which one is your favorite?

Drewtarver40 karma

  1. Martin Sheffield Lickly is a character that was written by Nick Ciarelli and Brad Evans. We first did it live at the UCB theatre in LA and then on CBB. Nick and Brad are so so funny

  2. Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider wrote The Other Two. It’s not based on my life but there are lots of similarities to my real life like all of my younger siblings being more talented than meeeeeeeeee

  3. Fun Home! Ring of keeeeeeeeeeyssssss

rogerh2o37 karma

Will Donny Gary be touring in 2019?

Drewtarver39 karma

If he can get his electric car powered by a bushel of potato’s working he said he will tour

stevebushreddit24 karma

Would you fight Tim Baltz?

Drewtarver43 karma

I have. He won.

RaeADropOfGoldenSun23 karma

Hi Drew! I’m head mod of r/TheOtherTwo, the sub for your show (side note that everyone should subscribe to r/TheOtherTwo!!). We all love the show, and if any other actors (or writers!) from the show want to do AMAs we’d be happy to host as well!

I was wondering what it was like to adjust for you from doing, like, pure comedy stuff (for lack of a better word) to doing a TV show where it gets a little more “real” and you’re kind of playing the straight man a lot of the time, as opposed to in sketch/improv/whatever where it’s much more zany?

Also, the first time I heard Martin Scheffield Lickley say that his postman mailed himself to the bottom of the ocean I laughed so hard I thought i was going to throw up. That character is amazing.

Drewtarver45 karma

Thank you head mod!

I’ve always wanted to do something more grounded and I was very excited to get to do it on The Other Two with Chris and Sarah. I enjoy being insane and also straight manning people who are being insane. I like wearing wigs and also telling ppl who are wearing wigs to “cut it out!”

That’s how I think about comedy acting. Who is wearing the wig. Sign up for my acting class “who is wearing the wig” I teach it every Saturday at 720am outside of the dominos in North Hollywood

KreidyKid20 karma

Hi Drew! Just recently gotten into the Teacher's Lounge pod, and it is providing me a lot of laughs on my commute home every day, making some crappy days a bit better.

Was Bill Cravey inspired by any teacher(s) of yours? I feel like there's a weirdo like him at every school...

Drewtarver49 karma

Bill is kind of a catch all for every teacher or coach I’ve ever had. But the ostrigen storyline is straight from my real life.

Roook3619 karma

Any idea if Season 4 of Bajillion will ever come out?

I also just wanted to say your singer characters like Donny Gary are solid gold and always crack me up!

Drewtarver23 karma

Fingers crossed on season 4 getting released. Hopefully soon

Georgehef16 karma

Who is someone that hasn't been on teachers lounge yet that you'd like to get still?

also, which is your favorite non-teachers lounge ep of teachers lounge (preachers, bleachers, etc)

Drewtarver32 karma

Kato Kaelin. Preachers!

_banjeaux15 karma

What's next for Big Grande?

Drewtarver43 karma


FakeCollegeStudent14 karma

What’s your favorite joke from Teachers Lounge?

Drewtarver37 karma

South Pole Santa

MrCh1valry13 karma

Huge fan, loving The Other Two and Teacher's Lounge is the best premium comedy podcast. Period.

Absolutely lost my shit the first time I saw Donny Gary for the first time on the CBB tv show, and when you introduced him to the podcast ( Martin Sheffield Lickly) I think the podcast reached all new heights of funny.

Sorry I mostly came here to be a fanboy. So I guess my one question is:

I thought you ain't gay no more, you don't carry a purse, etc, but now you're playing a gay character named CARY? Haha

But really, can you expand on the ridiculous voice bit a little bit from Teacher's Lounge? How spontaneous of a thing was that at first and how far were you willing to take your Bill Cravey voice, like at what point are you not even saying words anymore, and how long does that take to transition into the Lounge just doing Michael Jackson "he he"s back and forth?

Thanks, Staaaaaaay Flippy!

Drewtarver29 karma

Chee cha!

I think I just got bored with bills voice and started heightening it? I can’t remember when it started but I think it fully changed during a live teachers lounge with Carl tart. I think a live audience made me push the voice.

Me and the big grande boys have been saying non sense words to each other for years and it just comes out on teachers lounge. Sometimes when we are all hanging out we just say random words and sounds to each other and it makes no sense. Love them love their families

_banjeaux10 karma

Growing up, what were you biggest comedy inspirations/influences?

Drewtarver26 karma

Funny pastors

Troupe_Lead_Zirconia10 karma

Hey Drew! Congratulations on your success! I’ve enjoyed hearing you on several podcasts and am so glad to see your continued work.

My question is: How many doors have you pushed Betsy Sodaro through?

Drewtarver26 karma

Me and Betsy’s relationship involves a lot of us pushing each other into things. She is currently stuffing my into a recycling bin

Bump_it_Charlie9 karma

Hey Drew, huge fan of everything you do. Always a good laugh when you’re involved.

Are you still mourning the loss of your son, young Ethan Collins? You seemed pretty broken up about it at the funeral.

Drewtarver20 karma

Im being crazy!

RatchetQueen02049 karma

Are you gay yourself?

Drewtarver32 karma

I am bisexual

bbyduck238 karma

Hey Drew! I’m a huge fan of your improv. What’s your favorite show you perform in at UCB? Any stand out moments from a show you’ll never forget?

Drewtarver18 karma

I perform on Friday nights at UCBLA with my group Winslow. I love them. Once dan Lippert spanked all of us for 20 mins straight

sh1tw1zard8 karma

On a scale from 1 to 100 puka shell necklaces, how good does it feel to have the best hairdo glow up in history?

Drewtarver20 karma

I’d say it feels hemp necklace with a holister rugby shirt

Naterek8 karma

Hi Drew! Big Fan!

A few months back you posted an IG story of you singing karaoke on a speedboat. It was the funniest thing.

I guess my question is: what the fuck? How did that come about?

Drewtarver21 karma

My little brother had a karaoke machine on the boat and I just started doing it and he would drive fast. Almost chipped my tooth at once point

bondfool6 karma

Hi, Drew! You’re one of my favorite comedians, thanks for making me laugh so much! Have you ever thought about resurrecting Little Dammit Man?

Drewtarver13 karma

I want more Little Dammit Man ASAP. Last I heard he was mooning the clerk after stealing pop rocks from a 7/11

whut_a_tunt6 karma

Who do I bribe to leak Bajillion season 4?

Drewtarver12 karma

Dan Ahdoot

Khalizabeth5 karma

Hey Drew! Big fan and congrats on the new show.

Some of the characters you've done on a few podcasts are very musical. Are there any artists or genres that you would consider your favorite?

Drewtarver11 karma

I love Steely Dan

Tickle_The_Grundle4 karma


Drewtarver9 karma

Take a UCB class

-timebobby3 karma

Drew, your wikipedia just told me that your Dad owns a candy factory. Is there an end to the long line of sugar Daddies? Also give me a CHHHRRIIIIIIIISS!

Drewtarver10 karma

Mascot pecan . Com CHHRRRIIIIIISSSS !