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Proto Zoa, is that you?!

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The parents of this super mean girl I knew when I was 11 own a nice restaurant in NYC and I am 100% willing to admit I just read this entire list to make sure you didn't go there. You didn't.

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Hi Drew! I’m head mod of r/TheOtherTwo, the sub for your show (side note that everyone should subscribe to r/TheOtherTwo!!). We all love the show, and if any other actors (or writers!) from the show want to do AMAs we’d be happy to host as well!

I was wondering what it was like to adjust for you from doing, like, pure comedy stuff (for lack of a better word) to doing a TV show where it gets a little more “real” and you’re kind of playing the straight man a lot of the time, as opposed to in sketch/improv/whatever where it’s much more zany?

Also, the first time I heard Martin Scheffield Lickley say that his postman mailed himself to the bottom of the ocean I laughed so hard I thought i was going to throw up. That character is amazing.

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Hi Ryan! You’re my favorite writer/general content-creating-person in the world. You’ve influenced my sense of humor so much that when I force my friends read To Be Or Not To Be and they do they’re always like “Oh, yeah, this explains a lot.” Also B to the F is beautiful and highly under-appreciated and I love it.

I’ve been trying to think of a question and completely coming up short.

If you could have a miniaturized version of any dinosaur as a pet, and it could have one super power, what dinosaur/superpower combo would you pick?

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What is your favorite animated show currently on?