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MrCh1valry13 karma

Huge fan, loving The Other Two and Teacher's Lounge is the best premium comedy podcast. Period.

Absolutely lost my shit the first time I saw Donny Gary for the first time on the CBB tv show, and when you introduced him to the podcast ( Martin Sheffield Lickly) I think the podcast reached all new heights of funny.

Sorry I mostly came here to be a fanboy. So I guess my one question is:

I thought you ain't gay no more, you don't carry a purse, etc, but now you're playing a gay character named CARY? Haha

But really, can you expand on the ridiculous voice bit a little bit from Teacher's Lounge? How spontaneous of a thing was that at first and how far were you willing to take your Bill Cravey voice, like at what point are you not even saying words anymore, and how long does that take to transition into the Lounge just doing Michael Jackson "he he"s back and forth?

Thanks, Staaaaaaay Flippy!

MrCh1valry3 karma

Thanks for the response! Thaaaaank Yooouuu Bill is definitely the most eccentric part of Teacher's Lounge in my opinion (they're all eccentric and amazing in their own ways) and definitely my favorite. I'd love to see Big Grande live sometime haha that could definitely get unhinged if the specials are any indication.

And that's great haha, that's one of my favorite things about Teacher's Lounge is you guys just go with whatever you think is funniest in that moment and the dynamic between you all just keeps that ball rolling, even if it's nonsensical and stupid it somehow always becomes hysterical again. Truly something to behold in comedy podcasting that others need to take note of haha

Thanks for all that you do, Drew! Congrats on The Other Two and keep up the great work (you and the rest of the Lounge that is)!