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awilddandyappeared1550 karma

how do you feel now that you have superautism? /s

For real now, congrats! How many shots did you need in total?

ToddmanHorseboy1070 karma

Six shots today. I'm going to have to go back for a couple more rounds this year.

omg_pwnies79 karma

One suggestion - keep the muscles in your arms moving a bit here and there. Just a bit of arm rotation, 'raise the roof' etc. for a few hours after you get the shots. Not constantly, just a minute or so every hour or so. It really helps with the soreness at the injection site.

Congrats on getting the shots, hope you have a long, healthy life!

ToddmanHorseboy38 karma

Thanks for the suggestion and encouragement!

Ryan-XII1314 karma

Do your parents have a specific reason they never had you vaccinated?

ToddmanHorseboy2329 karma

They read about the autism thing and didn't trust vaccines after that.

Also religion.

Missfruflouf131 karma

Im curious about this as well. She said her brother got whooping cough and they STILL didn't vaccinate her?

ToddmanHorseboy127 karma


I_HATE_PEAS795 karma

Are you going to tell your parents that you got them? How is your relationship with them overall?

ToddmanHorseboy1866 karma

My mom and I are actually pretty close.

I just told her about an hour ago. She mentioned how she knows I am old enough to make these choices now, and then started to ask about:

Side effects

How many I got in a single day

Which ones I received

What the doctor said


I kept my answers short and sweet. She realizes she can't change my mind, and fighting it will only cause distance between us. This is not the only thing we disagree on, and she knows I will stick up for myself.

My dad and I barely talk. He doesn't know, and I don't feel a need to bring it up. My mom and dad do not communicate now, so that's a non-issue.

sydd321836 karma

Your mom asked mom questions. She very obviously loves you and was just mistaken. That makes me happy.

ToddmanHorseboy505 karma

That's SO true.

SuchFaithlessness85 karma

Is your dad also anti-vaccine? I know this is bias and wrong, but If I’m being honest I’ve never thought about a father (or any guy) also being anti-vaxx, it just always seemed like a mom thing.

ToddmanHorseboy133 karma

Not really saying it's one way or another but I don't remember my dad ever being passionate about it like my mom, just agreeing with it.

makancheeze499 karma

When did you realize that being unvaccinated wasnt normal?

ToddmanHorseboy912 karma

The first time I had roommates, I mentioned it in passing that I wasn't vaccinated and got a HUGE speech on how that wasn't okay and how I should look into getting vaccinated.

I put it off for a few more years because I was worried about an allergic reaction.

chairUrchin451 karma

Have you ever been treated differently by others because you aren't vaccinated?

ToddmanHorseboy773 karma

As a kid, no. Most of my parents' friends were also anti-vaxxers. That, or they just never talked to their friends about it. I don't know. It wasn't an issue then.

As a teen some of my friends got weird about it, but I just figured they were raised a lot "differently" than I was. I learned not to talk about it with many people... but when I did, it was typically followed with shock. That started to lead to serious questioning on my part.

Lately a few people getting mad/very worried.

Disig181 karma

I'm glad it lead to questioning. I feel like some people overly freak out over the whole thing, and I'm not saying it isn't warranted to be worried but freaking out in general is a great way to push people who haven't been vaccinated away from talking with people who have been.

Grats on being vaccinated, welcome to herd immunity!

ToddmanHorseboy79 karma

Thanks! :)

barcaloco326 karma

What made you decide to finally get vaccinated?

ToddmanHorseboy571 karma

I actually would like to start a family soon, and I don't want the kids or myself to be compromised by carrying any diseases.

This is something I have wanted to do since I realized how abnormal/unhealthy/unsafe it was, but I was afraid because of my allergies developing so rapidly as a young adult. Starting a family was the last push to get me to do it.

idonteatmushrooms294 karma

Why are your parents antivax and what made you realise they were wrong?

ToddmanHorseboy556 karma

My mom believes she has seen it happen (referring to a friend's child who has autism and the onset started "after" being vaccinated), so I always just believed her.

I realized they were wrong after seeing the huge push online and having many of my friends talk about it (knowing or not that I wasn't vaccinated) and giving scientific evidence.

Thennnnnn.... researched it to confirm over the last year-ish.

rage675228 karma

What age did you first ask your parents to get you vaccinated?

ToddmanHorseboy372 karma

When the doctor asked if I was going to get the HPV vaccine at age 12. The doctor and my mom got into a bit of a disagreement over that, and I was confused by it. So we talked.

agent_orangepeel194 karma

Did your parents get vaccinated as children?

ToddmanHorseboy150 karma

I believe so, but it never came up.

00killem159 karma

Now that you are no longer a danger to society, how do you feel?

ToddmanHorseboy216 karma

Feels pretty damn good!

00killem58 karma

Mah man fist bump

sirkevun70 karma

shhhh..... OP is female...

ToddmanHorseboy262 karma

fist bumps ...but in female

anandamides158 karma

As a public health professional (who used to work in vaccine access in developing countries), I'm so happy for you! It's really frustrating to see how the anti vax movement has led to dramatic declines in vaccine coverage, and at the same time I've always been fascinated how vaccine coverage is usually very high in communist countries.

Do your parents still believe that vaccines cause autism? What was their reaction to Andrew Wakefield being debunked?

ToddmanHorseboy132 karma

My mom definitely does still think they cause autism, she thinks he was right.... not sure about dad

MellowBat142 karma

What was your parents justification for being anti-vax, and how did you come to decide they were wrong? Did they do anything in substitution for vaccination?

ToddmanHorseboy202 karma

Some of those answers are in other questions --- but the last one is vitamins and essential oils.

cultoftheilluminati153 karma

Wait they don’t believe in vaccines but vitamins is fine?

ToddmanHorseboy145 karma


BooleanRadley126 karma

Hooraaaaay...question mark? Did/do you do have to pay a lot out of pocket?

p.s I'm more of a Mr. Peanutbutter fan myself.

ToddmanHorseboy154 karma

Nope. Insurance paid for it. :)


dailyfield119 karma

Why did they deny you vaccinations? What was their logic? I've never understood why people would think that vaccinations cause things like autism.

ToddmanHorseboy163 karma

Religion. Autism. "You can never be sure of what else is in the shot."

SlimmSammy110 karma


ToddmanHorseboy177 karma

RIP in Peace, me.

sjphilsphan101 karma

How old are you now?

ToddmanHorseboy114 karma


GeneralKenoli93 karma

How were you able to attend school without proof of vaccinations?

GillianOMalley158 karma

I was homeschooled.

ToddmanHorseboy157 karma


SirStumps78 karma

When you made it past 3yo did you hear a doctor audibly gasp from the corner of the room lurking in the shadows with a syringe ready to pounce?

ToddmanHorseboy58 karma


/joking, of course not

appleshampoo01176 karma

What was the doctors response to your background?

ToddmanHorseboy161 karma

Throughout my life doctors were always shocked and always double checked to make sure my mom was serious. A few small mother/doctor arguments.

Today, this doctor was also pretty shocked. Asked a lot of questions on if I had any of those illnesses or other major ones.

personman1290572 karma

Were you effected by any of the diseases you weren't vaccinated for? Did your parents shelter you more to avoid you coming into contact with these diseases? At what age were you able to take this into your own hands?

Congratulations and good job by the way!

ToddmanHorseboy91 karma

1.) The flu every year and a mild case of chickenpox 2.) Yes. I was homeschooled (not charter schooled), until college. My mom and dad were my only educators. 3.) Probably around 20 I could have, but I delayed out of fear. I am in my mid twenties now.

itWasForetold53 karma

Did the doctor give you a lollipop? It makes the shots 10x better.

ToddmanHorseboy90 karma

No? Did I get scammed??

hmh2nona44 karma

I'm so sorry for your loss. You get one for every shot. Two if you're adorable and give the doctor or nurse a pouty lip!

ToddmanHorseboy20 karma

I have a wonderful pouty lip! Oh no!

Kyidou43 karma

Do they believe in mlm stuff?

ToddmanHorseboy43 karma

I remember this coming up once actually

Checkwinner41 karma

Did you ever believe those ideas that vaccinations cause autism? If so how did you change that belief?

ToddmanHorseboy86 karma

Yes. My mom always told me that, and I was a kid.... I thought she knew everything.

Researching. Science is science. I like facts. :)

LeonInJapan40 karma

That’s really great! Good job on getting then done! I have a few questions for you!

Did you get dozens of shots or only a few with a mix of vaccines?

And when you do all these shots at once, is it recommended to take some time off from work or not? By that I mean to ask whether you have more chances to get high fever or other effects than when you only one or a few shots at once.

And last question: how much did it cost where you live?

ToddmanHorseboy60 karma

I got six vaccines today. I have to go in a few more times.

My day off from work was appreciated. I am sore, but idk if everyone would be. Free with my insurance. :)

alchemytea40 karma

How did you know you were never vaccinated? Did your parents tell you once you turned 18 or they are hard core antivaxers?

ToddmanHorseboy80 karma

My parents were proud of our unvaxxed status, they thought it made us healthier. I thought it was normal. They never kept it from me, because it wasn't a thing I felt shame about.

insanenoodle37 karma

Were there any adverse effects of having so many inoculations done at once?

ToddmanHorseboy68 karma

Yes. Muscle tightness, mild headache, and a little bruising on the injection sites. I'm a bit out of it.

King-Boss-Bob36 karma

I know you said in another comment that your mum was understanding about you getting them.

My questions is, do you think that if she had another child now she would give them vaccines or not?

ToddmanHorseboy40 karma

She would not. Still against.

sound-of-impact32 karma

You've made it this far. What are your plans for the future?

ToddmanHorseboy77 karma


I mean, that would be cool.

The95Chaps27 karma

Whats the worst illness in your opinion that you got?

ToddmanHorseboy67 karma

I once had the flu for three months. That.

Aloha-Potato23 karma

whats the afterlife like?

ToddmanHorseboy52 karma

My arms hurt. So.... that's a thing church didn't warn me about.

iloveeggs322 karma

Did it hurt?

ToddmanHorseboy57 karma

HPV one hurt. It felt they injected me with a big rock.

The others were fine.

mrcornhead21 karma

do you have any siblings? if so, did they take your route or continue without vaccinations ?

ToddmanHorseboy35 karma

One is vaccinated (and specified never the flu shot) and the other is not.

Dat1Waffle16 karma

Favorite type of cheese?

ToddmanHorseboy26 karma


Mg-Read15 karma

Will you vaccinate your children if you have any?

ToddmanHorseboy19 karma


Nettie_Moore14 karma

How’s your arm?

ToddmanHorseboy29 karma

Feels like golfball sized bruises

dirrDtv9 karma

Hey its the reborn anti-vax kid from r/pics!

What made you feel the need to do an AMA?

There is really only one question on all of our minds...

How did you live past 3 years old?

ToddmanHorseboy11 karma

Haha soooo many people asked me to make one

Being cute

tokyee164 karma

How’s your health? Do you feel any physically different?

ToddmanHorseboy7 karma

I only got the shots today, so I feel no different.

My arms are sore though. Lol

bavuman4 karma

How painful was 6 shots in a row? I’m getting blood drawn tomorrow and am already freaking out about the needle

ToddmanHorseboy11 karma

Its not nearly as bad as you think. You're going to do great!

beefstick862 karma

Are there some you can't get because you're older now? Have you had chicken pox or any other issues as a result of being unvaccinated?

ToddmanHorseboy2 karma

I could get all of them.

A few issues, especially with the flu.

makemeahamsandwich1 karma

You said that your parents don’t communicate anymore. Why? Are they still as religious as they were?

ToddmanHorseboy2 karma

One is more religious than they were when I was younger, the other is less.... yes. They divorced.