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King-Boss-Bob712 karma

I know a lot of people were saying that you were going to leak the plot of avengers 4.

What is your response to that?

To clarify I don’t think you will. Sorry if it seems like I am

King-Boss-Bob215 karma

Thank you for replying.

I didn’t even think about how saying “you’ll be suprised” was a spoiler, until now

King-Boss-Bob166 karma

Aside from all of the health stuff that you mentioned what was the worst part about being paralysed?

King-Boss-Bob132 karma

What advice would you give if someone told you that they were suicidal?

For anyone wondering I’m not I just want to know what I should say if one of my friends asks me

King-Boss-Bob103 karma

Were you friendly with any of the queen members after your departure?