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thebla5t120 karma

Why do you believe that pursuing one's passion is the most important thing, especially as it relates to education? Although one's passions are undoubtedly important, it seems obvious to me that they should be secondary to financial independence. For example, there are 7 education paths explicitly listed on your homepage. 5 of those 7 passions are in fields that pay well below the average market rate and/or have an extremely, extremely small success rates (I.e. fashion designer).

GripTapeLearning-9 karma

We're interested in helping youth learn, which impacts their success. We are not an alternative to school

odhinnplays110 karma

So, what do you actually do, and how do you do it? Don't give me a link.

GripTapeLearning30 karma

We provide resources to youth do that they can pursue what they're passionate about, such as funds and support. The Learning Challenge is 10 weeks and we have the youth self assess themselves. Youth that are accepted are granted up to $500 to use on what they choose. For example, we've had Challengers that wanted to be photographers, so they used the money to buy a camera and learn about the ins and outs of photography.

odhinnplays61 karma

Where does the money come from? How and why would they assess themselves? Wouldn't it be like "Do I deserve this? Yes, I do." every time?

GripTapeLearning5 karma

As a nonprofit, GripTape raises the funds from generous individuals and foundations. The self assessment comes after the learning challenge, sorry that wasn't clearer. If you'd like more info on the learning challenge application it's on our website at https://griptape.org/learning-challenge/

tsmetz86 karma

Do you track how youth use funds--or is there some kind of process to ensure that they don't take the money and use it irresponsibly?

GripTapeLearning-41 karma

We ask them to turn in receipts

JergenJones79 karma

Why the name "GripTape"?

GripTapeLearning75 karma

Because griptape is the tape on skateboards that provides traction. It doesn't decide directions or momentum. Similarly, we don't push the youth in one direction or force them to have set goals. We provide the traction and they dcide the direction they go and the pace at which they go.

BarryAllen8525 karma

How do you deal with accreditation? Are your courses substitute for high school general education courses, or college credit?

GripTapeLearning11 karma

We do not offer courses. What we offer is a learning challenge where we provide youth with funds to pursue what they want over 10 weeks

360walkaway24 karma

Do you also provide classes on financial responsibility (balancing your checkbook, paying bills on time, living within your means, how bank loans and credit cards work, etc.)? That would be a great enhancement to whatever the student chooses on their own.

GripTapeLearning3 karma

We do not provide classes.

destinyisntfree20 karma

What led you to start this project? What was your inspiration?

GripTapeLearning-16 karma

The founder felt that youth needed a voice in their learning experience. Check out our website to learn more. http://griptape.org/about/

destinyisntfree13 karma

I am a special education major and feel that kids being able to have a voice or being able to pursue their passions is so very important. How can people get involved? Do they have to have degrees to help?

GripTapeLearning-11 karma

We always need adults to be Champions for our youths and to encourage other youths to apply for the Learning Challenge. https://griptape.org/champion/ Edit: forgot to mention, degrees are not required

monchota16 karma

Where do you draw the line between passion for something and being able to make a life of it? Every football player wants to be NFL but in the end less than 2% ever will be. Same with someone who wants to play an instrument . Do you set the children up to know when a passion should be a hobby or a career?

GripTapeLearning16 karma

We believe young people should have the opportunity to pursue their passions. Whether or not that passion is a hobby or a career is up to that young person.

BreakfastRage7 karma

I really like the work you guys are doing, helping students find their niche and allowing them to get a feel for different environments before diving head first into secondary education where they would normally spend the first few years as an "undeclared" student like myself.

My question for you guys is, do you think specialty high schools such as STEM or art focused schools are "better" than the traditional public high school? Do you guys see your mission aligning with a school like that and possibly teaming up to create a generation of students who are career focused, post graduation?

GripTapeLearning-5 karma

We are separate from and not associated with the education system. We do not offer credit, and we're not a school based program.


What all countries is this organization working for?

GripTapeLearning11 karma

We serve youth in the United States, regardless of citizenship