Hey Reddit! Jeff Cripe, CEO and Co-Founder of Cargo, here. I’m joined today by Head of Driver Growth and Operations Kenny Liao(u/kadiation23), Operations Associate Julien Lepleux (u/julienlpx) and Driver Advocate Ryan Carson (u/rcarson95).

Rideshare is changing transit for everyone, everywhere. Collectively, we’re spending more time in-car than ever before - two billion hours in 2017! And while rideshare booms, retail is busting. The rise of ecommerce has signified the fall of brick and mortar retail, and as fewer people shop in-store, brands are looking for more distribution channels, closer to the consumer. Our mission is to upgrade the rider experience with affordable access to daily essentials and discovery goods, while helping drivers earn a more livable wage and getting brands in front of consumers’ eyes.

We’re here to answer all of your questions, including those about launching and growing a startup, raising capital, creating a team culture, and above all, making the life of rideshare drivers easier!

Any rideshare drivers looking to give Cargo a try can do so by checking out our website.

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EDIT: Thanks to everyone for chiming in and asking some great questions! It was a lot of fun to engage with this community, but it's time for us to sign off. Cheers!

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blindinganusofhope2 karma

I really like this concept. Few questions

  1. Is the box refrigerated?
  2. What other non-food items will be offered?
  3. What payment options do you offer? Apple Pay? Venmo? The last thing I want to do is dig out my credit card and input it half drunk in a dark uber

cripeosaurus7 karma

1) not refrigerated yet but we do offer coolers in cars as well to keep drinks cold

2) we have iPhone chargers, earbuds, hangover cures, beauty products, vitamins...anything you need on the go or while you’re traveling, we have it

3) yep - Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Android Pay, VISA Pay, and cc entry.

ninjawasp3 karma

Does this mean drivers will no longer allow us to charge our phones for free?

cripeosaurus6 karma

No! We have free charge ports built into the Cargo box

CrusherEAGLE2 karma

When are you guys coming to okc?

cripeosaurus2 karma

As soon as we can! We have loads of driver sign ups there

egeek842 karma

I’m a rideshare driver and want to try this and I’ve been getting emails all the time but I haven’t met the requirements. Any way the CEO can pull some strings and flag my account so I can start using it? ;)

cripeosaurus2 karma

Get this man a box!! Kenny/Julien/Ryan I’ll ping ya. Email [email protected] and we’ll sort it out

Wiltron2 karma

Canada when?

We have Uber up here ya know.. and plumbing, and paved streets, and despite what Google and other massive companies will tell you, we too like accessing features like Youtube Premium and HBO Go..

cripeosaurus1 karma

This sounds like heaven. Soon!

Doubledoubleknot1 karma

When are you guys going to expand to Nashville? I've been interested in you guys for several months, but you don't operate near me.

cripeosaurus2 karma

Thanks for your interest! Nashville is an awesome city, we hope to get there in 2019!

WealthyBum1 karma

What is the meaning of life?

cripeosaurus3 karma

Do things with purpose and make life better for the people around you.

cripeosaurus1 karma

We are not Johnny’s primary source of income. We are just incremental income.

Fuckalukadingdong1 karma

Genuinely curious my car dosent have a centre console (2017 hyundai accent L) how would I introduce this to my car? I've been an uber driver for a year now and this seems very interesting.

cripeosaurus0 karma

Thanks for your interest! Our support team could definitely provide guidance on how to make this work. Just ping [email protected]

Spinymad1 karma

What is your favorite Dinosaur?

cripeosaurus0 karma

Congrats on asking the most important question of the AMA.


iixsephirothvii1 karma

Do you have any full proof 5-10 year plans to prepare for a large influx of driverless cars? They use Neural networks to learn with every new car on the road so its not too far off.

cripeosaurus1 karma

Any startup that promises a full proof 5-10 year plan is lying. We are excited and ready for AV though. Cars wont be cars they’ll be mobile space on wheels. Check this out.


cripeosaurus1 karma

LOVE the transport pass idea! 💡

cripeosaurus1 karma

Would say the opposite, we give people their time back. That’s why people transact with us and rate Cargo trips more highly than the avg trip

TwoPassports1 karma

Have you thought of distributing brochures instead of selling snacks? Same operational challenges but with a more profitable product. I'm a business owner of a travel brand and I’d love a way to reach clients in ride shares.

cripeosaurus-2 karma

cripeosaurus1 karma

Investors don’t give you 22 million and then you decide how to spend it. You pitch and idea to investors who see a lot of other good ideas and then they decide to fund you or not. Then it’s on us to deploy that capital intelligently and responsibly.

cripeosaurus1 karma

Have talked to way to many lawyers in my life and two of them are my parents. This is definitely something we are thoughtful about.

cripeosaurus1 karma

Drivers can still do that. We’re just a better way too.

cripeosaurus0 karma

We started the company to give riders a better ride and divers an additional way to earn. Anything in our cars is something that you do or will want at some point! And it’s all opt in. No Taxi TV bs

cripeosaurus0 karma

We have both! We just don’t out chocolate I’m Texas in the summer or Red Bull in Minneapolis in the winter. Learned our lesson.

cripeosaurus0 karma

:) well take care of ya. Let us know what you think when you get it! We always want feedback

CaptainBowdrill-1 karma

You fucking hero. What drinks are gonna be in them?

cripeosaurus6 karma

You’ve legit made my day. Chilled bev is a big priority for us. Red Bull, Smart Water, diff products from Coke and Pepsi, meal replacements from Fair Life, coffee shots from Forto...we’ve got it all. And we put the right products in the right cars, eg if a driver typically drives at night he or she will have a different selection than someone who typically drives in the morning

CaptainBowdrill3 karma

Yeah np, then you could like offer different services as well like high end drinks, then the driver could get like a small cut or something for peddling a companies drinks. Then like coca cola or something could sponser you guys for offering new prototype drinks. I really want a light up fridge.

cripeosaurus4 karma

You should just come work for us :) we do a lot of that already. 30% of all of the products we offer to riders are actually completely free, no strings attached! Brands love that we can get their products into the hands of folks like us

CaptainBowdrill1 karma

Where are you even based?

cripeosaurus3 karma

We're currently based in NYC

cripeosaurus-1 karma

If you ever do I hope you spot us! We’re in 12000+ cars in 9 cities

cripeosaurus-1 karma

If you have never been hungry, hungover, thirsty, bored or needed charge in a rideshare, you sir or madame are impeccably well maintained.

GregNak-1 karma

Hey man on a serious note. I just finished cancer treatment last year. I’ve got a job but still a lot of free time. I’m 36 years old and active as I’ve ever been. I honestly feel like I could help you guys over here i the PAcific northwest. I love the idea, it’s totally something I could get behind. Maybe check out my Instagram or Facebook to see the kind of person I am. I truly believe I’d be a huge asset to the company. 907greggg is my insta

How do you plan to grow into rural cities? And do you plan to have feet on the ground in all major cities?

cripeosaurus2 karma

Greg, congrats on wrapping up treatment. Too many people in my life have been affected by cancer. It’s an accomplishment and a blessing to come out the other side active and optimistic :) shoot an email to [email protected]. We’re always looking for new team mates. Right now we’re focused on the top 10 markets in the US but we hope to be nationwide soon.

cripeosaurus-1 karma

We have a licensing business in Southeast Asia. If you actually want to email us [email protected]

cripeosaurus-2 karma

It’s opt in. If you want it, it’s there. If you don’t no sweat.

cripeosaurus-2 karma

Have talked to way to many lawyers in my life and two of them are my parents. This is definitely something we are thoughtful about.

cripeosaurus-2 karma

Ah this is where we actually originally started!! A machine that strapped to the back of the front passenger seat.

cripeosaurus-5 karma

Fully automated will happen! Just give us some time.

cripeosaurus-6 karma

1) We don’t tell people what they want, we just put it out there and people told us they wanted it. Riders buy something from Cargo every 5 seconds today.

2) agree with your purpose driven mindset. Everything we do is predicated in providing riders a better experience and drivers with additional income. May not agree with your sense of purpose but we think it’s important.

JMJimmy-12 karma

Why do you hate the environment?

cripeosaurus4 karma

What gives you that idea?