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Born and raised in southcentral alaska 31 years old now, i wouldn't trade it for anything. Alaska is just that awesome!

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Never outside of the united states of america, but ive been to probably 25 out of the 50 states. and of course las vegas many of times

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Hey man on a serious note. I just finished cancer treatment last year. I’ve got a job but still a lot of free time. I’m 36 years old and active as I’ve ever been. I honestly feel like I could help you guys over here i the PAcific northwest. I love the idea, it’s totally something I could get behind. Maybe check out my Instagram or Facebook to see the kind of person I am. I truly believe I’d be a huge asset to the company. 907greggg is my insta

How do you plan to grow into rural cities? And do you plan to have feet on the ground in all major cities?