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Commando 2 plot:

Daughter follows in father's footsteps and must rescue him in the most over the top way possible.


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I could see it going airborne in smoke (ie: frying peanut oil above 400F)

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So I've got this... j/k

A common theme on /r/ADHD is the persisting 1980s attitude that only kids have ADHD, it's not real, it's only hyperactive boys, etc. as well as pharmacists treating everyone with a prescription as a drug seeker.

Given the extreme demands on physicians time, is there anything that can be done to improve their continued education to alleviate such issues?

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That assumes the percentages are fixed and not dynamic. If player A is missing awesome item X for Darth Vader and has spent a lot of money and time playing that character specifically, the algorithms can tweak it to not give that one item or make the chances infinitesimally small. They can also bump up the chances for those on the friends list, who don't spend money, to get that item so it seems more easily obtainable than it really is.

There are so many ways to manipulate the system to achieve different goals and do so on a player by player basis automatically.

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