The IAmA Moderators are excited to announce that during the month of October, we'll be welcoming journalists from around the world in an exploration of journalism and press freedom in 2018. You can find the schedule and our press release below:


October 1: Reporters from Maryland’s Capital Gazette, whose newsroom was targeted in a June mass shooting that resulted in the death of five employees. The AMA will feature several reporters who were in the newsroom at the time of the attack.

October 2: The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting team from the Salt Lake Tribune, who won the award for a string of reports revealing the perverse, punitive, and cruel treatment given to sexual assault victims at one of Utah’s most powerful institutions.

October 3: Dmitry Sudakov, Editor of Russia’s leading newspaper Pravda

October 4: Carol Beyanga, Editor of Uganda’s Daily Monitor. Uganda has one of the worst press freedom ratings in the world.

October 4, Part 2: Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood from NPR's Marketplace

October 5: Reporters from The Boston Globe

October 8: Levi Rickert, Publisher and Editor of Native News Online, a leading outlet for Native American News, taking place on Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

October 9: Amna Nawaz, National Correspondent at PBS NewsHour

October 10: Caitlin Dickerson, National Immigration Reporter at The New York Times

October 11: Oliver Milman, Environment Reporter at The Guardian (UK)

October 12: Bret Baier, Chief Political Anchor at Fox News

October 15: Danny Katch, Columnist at The Socialist Worker

October 16: Adham Youssef, Senior Reporter at Daily News Egypt

October 17: Kelley Beaucar Vlahox, Executive Editor of American Conservative Magazine

October 18: Lahav Harkov, News Editor of The Jerusalem Post

October 19: The reporting team from Donya ye Bazi, Iran’s only gaming magazine

October 22: The editorial team of The Stuyvesant Spectator, the school newspaper of NYC’s Stuyvesant High School

October 23: Maddison Connaughton, Editor of The Saturday Paper (Australia)

October 25: Michael Lucibella, Editor of The Antarctic Sun, conducting his AMA live from Antarctica’s McMurdo Station

October 26: Peace By Piece, the student newspaper of Austin Peace Academy, an Islamic K-12 school in Austin, TX.

October 29: Frank O’Donnell, Editor-in-Chief of The Scotsman (Scotland)

October 31: Rebecca Schneid and Hannah Kapoor, Editors-in-Chief of The Eagle Eye, the student newspaper of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Additional names to be announced. Schedule subject to change.

A few notes:

We invited the White House to send a representative from the communications staff to participate in an AMA on the final day of the month. They did not respond and were replaced with the editors of The Eagle Eye, the student newspaper of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Four outlets declined our invitation: ABC News, CBS News, The Palestine Chronicle, and The Wall Street Journal.

We reached out to several outlets that did not respond to our invitation. They include The Advocate, Al-Ayaam (Palestine), Alex Jones, China Daily, CNN, El Nacional (Venezuela), El Universal (Venezuela), El Universal (Mexico), The Grio, L’Osservatore Romano (the daily newspaper of Vatican City and Pope Francis), MSNBC, The National Review, People’s Daily (China), Pyongyang Times (North Korea), Rimjim-gang (North Korea), and Ultimas Noticias (Venezuela).

Press release:

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compooterman17 karma

Pyongyang Times

Lofty goals, I dig it

cahaseler11 karma

You know it would have been fascinating. Maybe next time!

JTC8012 karma

Hi folks, I’m the mod who curated this project. If you have any questions or suggestions of outlets/journalists/countries to add to the project, leave a comment. I’ll do my best to get more outlets and more countries on board.

I tried my very best to represent various backgrounds, persuasions, geographic areas, and levels of press freedom, all presented without judgment so YOU can draw your own conclusions. No list like this will ever satisfy everyone, but I hope you’ll find this initiative interesting.

EFiumi5 karma

An Italian non-religious outlet like Corriere della Sera. The NYT. And Charlie Hebdo please!!!!!!!!

cahaseler2 karma

October 10: Caitlin Dickerson, National Immigration Reporter at The New York Times

Drorta1 karma

out of curiosity and taking this as your own little AmA, do you guys get paid to organize this? or is it a sort of pro bono project? I'm sure there's some expenses to organize this at such a level, where does that come from?

cahaseler2 karma

We don't get paid. We don't have a ton of expenses for things like this, but some of them we pay out of pocket, and others we fund from our small Patreon. If you'd like to donate, head to

BlueFire902012 karma


cahaseler15 karma

You want cool, wait until October 25th, with the Antarctic Sun doing their AMA live from McMurdo station on Antarctica!

lostinstjohns9 karma

Frick I miss Victoria.

cahaseler3 karma

We all do!

manyiak903 karma

Will it be possible to get someone from Bangladesh? will be interesting to hear about the student protests that happened recently. There was a lot of news about govt suppressing new stories and such would love to hear about all that.

cahaseler2 karma

We can certainly try! Do you have a news outlet in mind?

R_AGE1 karma

Any chance you could invite R.AGE? We're a Malaysian award winning documentary team and Peabody 2018 nominees for our undercover work exposing online sex predators on chat apps like WeChat and BeeTalk. The documentary in question led to grooming being outlawed I the country and whole new, tighter set of child protection legislation.

cahaseler1 karma

We'd love to have you! Can you shoot me an email at [email protected] ?

huasiloco1 karma

I was really hoping for a south american rep

cahaseler1 karma

Working on it.

FuzzyBlumpkinz-10 karma

Shilling and feaux news incoming this next month. Mind your critical thinking and propaganda sensors everyone...interesting timing of this

cahaseler13 karma

Journalism is definitely an important topic to be exploring right now. We did our best to get a full spectrum of journalists - everyone from the NY Times to Fox, and even Pravda. We're trying not to make any judgments, and allow you guys to make your own decisions.