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I wish i knew the date, so i could book cheap flights now and get to see Ireland for the first time on that amazing night.

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I think he already mentioned it: if you do no harm, it's fine. If your fetish depends on harming others, then it's pathological.

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First of all, thank you for a great game.

Did you manage to monetize the KSP success in such a way that you would consider yourself set for life? What advice do you have for starting developers on monetization for their projects?

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Thanks a lot! Another question, are you ok with the basic astronomy taught on elementary schools today? Would you add anything you consider really important to that?

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Hey there! Greetings from Argentina! How do you handle payroll? Is it problematic having to pay people in so many different countries, each with their own restrictions on how money gets in and out of their banking systems? Do you use some kind of service or software to make this smoother?