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So fuck corporate but you aim to start a bunch more?

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If it means that people can quit their 9 to 5 and not work for giant businesses if they don't want to, then we're all for it.

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Wow, I couldn't make it through the first paragraph without cringing. Could you try and not act like you are pandering to edgy 12 year olds?

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Ouch. Just screenshot and crop and post to /r/PewdiePieSubmissions for free karma if you think it's that bad.

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English speaking, blazing fast internet, Aunties stuff delish food down your throat on the daily, and there is mad underemployment. Plus, the rupee is falling against the dollar so things are hella cheap. I got a lunchbox Tupperware combo for five dollars, FIVE DOLLARS

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How much coffee/methamphetamine/cocaine have you consumed today?

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about 4. no/yes/no. In no particular order.

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Why are you blowing up cool startups? It seems like destroying the competition would help corporate

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You caught us. But really, startups and small business have very little financing, so trying to compete with Enterprise level marketing is often out of the question. People are happier to take a leap if they aren't risking much.

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How many are you? How old are you guys? Would you recommend starting a business with close friends?

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We're all in our twenties, except for our mentor who is deep deep deep in our hearts, but not part of Reacher offically, and she is 37. She worked for P&G and is the one we got the paper towel example from.

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Where are you based in India?

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Bangalore, the "Silicon Valley of India" except the autonomous vehicles would never survive the traffic here

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When you say people only pay us when they make a sale, how does that work exactly? I see your starter back is 2,500 a month, is that 2,500 contingent upon a certain number of sales being made? Or are you referring to the gross revenue % model?

If you are referring to the gross revenue model, what % are you charging?

I can think a bunch of business that have 6-9 % gross margins. Depending on the business, even a small 1% charge to gross revenue can really eat into a small business’ margin.


reacherio-7 karma

We have two options and thanks for pointing out because that is confusing and we should change that.

flat monthly rates are for companies that either we aren't willing to do an affiliate deal with, or people that believe they are going to get more out of a flat package than just letting us have the reigns.

More commonly, way more commonly, we're doing exactly what you're talking about: Affiliate based commission per sale. We charge anywhere from 4 to 30 percent based on a lot of things, like if the company has made any sales, if the company has a gigantic profit-margin, how long the contract is, etc.

Businesses with low margins would opt for a flat rate because our commission could be too much.

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That's not always true, but Montessori has a pretty peaceful environment

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We keep it cliche: we're reaching for the stars

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Sometimes you're filling out the 200th piece of paperwork for the day and you look up to the ceiling and you ask yourself, "Is the meaning of my life to sell accounting software to fiscally conservative businesses?" and for some people that answer is yes, but for us it was no. It started out as a sexy salary which you then realize isn't even close to worth it.

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Since you have the .io TLD, I have to ask. How is the netplay? I've had lag issues with some of the other .io games.

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Since people aren't playing Oldschool Runescape on our site and it's just one homepage, no complaints so far.

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We only hire people that are the Zodiac Killer. Really sorry.

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Throwaway account here. I have a side hustle where I sell pre-mixed drinks in a travel sachets. Think cranberry martini mix-just add vodka. Would you guys be interested in helping me out?

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Let's work out a deal where you hire us but you have to pay us in premixed vodka cran martinis

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Do you like pineapple on pizza?

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In America we used to always get a carryout large three-topping dominoes pizza with pineapple, feta, and jalapenos. And also I personally check /r/KnightsOfPineapple/ every morning and upvote every post

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Came here solely for the circle jerk but my company is actually looking for something like this. Perfect timing.

Do we reach out through your website or start the circular jerk here?

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Set up a play date with us on our website, you may continue circle jerking here if you'd like, though.