EDIT: Yes. I know I'm technically waxing the vulva, I just say vagina out of simplicity.

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bananadude1236920 karma

Do people ever come in to get a full wax, can't make it all the way through and then leave half waxed/half not?

anna_okay8750 karma

All the time. They still have to pay for it though so may as well finish it.

dabeeisme3729 karma

How common is it for 15-16 year olds to want this done? My kiddo wants it done because shes on the swim team, however, I dont know how common of a practice it is on minors.

anna_okay1986 karma

It's common. I get a few a week.

maximuffin23659 karma

When did it get uninteresting to you? Like it’s just your job, nothing funny about it?

anna_okay4984 karma

My second week.

ophidianolivia3158 karma

Do you wax yourself? How painful is waxing?

anna_okay7106 karma

I have tried to do myself and it's almost like stabbing yourself, ya know? I'd rather somebody else stab me than stab myself.

needanacc0unt3057 karma

Take us through a day in the life of a professional vagina waxer. How many vaginas get waxed a day?

What's the worst story you have to share?

anna_okay5305 karma

Most all day I do vaginas, some want it all off, some want just a basic bikini, and some want landing strips. Some people can take the pain pretty easily because their body gets used to it, and some, especially redheads, will scream bloody murder. I don't mind when someone is shouting "ouch!", but many will try to act out and jump all over the table and try to grab onto me for support and close their legs when I'm trying to get in there, and I have to get stern with them. It's funny how whenever I tell them I won't be able to complete the service if they don't be still, it suddenly isn't as painful🤔

Edit: one time I had somebody FaceTime their friend and fake react to try to be funny, I've had people who've come in to get their brows done who have had their brows completely waxed off at other places and basically have PTSD from that, so they jump when I'm trying to remove eyebrow hair, obviously that makes it harder for me and I mess it up, making their PTSD worse.

Another Edit: I have about 15-20 a day

lockkyy2333 karma

Have you ever had to wax a really smelly vagina? I had to ask.

Edit: Corrected to not make it sound like you had a smelly vagina.

anna_okay4588 karma

YES. A lot of women have this natural body odor, that same gross smell that people who don't wear deodorant have, and they always try to make conversation with me during the service and I have to hold my breath while still trying to make conversation to hold myself back from gagging. It's a struggle.

rajbir33431293 karma

Cant you wear that thing over ur nose?

anna_okay3394 karma

Yes I can and we do keep them but I try not to embarrass my customers as much as possible, and obviously leaving the room during the service and coming back with a mask on seems a little rude. I could just be overly considerate though.

XnipsyX2274 karma

What's the weirdest request/comment you've gotten?

anna_okay5102 karma

People come in all the time and ask me to do their toes or the backs of their necks. One time a girl came in and said "Hi, can you make me a star?" And I said "what do you mean?" And she literally wanted me to wax her vagina in the shape of a star. I was like ummmm....I can try?

Apalvaldr778 karma

Did you manage to wax a star?

anna_okay2013 karma

It turned out alright. Just thought of another instance, someone once asked me if we sold stencils for landing strips.

bornintheufo2 karma

How is any of this weird? Who cares. People have hair on their toes and back of their neck why is that weird? Or the star thing.. def kinda 90s and corny but I don’t think it’s that weird?

anna_okay12 karma

Really in all honesty, it's not weird to me anymore. I'm desensitized to all of it.

EBITDAlife1929 karma

What made you want to go into this line of work?

anna_okay6869 karma

Well I know I already posted this somewhere in the thread but I am licensed to do all kinds of skincare procedures and I grew up being bullied because of my acne, so being able to make people feel more beautiful in whatever way, makes me happy.

baronmad1810 karma

How often do you reference karatekid mentally while doing your work?

anna_okay2783 karma

I usually reference The 40 Year Old Virgin, especially when I have men coming in to get their chests or backs done.

TheLogicalCow1582 karma

As a male, how common is it for guys to wax "areas"? I know chest and back are common and maybe armpits? But what about part of the crotch and or butt? Cause I'm a pretty hairy dude and my bum is it's own ecosystem so I was wondering if men ever do that or we just have to put up with it?

Edit: So my like second top comment is about Waxing butts. Thanks, guys.

anna_okay1735 karma

Yeah I get a few guys here and there! A lot of them are really intimidated by it though, as many see it as feminine. Personally, my favorite service is a man's back because it doesn't have as much curvature as a leg or an arm or a vagina. We for sure welcome men.

Nesilium1118 karma

Have you ever noticed an STD or medical issue like a yeast infection while waxing? Perhaps unknown to the client and then had to tell them??

anna_okay1373 karma

One time I had this lady with some green stuff down there...would've turned her away if I noticed it at the beginning of the service but I noticed it at the very end and I just worked around it. I figured if she noticed I left some hair on there, she'd know why.

Pancernywiatrak922 karma

How often does it get awkward?

anna_okay1519 karma

I mean we keep the music on loud and I try to at least build basic rapport and I can usually tell if they want to talk or not. If not, the music is enough. The service doesn't take me but 15 minutes-ish.

iamwithithere808 karma

Whats better, waxing or sugaring?

anna_okay1962 karma

Oh sugaring for sure, technically speaking, I am a sugarist, but it's almost the exact same thing. The only difference is wax runs the risk of ripping the skin off and burning the skin, sugaring is a little more gentle, and soft wax is usually applied with a stick whereas, sugaring is applied by hand. Sugaring is much better though! It causes less ingrowns.

OwlHiveMind648 karma

Is it weird to just get your booty waxed? Do you have to get a bikini was to get the booty?

anna_okay692 karma

Nope, you can just request buttcheeks or inner butt.

WildLikeADaydream604 karma

What's the most common mistake that first-timers make when they go to get waxed?

anna_okay992 karma

They grow it TOO long. Yes it needs to be around a week and a half to 2 weeks worth of shaving growth, but not two months or anything crazy.

And obviously, the longer hair, the more painful it is.

SlopDaddy556 karma

How nervous/shy/self-conscious are your clients?

And, uh, how much do you have to, um, "get up in there" to make sure you do a thorough job?

anna_okay1328 karma

Well I always tell them to remove their shorts and underwear and cover up with a towel, and that I'll be back in a second so they don't feel completely exposed whenever I walk in the room. I always have to hold the lips of the vagina to get the area inside of them because there's hair in there too. Most people are more concerned with the pain they're in, and less about feeling exposed. They know what they signed up for.

Imprettymeh898 karma

I had a friend ask me how I could be comfortable stripping down and letting someone all up in my business.

My answer: They see soo many vaginas, mine can't possibly be the ugliest. And, if it is they won't tell me.

anna_okay619 karma

Exactly, that's what I always tell people who are modest.

yellowromancandle288 karma

I always figure that I’m like the 15th vagina they’ve seen that day, so.

anna_okay298 karma

You are.

WhoWroteTheNote393 karma

Have you always wanted to do this?

anna_okay701 karma

Haha no! I'm an esthetician, and my license permits me to wax, do facials, help people recover from surgery, and all kinds of skin treatments. I never thought I'd do Brazilian waxing, but it pays decently and isn't too hard to do.

scrumping336 karma

When getting a Brazilian, aside from tipping well, what can I do to make your job easier and more pleasant?

anna_okay903 karma

Be fucking still.

ThatsClassicHer251 karma

Has anyone ever peed by accident? You know, when you yank the strip.

anna_okay395 karma

Hahaha no. But plenty of "wet" people.

anyakinskywalker234 karma

Is professional sugaring safe for the nether regions? I would like to switch my Brazilians over but sugar + vag don’t sound like they really mix 🙄.

Also, any hot tips for dealing with really bad ingrowns at home?

anna_okay43 karma

Sugar is much better than waxing! It causes fewer ingrowns. Be sure to scrub down there a lot especially after sex or working out.

apexheadcase229 karma

Do people leave their feminine products in? Does it affect the service?

anna_okay604 karma

Women are allowed to come in during their periods, BUT they are required to wear a tampon. Nobody is about to be bleeding all over me. I usually just tuck the string in their buttcheeks during the service and it doesn't cause any issues. Although I have heard horror stories of people getting their tampon strings ripped out on accident. They are usually 10x more sensitive during their cycle too which makes them not even want to come in.

SultanaVerena142 karma

Do you happen to also lighten the area of your customers if they ask? If so, how is this process done?

anna_okay210 karma

Nope. The place I work doesn't do that. I think that's going out of style anyways. More of an earlier 2000's trend.

apexheadcase124 karma


anna_okay250 karma

I never make people get on all fours, although some places do. I just get them to lay on their back and put their legs in the air. I try to make people feel as unawkward as possible.

AltoSaxGuy123101 karma

How often do men come in asking for waxing?

anna_okay200 karma

Almost everyday. I love waxing men! Men's backs are my favorite. It's super easy.

ICC-u58 karma

You need a license to wax a vagina?

anna_okay145 karma

Yes! If state board walked in and saw that people were working without licenses, the whole business could get shut down. I had to go to a year of Esthetician school and pass my state board exams.

sailZup31 karma

Do you ever get.... hmmm... ‘curious ’?

anna_okay124 karma

Ya know, I used to think I was bisexual. And I'm pretty positive this job completely cancelled out any chance of me ever wanting to be with a woman. Ever.

S1y318 karma

How often are the women unwashed or dirty?

I ask cuz I go through alot of trouble to make sure I am squicky clear prior to (must have showered and well scrubbed within a couple hours of the appointment).

anna_okay49 karma

All the time. A good bit of people don't clean themselves at all. Lots of people have this disgusting white crust in their inner lips. Lots.

lurking_digger7 karma


Thank you for your time!

A young woman I know got a Brazilian, she had to turn over on all fours for the job to be completed...would this imply she's quite hairy?

anna_okay17 karma

Nope. Some places just do it that way. I personally just get them to raise their legs while laying on their backs to get the backside. Almost every woman has hair back there.

Jassassino3 karma

Have you ever waxed any close friends/family and was it awkward?

Jassassino4 karma

Follow up: have you ever waxed an acquaintance or distant friend before and was that worse?

anna_okay7 karma

Not from my city so thankfully no! I'm sure it will happen eventually though.