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Did you listen to the Over My Dead Body podcast? Which do you feel was more representative of your understanding of Carol, the podcast or the Netflix show?

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I always figure that I’m like the 15th vagina they’ve seen that day, so.

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Ugh, I used to give myself full Brazilians after my roommates, who were aestheticians, showed me how and got me my own wax pot.

I’m so much happier to pay for them.

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I worked on Capitol Hill for a congressman. I can tell you definitively that letters you write and emails you send are read/seen by an intern for maybe a total of five seconds before being trashed. Your opinion turns into maaaaaybe a tick mark on a spreadsheet if you’re lucky, but most likely is never mentioned again, PARTICULARLY when you use a template that some group says “Sign your name to this and send it to your representative!” When were getting 200 of the same letter/email a day, they’re just chucked. At least in the office I worked in.

If you want to call, great, you’ll still be talking to an intern. You might have better luck if you ask for the legislative aide that’s in charge of whatever issue you’re calling about, maybe you could even talk to the chief of staff, but chances are low low low. In all the time I worked there, I saw the congressman pick up the phone and talk to a constituent about once every four months. And the fact that he did even that was pretty unheard of for a congressman.

These people represent hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions (if they’re senators) of people. The system they prop up was never designed to work on such a large scale. If you want to be heard, get numbers behind you. Either in terms of people or $$$. Otherwise, I’m sorry to say, your opinion doesn’t matter to anyone in DC.

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To be fair, we responded to everything. And the congressman approved all of the responses, even drafted some himself.

But we never had a system where constituents’ concerns were recorded. Sometimes we’d shout to the LA about a call or forward them an email. And I had friends in other offices where I knew they recorded every constituent interaction on a spreadsheet. We, however, had no system.

But hey, the guy keeps getting re-elected so he must be doing something right.