In From Fatherless to Fatherhood, author and renowned actor Omar Epps chronicles his journey from humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, to the bright lights of Hollywood. Having grown up without his biological father, then becoming a father himself, Epps shares his story of pain and triumph in a uniquely visceral way. His book is available on


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Iscariot19451422 karma

I need to know one thing... Is it lupus?

notmiketomlin1146 karma

Is it?!?!

skinsballr1330 karma

I love the username, Omar! How many times have people called you "Mike Tomlin"?

notmiketomlin1126 karma

Enough lol!

imRACKJOSSbitch906 karma

How did it feel making out with Olivia Wilde?

notmiketomlin2228 karma

It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it LOL!

bondoville796 karma

Hey Omar. What is one of your best memories on the set of House? Me and my wife are re binge watching all of the seasons. Absolutely love that show

notmiketomlin935 karma

Thank you! One of the best memories is the ep Hugh directed. We had a lot of fun with our characters on that one.

#Trivia ;-)

johhnytexas717 karma

That episode of house "Euphoria" where Foreman is really, really sick and his father visited was some of the best acting I have ever seen. You were super convincing and did great portraying how much pain Foreman was in. How did you prepare for those scenes?

notmiketomlin472 karma

Thank you!! I just zoned in, and sank into my process.

alKoh702 karma

My dude. When you were on House was it just a matter of reading scripts or did you actually get to learn a little about the medical conditions that were on the show? Did it help you gain an appreciation for medicine?

notmiketomlin1041 karma

Yeah we had a solid group of medical consultants, and a couple of the writers were former doctors. I already had respect for the medical world, but I definitely gained a deeper appreciation.

notmiketomlin644 karma

Thank you all for joining me today, I appreciate each and every one of you! You had some great questions, and I really enjoyed this! Be sure to pick up my new book From Fatherless to Fatherhood on

Check out Shooter Thursday's 10pm/9c on USA. And follow me on Twitter, IG and Facebook @omarepps

Until next time, peace & love!!

CityRiderRt19337 karma

U got the juice now man, what was it like working on that movie ?

notmiketomlin296 karma

It was magical.

MusicGuy75316 karma

Hello! I would like to ask, what was the hardest thing to deal with growing up without a father?

notmiketomlin376 karma

I don't know if I can stamp it down to just one thing. There are a myriad of issues one can have when they grow up fatherless.

voisman86314 karma

I cant imagine what it was like to grow up without a father. Did you have male role models such as uncles/grandfather/teacher/coach who was very influential in your life?

Really enjoyed your character on House.

notmiketomlin366 karma

Yes, I've had a few "father figures" who were great positive influences in my life.

RobertPatrickT-1000214 karma

Any chance of seeing willie mays Hayes again?

notmiketomlin201 karma

He's retired lol!

SpotISAGoodCat203 karma

Omar: Your book sounds great. I, too, have gone from fatherless to fatherhood and it was tough in certain ways and great in other ways. I can't wait to read it.

As an actor, do you prefer making movies or TV more? Why?


notmiketomlin195 karma

Thank you, and salute to you! I don't have a preference, it's all the same to me and I love them both.

rccrisp182 karma

Do you still keep in contact with the cast of The Wood?

notmiketomlin171 karma

I run into them from time to time.

BamBamKoloff165 karma

Growing up, Higher Learning was an eye opening movie for me. Did you have any memorable experiences working on the film?

notmiketomlin207 karma

Nice! it's crazy how so many of the issues in that film still resonate today. One of my biggest memories on that set was experiencing an earthquake for the first time in my life!

shaggypotato0917149 karma

Love the Reddit handle, it's perfect.

You've portrayed an athlete in quite a few movies. If you had the chance to be a professional athlete, which sport would you choose? And which sport is more fun from an acting perspective?

notmiketomlin170 karma

Pro athlete would be football. I also love boxing, and it was fun to play a character from that world.

PmMeGiftCardCodes105 karma

Hi Omar. How would you feel about being the assistant head coach for the Pittsburg Steelers? Also, Brady or Roethlisberger?

notmiketomlin188 karma

I would never... COWBOYS BABY!!! Haaaa!

coryrenton85 karma

what is the strangest direction or note you've gotten from a director?

notmiketomlin95 karma

Great question hmm... I can't quite say, a lot of things directors suggest can be strange lol!

juniorspank83 karma

Hey, huge fan!

Given that he's done so historically, how many games do you expect Le'Veon Bell to sit out this season? Will he be back next year?

Thanks Coach!

notmiketomlin97 karma

Prob just training camp...

Blastgirl6968 karma

My husband grew up without his father and it really helped shape him to be a great father to our children. I have 3 that are not his and one biological. He calls them all his kids and treats them the same. Did you ever feel as a young man that by having those father figures who were positive help you grow into the man you are today?

notmiketomlin70 karma

That's great to hear, salute to him! Yes, the father figures I had thru out my childhood definitely had role in shaping me into the man I am today.

Paranoia_Panda67 karma

Hi Omar, what was the funniest moment you witnessed whilst filming House?

notmiketomlin58 karma

I can't pick out one to be the funniest hands down, but we had plenty of them.

keifmecompany59 karma

Hey Omar! I’m looking forward to reading your book and learning more about your personal journey and growth!

I can imagine growing up without a biological father impacted your life in many ways. Did it affect your romantic relationships, or your ability to trust people? If so, how were you able to overcome this.

Thank you for your insight!

notmiketomlin98 karma

Thank you, I hope you enjoy the book. Great question. Growing up fatherless will definitely give you trust issues. For me, I had an incredible mother and a solid support system, so I was able to overcome certain things because of their love.

LloydWoodsonJr57 karma

Are you aware of your resemblance to Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin, and would you ever appear on an internet or TV program with him? Or have you ever gone as him for Halloween?

notmiketomlin82 karma

Halloween?? Haaaaa!!! That's hilarious! But yeah I'm aware, hence the username. ;-)

JTC8053 karma

Can you talk about how you and Tupac ad-libbed most of the script to Juice? Was that encouraged or just something you guys did?

notmiketomlin109 karma

The original script was written like 10 yrs prior to when we filmed it. So, we just did our thing as far as contemporary verbiage.

hello_im_kevin46 karma

Is Takeshi Kitano a good dude? How was working with him?

notmiketomlin56 karma

I had a great time working with him! He's an extremely unique storyteller.

tedfondue43 karma

ER or House? And what's your secret to being a convincing medicine man ?

notmiketomlin79 karma

I have to go with House. The only secret is hard work! Ha!

Recon_by_Fire40 karma

Hey Omar, can you give me any closure as to where they were going with Resurrection before it got cancelled? Thanks.

notmiketomlin47 karma

I wish I could! I loved doing that show. If we'd had gone for say 5 seasons, I suggested to Aaron Zelman (he created the show) that the entire thing was a dream to Bellamy.

xGOSHUx27 karma

I watched The Program again a few weeks ago. It's still a great movie. Do you ever go back and watch it, and do you ever talk to those guys anymore?

notmiketomlin24 karma

Nice! I haven't seen it in ages. Haven't spoken to most of those guys in a while.

VinceMeatPie25 karma

What do you wish you had more time for?

notmiketomlin44 karma

Interesting question. Hmmm... Probably more time to learn a different language. I'd started learning Italian but...

onedeep20320 karma

What's up I'm at? Just wanted to say I enjoy your movies and tv shows bro loved your character in "juice" and in "the wood". What was it like working with Pac?

notmiketomlin26 karma

Appreciate you. Working with Pac was incredible.

PhineusQButterfat19 karma

Hello, Mr. Epps! What are you passionate about right now?

notmiketomlin33 karma

I'm passionate about many things. Creativity, positivity, fatherhood, and the list goes on...

VaDiSt16 karma

Favourite food and drink?

And interesting AMA, luckily i grew up with my father so i cannot imagine what it must have been like.

notmiketomlin40 karma

Caribbean food is my favorite - specifically Jamaican. Fave drink depends on my mood ;-)

VaDiSt8 karma

Ah cool, any specific dishes hehe... In dire need of new stuff to try.

So lets say, a happy mood, which drink would you suggest?

notmiketomlin45 karma

Can't go wrong with a Moscow Mule. Jerk chicken roti or if you're not a meat eater, vegetable roti. Just make sure it's from an authentic Jamaican spot!

stevegoodsex15 karma

I grew up with similar circumstances. My dad bailed before I could walk, and I'm now the father to an 8 and 2 year old. Big props to you, I definitely plan on getting your book, my question, what's the hardest part for you doing this thing with no real point of reference?

notmiketomlin46 karma

Thank you! Stay steadfast! The hardest part is coming to peace with your own issues surrounding having grown up fatherless. You have to gain acceptance in order to move towards being at peace with it, and finally you have to embrace it. And you have to embrace it, so that you can detach it from your own fatherhood. Know that your fatherhood is your own unique experience, and your kids have nothing to do with your fatherlessness.

slimstarman14 karma

Is there an existing show/film series you’ve thought that you’d want to work on? What’s happening in 2018 that gets Omar Epps hyped to jump into something? Anything?

notmiketomlin40 karma

Yeah I have my fingers crossed for a fourth season of Shooter!

Warlizard14 karma

How'd you decide to write a book?

What was the process?

notmiketomlin25 karma

It's just something that came to me in a moment, and I kind of felt tasked to do it. As far as the process, I had the chapters in my head almost right away, so I felt like I had somewhat of a guide. But aside from that, its just rolling up your sleeves and getting it done.

suitcase8813 karma

Do you like when those Brooklyn kids do their routines for handouts, by swinging from the poles in the subway cars shouting "SHOWTIME"?

notmiketomlin38 karma

Ha!! I always think it's great when kids showcase their talents on the subway. Better them doing that than getting into trouble.

KamehameBoom12 karma

do you go back to Brooklyn ever and if you do, what's youre favorite pizza place?

notmiketomlin24 karma

I go back all the time. I've got a few fave pizza spots. #TradeSecrets ;-)

OneOfALifetime12 karma

Favorite song/band?

notmiketomlin29 karma

Can't say I have a fave because I love so many of them, but The Roots & N.E.R.D. are up there. James Brown and his band were pretty awesome too.

Whiskey_Sierra_Tango7 karma


I actually happen to be a big fan of yours since early 2000s. Dunno, you just have one of those very likable "I'd buy this guy a beer" faces :D

So anyway, how'd you describe your role among the cast? There's always the fun guy, the serious guy, the guy who thinks he's better director than the actual director, the one who just wants to go home, etc. Which one are you?

Also, can you tell a joke? You know, so I can go around telling people about that one time Omar Epps told me a joke.

Sorry if I'm derailing this away from serious discussion but I never thought I'd have a chance to ask you something so I have to make sure it's a bit ridiculous as it should be :D

notmiketomlin15 karma

Appreciate you! Among different casts, I'm the super focused guy once the camera is on.