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SirCatman23 karma

What do you recommend I do to try and stay under the radar at Benning for BCT/AIT?

TheGr8Unknown78 karma

Just don't be a dickhead. Stay awake on fireguard and help your peers out... they will reciprocate and you will be a good person. In any walk of life empathy goes a long way

ZiaKostya18 karma

How do you feel about marketing this as bourbon outside of KY?

TheGr8Unknown23 karma

It's technically a bourbon whiskey but I feel fine marketing as such because I follow all the standards required of bourbon, mine is just younger than required. I would never call mine Kentucky Bourbon because it isn't. I simply want to introduce as many people to bourbon as possible, and I think this helps do so.

twominitsturkish13 karma

Can you ELI5 what the difference is between scotch, Irish whiskey, and bourbon? Does it have to do with the number of times its distilled or is there more to it than that?

Also I really like the idea to package the bourbon in small barrels made from aging barrels, that's pretty neat!

TheGr8Unknown25 karma

Scotch is typically made from a malted barley while bourbon is made primarily from corn. Irish whiskey differs from scotch because it is triple distilled and made primarily from kiln-dried malted barley, while scotch is twice distilled barley smoked in peat. Honestly words can't assist as much as just tasting a quality sample of each style but hopefully that helps.

MathochismTangram10 karma

I was in the JROTC in high school in the late 90s. I was hot shit on the drill team, and man do I miss that. Do you know of any jobs for adults where I can be praised again for being really good at getting dressed, without signing up for a job that might entail killing people?

TheGr8Unknown15 karma

My best suggestion is to monetize yourself on Instagram or another such platform. Few people probably have the keen eye you learned for attention to detail so if you focused on something like I dunno tying the best knots for ties (or something) you would probably excel.

bergeron916 karma

Presumably you still run the bourbon company - how's are the tariffs being levied (or planning to be levied?) impacting your day-to-day?

TheGr8Unknown9 karma

Technically the current administration has actually made things more affordable... but I remain cautious of the fact that overnight things could change. I think thats the best way to answer this great question.

Highway2home3 karma

How would you suggest someone to prep for academy?

TheGr8Unknown5 karma

Someone once told me if you work out and look good in the uniform you'll be fine. I promise that's the case. Follow one of the many workout plans available online because realistically if you can do pushups/situps/run fast you will distinguish yourself from your peers early on.

Broomizo3 karma

I'm in Michigan, where can I get a bottle of your stuff to try?

TheGr8Unknown20 karma

My stuff is an introductory bourbon, I just want more people to try it, so I made as smooth a bourbon as I could. Currently it's only available in CT, I hope to move to other states as quickly and efficiently as possible.

trshtehdsh2 karma

How do you feel about football players kneeling during the anthem? Do we, as citizens, owe blind allegiance to the country/symbols of our country?

TheGr8Unknown21 karma

No. You have the right to free speech, I've fought for that in the past and I'll always believe it.

dimex32 karma

If you had to compare your bourbon to a current brand that's in the broad market, what brand would you say the taste is similar to?

TheGr8Unknown4 karma

It's difficult for me to do so, it wont intrigue bourbon enthusiasts searching for the oldest/highest proof bourbons. I do genuinely believe it has the in your face bourbon taste of quality bourbons but a smooth finish. Tasting will be believing.

_skelly2 karma

Will I be able to score any of this in Australia?

TheGr8Unknown7 karma

Not yet, I am extremely hopeful these are issues I can deal with going forward, I will do by best to keep you and all others updated.

Auburntravels2 karma

What inspired you to create this bourbon company?

TheGr8Unknown4 karma

I noticed that people in the bar I worked at that didn't know what they wanted order things like Patron/Tanqueray because the bottles pop. I want to re-invision what the backs of bars look like going forward. I'm bored of glass, it's been too many years.

jhfrescas1 karma

First and foremost, let me thank you for your service! I’m planning on joining the Air Force as soon as I graduate, so I’d like to know what to expect when I enlist. What was your experience like?

TheGr8Unknown2 karma

My experience was awesome because I joined and focused on the people and ideas that made me join. A lot of people get jaded because they join for reasons other than what their conviction is. Focus on yourself and the people you joined for and you will experience success.

waldosan_of_the_deep1 karma

What's your favorite color?

Also what advice would you give someone who wants to get into the craft of alcohol?

TheGr8Unknown2 karma

My favorite color is Carolina Blue. As far as alcohol is concerned you will have to make concessions unless money is no object to you. I set out with the goal of making a desirable product and introducing people to bourbon, I think I have that product in my hand right now, but I have to see what people think. Acquiring quality product is expensive, and you can NEVER accept a zero day. I thank Reddit for the "No Zero Days" post because I haven't taken one throughout this process, sticking to that mentality has helped.