Returning for my second Reddit AMA, I am Lynn Ruth Miller – The oldest working comedienne, author, burlesque, and cabaret performer on both sides of the ocean at 84 years of age. Still alive and nothing is off limits - I am too old to care.

You saw me on TV (First Dates, Britains Got Talent) and headlining comedy clubs all over the world. I am currently touring around Europe and the USA. I have had standing ovations from audiences everywhere from Bangkok to Berlin, where should I go next?


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Ask me anything, nothing shocks me anymore


edit: I'm taking a short break now to perform at The International Comedy Club, Dublin, Ireland but will return to answer more questions after the show!

I'm BACK! On a high after that show

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lula24886 karma

If all of a sudden all humans simultaneously lost the ability to sneeze, how long do you think it would take mankind as a collective to realize?

lynnruth6 karma

One unanswered gesundheit should do it

justanotherpartofme35 karma

What are your tips for staying young ?

lynnruth6 karma

Loving what you do and doing it. Too often we feel guilty when we do the things we love instead of more lucrative pursuits I do not do that. I tell my jokes, socialize with dear friends (and some not so dear) and paint pictures. I am a happy person and I am ageless.

kingshmiley5 karma

How did you originally begin your performing career? What is the greatest change in the industry you have seen during your time?

lynnruth6 karma

I started by accident. I was going to write a story about a comedy college and instead I took their course and to my surprise excelled. The greatest change in the industry that I have seen is more acceptance of women. However remember I started in the US in San Francisco where they hate the elderly and only accept young women. London is much more liberal and accepting.

cahaseler3 karma

Where was your favorite place to perform?

lynnruth2 karma

Wherever there are people who like to laugh at the idiosyncrasies of the world. I love to talk to people who knowhow to think.

CrayZz88s3 karma

How do you think comedy has changed most during your time in the business??

lynnruth5 karma

We are allowed and encouraged to be more open about what we think and although people higher up in the industry are criticised for being politically incorrect, at my level I can say just about anything. I do not believe in censoring anything anyone thinks. More and more comedy is becoming acceptable and funny these days thank goodness

jesuspunk3 karma

Hey Lynn!

What's the most memorable performance you've done and why?

Thanks for the AmA!

lynnruth7 karma

I was in Kinsale and I was asked to do an hour comedy to a bunch of people who were not interested in a show at all and on their way home. I not only managed to captivate them and do over an hour but attracted others to the event so that my audience tripled. It was the first time I realized that I can do this kind of thing off the cuff and still be funny.It was amazing.

jesuspunk2 karma

That's awesome Lynn, thanks for your reply! The south coast of Ireland is an area I hope to visit soon! (I live in the North!)

Inspiring to see you still enjoying your craft for so long :)

lynnruth2 karma

I have only been doing it 14 years. I started all this when I was 70 because I didn't want to peak too soon. And I assure you I have not yet.

Shaysdays1 karma

Have you ever worked with Rusty Warren?

lynnruth1 karma

No. I looked her up and she was a real groundbreaker.

cahaseler1 karma


Would you mind editing out your Bitly links? The Reddit spam filter really has issues with them and tends to remove the post randomly.


lynnruth3 karma

Thank you - edited!

JohnWad1 karma

Ever been to The Clermont Lounge in Atlanta, GA?

lynnruth1 karma

No and I would love to know more about it.

JohnWad2 karma

Clermont Lounge website

Its a Burlesque/Strip Club that is very unique. They do not discriminate on who goes up on stage to do their performance as long as they are "of age." I have seen woman from the early 20's up to their mid 70's or so dancing. It is a site to see, to say the least!

Its a very fun place. Many celebrities have attended shows there.

lynnruth2 karma

Someday I will get there. My next visit to the US is the bay area where I lived for thirty years. I have not been to the east coast since I was in college and that darling was in the dark ages.

lynnruth2 karma

I just looked it up and I do not pay for my songs. They are all original as as am I . And I am paid for my work. When I strip it costs.

Stranger19821 karma

Hello Lynn,

how do you feel while performing in front of a crowd? Do you have any recurrent thoughts while performing?

lynnruth3 karma

I am terrified. My recurring thoughts are OMG I hope they laugh.

AutumnLeaves19391 karma

Any advice for people struggling with confidence? With how well you’ve excelled in putting yourself out there, I imagine you’d have many words of wisdom.

lynnruth2 karma

I always remind myself that the audience is filled with people just like me. They want to laugh and they want to like me. I am still always nervous when I get on stage but I have been doing this now for 14 years and it isn't as bad. The other secret is that I allow myself now to have a lot of fun on stage and when you are having a good time you don't feel nervous.

coryrenton1 karma

How have comedians attitudes towards joke theft changed over the years?

lynnruth1 karma

No it hasn't and it wi very wrong. You cannot steal a joke from someone else because part of what is funny is who is saying it and how they say it. There is no original idea under the sun. The art of comedy is to put your own stamp on it.

Becka-Danai1 karma

How's your family life and do they attend your shows often?

lynnruth1 karma

I live alone and I have no family that I am in contact with. This is a solitary profession