****Okay, gang. I'm off to record some podcasts. If you want to ask more questions and stuff I will be around on the Bunny Ears Facebook page tomorrow night from 5pm (PST)-6:30pm along with a lot of the website staff. Check it out and listen to Matt Cohen talk on the podcast every wednesday. Also... buy a T-Shirt because THEY told me you wouldn't. *********

It's me, Macaulay Culkin. I'm back to talk about Rampart, my comedy website called BunnyEars.com, and my podcast which is also called Bunny Ears. What else? The website has a lot more cool stuff to read now and we're selling shirts and pins! Also, I've done more episodes of the podcast. We've got an official Facebook page! I'm older, wiser and ready for more of your Q's! Hit me!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/4dm5ykuk4cz01.jpg

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nocyanideplease17101 karma

What's the most unexpectedly "normal" thing about you?

MacaulayCulkinAMA41544 karma

My penis.

heybrotherrr11804 karma

My friends have told me I have Macaulay Culkin lips. I always assumed it was a compliment, what is your opinion in this matter?

MacaulayCulkinAMA29786 karma

You sound really attractive. u up?

Aharaha10537 karma

The first time you shaved and put on aftershave for real (assuming later in your teens), did you scream like that?

MacaulayCulkinAMA39883 karma

Oh yeah! My balls hurt for like a week!

Warlizard8336 karma

Hiya buddy. Quick question. Are you happy?

MacaulayCulkinAMA12703 karma


Frescafan7644 karma

Have you ever considered making ‘Angels With Filthy Souls’ into a real movie?

MacaulayCulkinAMA7588 karma

Now I have!

Androiids6995 karma

Will you play WoW with me when classic comes back?

MacaulayCulkinAMA8276 karma

GASP! Yes.

MiniCornFriedThing6762 karma

How was working with the late, great John Candy on Uncle Buck?

MacaulayCulkinAMA12093 karma

Kids are pretty annoying but he never got annoyed by our kidness.

Spartan050892346274 karma

What do you think is one major life experience that you've missed out on because of your unique life, and how has it (not) affected you? Abstract or concrete.

MacaulayCulkinAMA9217 karma

Summer camp. But I'm going to rectify that soon. :)

SledgeHog3365 karma

Will there be counselors?

MacaulayCulkinAMA5715 karma


understAD6193 karma

How fond are you of Mr. Ryan Gosling and how far do you expect the t-shirt battle to go?

MacaulayCulkinAMA12083 karma

until one of us is dead at the others hands.

SippinPip5468 karma

One thing you wish you’d known then that you know now?

MacaulayCulkinAMA17008 karma

I should have joined the Illuminati earlier.

rytis5349 karma

What question do you hate hearing the most (and you don't have to answer it)?

MacaulayCulkinAMA9578 karma

This one.

DenverBeard4692 karma

What's your favorite whiskey?

MacaulayCulkinAMA10485 karma


HonkeyKong644625 karma

What's your favorite beer?

MacaulayCulkinAMA16278 karma


age_874003 karma

Have you visited any places that felt like ‘home’ to you, like it resonated on a deep level? If so, which ones?

MacaulayCulkinAMA11579 karma

There was this one pizza place in Washington DC...

jovi_19863897 karma

Wanna buy me a pizza?

What was it like filming the goodson?

Any chance for a home alone reboot?

MacaulayCulkinAMA4952 karma

  1. Sure.
  2. No.
  3. Nah, bro.


What's your favorite sandwich?

MacaulayCulkinAMA6792 karma

pastrami on rye from the 2nd Ave Deli

5_sec_rule3854 karma

Do you like eggs?

MacaulayCulkinAMA8344 karma

Love eggs. Great question. Seriously. I love eggs.

spicyhippos3604 karma

What do you hope for in the next 5-10 years?

MacaulayCulkinAMA12558 karma

Kingdom Hearts 3. Or Half-Life.

SGTm23085 karma

My apologies for not doing the leg work, but how is it that your path to bunny ears happened?

Anything along the way of this venture that seemed insurmountable? Is it laughable now?

What's your Bunny Ear endgame?

MacaulayCulkinAMA5203 karma

Honestly, I have too many notes and too many friends. I wanted to figure out a way to take all these ideas and talented people I know and mash them together to make a Voltron of fruit flavor and creativity.

Everyone gets rich. Except Stew.

ishatonmybed2775 karma

Why didn't you just call the cops right away?

MacaulayCulkinAMA5092 karma

As the great Ice Cube once said... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5fts7bj-so

Burmats2692 karma

You look like my brother, explanation?

MacaulayCulkinAMA6668 karma

You weren't supposed to find out this way! :(

JMH19822580 karma

Who are your comedy influences?

MacaulayCulkinAMA6146 karma

3 Amigos, Arthur (1981), Young Guns 2, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Martin Mull, Martin Sheen, Martin Lawrence

HASHTAG Shenaenae

Checkmynewsong2546 karma

Are these pictures real?


MacaulayCulkinAMA2401 karma

Yes. Hashtag TrutherMovement

uhhuhnads2422 karma

Idk man, how are you today? Everything going well and stuff?

MacaulayCulkinAMA4543 karma

Shaka, bro. Jah bless, dude.

JaneDarkbloom1851 karma

Will you go back to acting at some point?

MacaulayCulkinAMA4929 karma

like a fool?

Yourdadgivesgoodhead1791 karma

I was in front of you in line at Gristedes once in NYC and you said hi back. That was very kind of you. Do you find that most people treat you with kindness in public, or are people generally rude?

MacaulayCulkinAMA3052 karma

Now that I'm older everyone is much nicer. As a teenage not so much.

Quaval1767 karma

When you coming back to oklahoma?

MacaulayCulkinAMA5645 karma

Has the statute of limitations expired yet?

xXxGTAxXx1721 karma

Is that camp thing real, or was it all just april fools bullshit?

MacaulayCulkinAMA3824 karma

It started as an April fools joke. Now I'm actually attending Camp No Counselors for real this summer! We're bringing the Bunny Ears crew, recording a live podcast and doing other camp stuff. I'm so excited to go! Oh... also... next week we're going to announce a contest for people to try and win a chance to join me at camp.

odnadevotchka1475 karma

You look fantastic!

What's your favorite color?

MacaulayCulkinAMA3375 karma

Rampart Blue.

dogboyboy1471 karma

Have you ever seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?

MacaulayCulkinAMA3777 karma

And THAT'S how I met your mother.

absurdingu1406 karma

Are you still dating London from the suite life of zack and Cody??

MacaulayCulkinAMA2420 karma


PretentiousPoundCake1389 karma

Are you hiring? 👀

New_Digginstaff1109 karma

Do you have any favorite memories with your co-star Bill Pullman?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2595 karma

Was I in a movie with Bill Paxton??!!

irishmac3932 karma

If you could pick one person dead or alive to be on your podcast, who would it be?

MacaulayCulkinAMA3123 karma

Helen Keller.

gulsumm908 karma

Are you annoying or sweet?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2300 karma

Yes. Ask my special lady friend.

Seriously... I want to know what she thinks about me.

StinkyFeetMendoza865 karma

Have you ever prank called or fucked with Joe Pesci?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1971 karma

That's the best way to lose a finger.

aulophobiaotter836 karma

Can you recommend us a horror movie?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2569 karma

Pagemaster. (that book was named Horror.... look it up.)

Doinge828 karma

Why do I pronounce your name as "McClucky"?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1466 karma

Because you're smart.

WhatsYourHoroscope816 karma

Who is your favorite child actor?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2167 karma

Rory Culkin. Never grow up, kid.

alwayslurkeduntilnow781 karma

Assuming you will be President one day, what will your first action be?

MacaulayCulkinAMA2502 karma


almondparfitt738 karma

who's your lifestyle guru inspiration?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1079 karma

This is a great question! The whole point of my website was so that I could share some of the knowledge my favorite gurus have given me.

czynips721 karma

Do movie stars really poop in golden toilets?

MacaulayCulkinAMA3207 karma

Pooping is for muggles.

Belarc675 karma

How did you get to be friends with Jim Gaffigan?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1145 karma

He's from the Lower East Side and so am I.

InfiniteIniesta606 karma

How would your ideal Sunday be like?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1959 karma

With bananas, hot fudge and a cherry on top.

osc630582 karma

I like your socks. Where'd you get them?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1965 karma

my sock drawer.

Jdesx572 karma

Hey Macaulay, loving Bunny Ears podcast! What is your favorite old school game? Also, if you could put yourself in any movie role, who would you play?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1255 karma

Duh. Toejam and Earl. Or "tag"

PowderedToastMan93503 karma

What's your favorite youtuber ? Apart from Redlettermedia ;)

MacaulayCulkinAMA736 karma


Phptower460 karma

Is it an american name? What's the meaning?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1811 karma

"It" is not a name at all. It's a movie and a book.

wibblett447 karma

Do you hate when people bring up the child movies you were in? Or is it more of an annoyance?

MacaulayCulkinAMA1858 karma

Yes. It is annoying. Why can't we ever talk about that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370?

aulophobiaotter433 karma

Who has been your favorite person to work with, who was the least?

Do you watch Red Letter Media, or was that a 1 time cameo?

MacaulayCulkinAMA615 karma

Matt Cohen/Matt Cohen.

j1zzfist387 karma

Do you still like a large cheese pizza, just for you?

MacaulayCulkinAMA505 karma

Now I share it with the Bunny Ears gang! HI GUYS!

Oh in fact, we're doing a live stream on our FB page tomorrow with me and the whole gang. You should come say hello.

gulsumm380 karma

I want a love letter from you with a lipstick mark on it and everything. Can you do that for me?

MacaulayCulkinAMA932 karma


unKaJed340 karma

If you found Braun Stroman in Tinder would you swipe left, or swipe right and get those hands?

MacaulayCulkinAMA401 karma

High five!

BadWolf1912331 karma

Boxers or briefs? I myself have been a lifelong boxer guy but I have been seriously considering spicing things up.

MacaulayCulkinAMA1094 karma

Both. At the same time. Protect ya neck.

destructogrrrrrl288 karma

When do you plan to begin your podcast network, and would there be a place for a standalone wrestling podcast? (Asking for a friend.)

MacaulayCulkinAMA593 karma

Very soon and we want the second show on the network to be a wrestling show.

Hope you like X-Pac!

(you get no credit for this idea.)

deusdragon280 karma

If offered, would you costar in Bill and Ted Face the Music?

MacaulayCulkinAMA568 karma

Can i be Young Rufus? Or Station?

Grim_Squirrel229 karma

I always wanted a celebrity friend. Will you be my friends? I also like pizza.

MacaulayCulkinAMA449 karma

Do you like Dexter.

jeanvictorliima154 karma

Do you still have the scar from Joe Pesci in one of your fingers in "Home Alone"?

MacaulayCulkinAMA473 karma

No. He bit the rest off a few months ago.

mandyblue02143 karma

Do you and Matt ever have conversations in which you don’t laugh?

MacaulayCulkinAMA512 karma

Anytime we're not in front of the mic. Fuck that guy.

watermelonuhohh110 karma

Can you tell us any James St James stories? He seems like such a sweet, interesting soul.

MacaulayCulkinAMA276 karma

At the premier in Sundance he kept spreading rumors that "so and so" couldn't get into the party. He would run around and tell various people that random celebrities were getting turned away from the party.

boopboopadoopadoop97 karma

You are a regular Joe Schmo with no fame whatsoever. Who is your celebrity idol (dead or alive) and why?

MacaulayCulkinAMA407 karma

I would love to be part of the Culkin family!

8Three87 karma

What bands (old or current) are you listening to these days?

MacaulayCulkinAMA253 karma

Harmar Superstar. Adam Green. Caveman. Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack.

c1e2477816dee6b5c88262 karma

Where is your happy place?

MacaulayCulkinAMA194 karma

my gooch! Goodbye!

MentalBackflips62 karma

Heyo!! What prompted your return to social media after this time? And what’s your favorite fried food?

MacaulayCulkinAMA226 karma

I didn't return... I arrived.

I did pound some popeye's chicken last week. HASHTAG POPEYESCHICKEN HASHTAG SENDMECHICKEN!

ffbgenius29 karma

Whatup Mac. Big fan of the podcast! Anyways, whats your favorite wrestling match of all time?

MacaulayCulkinAMA65 karma

Summer Slam 88. Ultimate Warrior vs Honky Tonk Man

Creeees185823 karma

What’s the latest topic of the bunny ears podcast?

MacaulayCulkinAMA30 karma

We talked to my friend Eddie K.

Belle10109 karma

Love the podcast! You, Matt and Stewart are amazing and hilarious!

Random Q's - Do you have any superstitions? Or a lucky number?

MacaulayCulkinAMA41 karma

Thanks, Belle1010!

Superstitions... I always throw salt over my left shoulder. ALWAYS.

Lucky number... Slevin.