UPDATE: Hey everyone! We're gonna wrap this thing up. We've got songs to practice and soylent to drink. Thanks for tuning in, and don't forget to check out the album and tour dates at www.TWRPBAND.com

Like we said, we are TWRP: a band from Toronto, Canada - NOT Team Win Recovery Protocol, or Teen Wolf Roleplay. We just released a new full length album, you can check out the single "Synthesize Her" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ2LUrXxa1o

We also just announced a North American Tour, which you can check out here: www.TWRPBAND.com

PROOF: https://twitter.com/TWRPband/status/999327419227037696

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castanza128395 karma

Why did you name yourself after an open-source bootloader for android devices?

TWRPband188 karma

Why did you name yourself after the best character on television?

Ultimate_Cabooser195 karma

Hey TWRP! HUGE fan, love you guys and love the new album so much! My favorite song right now is Life Party!!!!

My question is: Despite your costumes and on-stage personalities, has anyone ever managed to recognize any of you in public out-of-character?

TWRPband382 karma

Out of our suits we have no distinguishing features whatsoever, and are in fact four pink fleshy balloons, completely indistinguishable one from the other. So, nope.

Soulaire161 karma

"Pets" has a pretty unique emotional tone, not just for the album, but for your music in general. Was there any concern about including a song like that? It's my favorite on the album for how much it caught me off guard, but I would be concerned going into the writing process that it would kill some people's vibe. 

TWRPband363 karma

When my cat, Angus, passed away last year while we were in the process of writing the album, I knew that the best thing I could do to honour and memorialize him was through a song. For sure it was emotionally charged for all of us to record and produce, but it never really was a concern that it might be a "downer" of a song - sure, it's bittersweet and cathartic, but it's also a celebration of his life, and the lives of everyone's animal friends everywhere. And if there's one thing we stand for, it's about celebrating. -DS

Smarmites148 karma

what's your favorite pizza toppings? Especially wanting to know about Sung’s, as a fellow vegetarian.

TWRPband230 karma

Sung - Protein Powder

Meouch - Soylent

Havve - Nails

Phobos - Cheese

theunhappymeal130 karma

Are there any evildoers out there you have yet to stop?

TWRPband312 karma


Wildbagel124 karma

Thanks for doing this, guys! I've been listening to TTT for days, and Life Party is the grooviest fuckin thing I've ever heard.

I listened to the album for the first time when I was in the shower. Imagine for a moment that you've just finished shaving everything below the neck, and you're covered in coconut oil like some kind of fat slippery slug. Suddenly, the most jammin' song you've ever heard comes on and you have to know the name immediately. I almost died slithering out of that shower to find out what song it was.

I would liken Life Party to be the Topanga to my Corey.

Anyway, here's my question. My cat loves flippin' his turds all over the fuckin' place in his cat box. I tried to get a cover for it, but he still tracks litter out the front.

Meouch, could you please recommend me a cat litter that will cut down on this? When I last saw you in concert, your feet were as clean as your funky bass lines. Thanks in advance!

TWRPband81 karma

Try powdered soylent. There's nothing it can't do.

1PieGuy86 karma

Did you guys ever sit down and write a backstory for the band?

TWRPband305 karma

Yes, and then Disney bought the rights to it. Expect one new film every year for the rest of your lives.

NotNinjalord568 karma

First off let me say I'm a huge fan.

I have a question for Meouch. As a bassist myself who's looking into starting to play slap, what would you recommend I read/listen to/watch?

Also I just want to say that you're the reason I started playing bass in the first place. Thank you for inspiring me daily.

TWRPband138 karma

Check out as much classic funk as possible! It's hard to go wrong with the Brothers Johnson, Michael Jackson, Sly & the Family Stone, George Duke, etc. Thanks for the kind words, keep slappin' baby.

Keeseman67 karma

Hey guys, loved the show in Vancouver last year! I had a couple questions:

  1. Who plays the saxophone, and are you going to bust it out on tour?
  2. How did you guys meet Ninja Sex Party?

TWRPband88 karma

  1. Perry White, no live saxophone unfortunately.

  2. The internet, 2009ish.

datracing60 karma

How many times does the lick appear on the new record and is it a message?

TWRPband92 karma

We have no idea what you're talking about...

...meet us out back of the jazz club tonight

JasonOtt6559 karma

Lord Phobos, Commander Meouch, Havve Hogan, and Doctor Sung, how do you keep such energy on stage, I've never seen a band with so much electricity ?

TWRPband125 karma

Extraordinarily lethal amounts of Soylent.

Foxears_59 karma

Given your guys’ love for Japan, what are your favorite anime/manga?

TWRPband120 karma

We love stuff from the 80s (no surprise).

Mostly the obvious ones: AKIRA, Ghibli films... including Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. We're not experts by any means.

We don't read a ton of manga, but did recently get hooked on 20th Century Boys.

darkdestiny101059 karma

Hey! Any plans for new music videos, if so, for what songs?

TWRPband110 karma

Yes! But we won't say what song yet.

astamar54 karma

When I heard The Perfect Product, my brain immediately envisioned some weird late night infomercial for a 3lb tub of No Name mayonnaise. How do you all envision The Perfect Product™️?

TWRPband94 karma

We envision it to be kind of like, a product you will like... a product you will love.

BlazeTechAlex50 karma

Will Together Through Time get a vinyl release?

TWRPband74 karma

Yep yep!

Gobster949 karma

How did you guys get the name Tupperware Remix Party? And did you guys ever see yourselfs greeting as big as you are now?

TWRPband159 karma

We prefer TWRP, partly to defend ourselves from an impending legal onslaught, but also because it's way less annoying to type, or say out loud.

The name is arbitrary, just like many of the initial decisions we made (our names, how we look etc). This ties into the second question, to which the answer is: fuck no. This was a joke side project that became too fun to neglect.

TWRPband95 karma

I think we have a future full of bigger and better greetings!


Ericleeschroeder47 karma

Will you continue support of custom recovery for older phones like the OnePlus 3t for much longer?

TWRPband65 karma


so-wrong-its-right46 karma

Hey guys! Hope you're having a great day!! Just wanted to know if you ever plan on coming to the UK?! Love you guys!! <3

TWRPband101 karma


grumpybird1340 karma

First off thank you for the amazing Toronto show. 2 quick questions: 1. What were your favourite childhood cartoons? 2. Who is your favourite super hero?

TWRPband65 karma

DS - Reboot

LP - Beasties (Beast Wars for you Americans)

HH - Ren & Stimpy

CM - Transformers

Ultra9839 karma

Hey TWRP, really loving TTT. What kind of advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in music? I also tend to struggle with lyrics. Any advice?

TWRPband95 karma

Be prepared to suck a whole bunch, just keep your head up high, and believe in your dreams!

shortcomedian38 karma

Who had to yell “play Freebird” in Life Party?

TWRPband92 karma

The fucking rude ass audience.

maximumdinosaur37 karma

Hey there! Thanks for doing this AMA! I have a couple of questions.

Question for Doctor Sung: How the hell are you so buff and how do I be like you?

Question for the whole gang: what do you guys like to do in your spare time when you're not playing shows, writing, and/or saving the universe?

I'd also just like to give you guys my most heartfelt thank you for being as great as you are. I discovered you guys early last year and was going through some really rough times, and your amazing grooves and general positivity and optimism really got me through possibly the worst times of my life. You guys very quickly went from being unknown to me, to being in my top three bands, and after the Toronto show last friday are now my absolute #1 forever. Thank you again for everything you do, and keep on rockin'.

TWRPband60 karma

Answer from Sung: try some stuff and pick a workout routine that works for you, and stick with it - always remember that just showing up is the hardest part, because you will never regret working out once it's over. Also train in 10x gravity.

Answer from the gang: video games and practicing, mostly.

thecallaman37 karma

The new album is fantastic, I can’t stop listening to it. I’ve got a few questions. Who is the girl singing in Head up High? Is there any backstory to her? Also are you guys into Vulfpeck at all? A collab with all of you would be awesome! Thanks guys!

TWRPband64 karma

It's Siri.

Vulfpeck are fun!

Tanuk136 karma

First of all, I am in love with the new album! It has so much content and a lot of variety :D.

The question: What is "The Perfect Product"?

TWRPband108 karma

It's a product you will love! It's a product you will like.

funnyjokemans35 karma

How do you guys feel about the "I am not a robot" check boxes, do you feel as if they are anti-progressive? also do you feel guilty when you complete them

TWRPband64 karma

I've been calling my congressperson every day.

noximillion35 karma

Okay, so I've got two Q's:

1) Who writes the lyrics to your songs?

2) Is there a chance you guys would release an instrumental/karaoke album in the future?

TWRPband57 karma

1) All collaborators write their own lyrics, except for the songs with Lydia Persaud. Those song lyrics and almost all non-collabs are written by Sung.

2) Nope, but one of the mods of r/twrp has transcribed almost all TWRP songs to Guitar Pro/midi!

bearrorism35 karma

Meouch, do you have any tips for someone seeking to improve their slap technique?
And do you still offer lessons?

TWRPband59 karma

Don't half ass it ;)

XxSnowtrooperxX32 karma

Will you guys be signing Together Through Time vinyls like you did with Omnibus?

TWRPband37 karma

Can't see why not!

so-wrong-its-right32 karma

How do I get to be as funky as you guys?

TWRPband64 karma


onstantine32 karma


My question is: What is the best or most incredible fan interaction you've had?

My reasoning for asking: I got unbearably drunk at a show you did in Edmonton, screamed the entire time, fell off my barstool later and pretty sure I cornered Doctor Sung to ramble at him incoherently about 70s arena rock for half an hour. So. My deepest, most sincere apologies for potentially being your worst fan interaction.

TWRPband54 karma

We almost quit after that happened.

Just kidding. When you play in a band, interacting with drunk fans is part of the territory. The Doc doesn't honestly remember that scenario at all (there have been a lot of shows between then and now), so don't even worry about it!

Truth be told, our fans are amazing. We have far too many positive fan interactions, and almost no negative interactions.

archeranchor30 karma

Hey guys! With no regards to actual possibility (or current state of life/death), what's your dream collaboration? Opening act? Where would you want to perform?

TWRPband34 karma

George Duke RIP

AttilaTheSean29 karma

The song Phantom Racer was in my opinion the standout track on Together Through Time and I can't stop listening to it. Do the song's lyrics intentionally mirror the 2009 movie of the same name or is it coincidence? If they're not related, could you share some more details of the story surrounding the events in the song?

TWRPband45 karma

That's specifically a coincidence, but that movie was clearly inspired by The Wraith (1986), which was also the inspiration for this song. We didn't realize the 2009 film with that name existed until after we'd written, recorded and settled our song.

Also worth noting that The Protomen are the ones who came up with the theme and lyrics! When we presented the instrumentals to them, the track was just about going really fast... Arin's VO was also different, and was there before Protomen added their stuff.

otter_be28 karma

What coins do they spend in space?

TWRPband88 karma

Space Bucks ya dingus

ThatHydra27 karma

Hey there! Big fan and aspiring musician with various music questions.

  1. What do you do if you're struggling to write something new and fun?

  2. Any advice on forming a lasting band? My previous attempts have fallen apart within months.

  3. What song was the hardest to write?

  4. Favourite riff/bit from your songs?

Thanks in advance!

TWRPband58 karma

  1. Think about space, read about space, watch things about space. That always gets the juices flowing.

  2. Don't take yourself too seriously. Find others with a similar sense of humour.

  3. Pets, because we've never cried from something we've written before.

  4. The whip crack in the bridge of Synthesize Her.

RK100-S26 karma

Hi there i was wondering what was the reason for not performing songs from The Device album at your live shows?

TWRPband84 karma

Those songs are from so long ago that we have come a long, long way in terms of song writing and figuring out our style. The cold truth is that we just don't like those songs as much as our new songs, and when we only have 80 minutes to perform but have 2 hours+ of material, sacrifices have to be made.

Spooky-Beverage26 karma

Who plays the saxaphone in together through time?

TWRPband57 karma

Toronto session cat named Perry White - he rules!

Massabama26 karma

How hard is it to learn hiw to use a talk box?

TWRPband58 karma

Basically impossible.. don't even try, you might hurt yourself

schlanks26 karma

What were your favorite moments from the release party? I personally enjoyed Meouch and Phobos partying together during Tactile Sensation and Sung's entrance.

TWRPband44 karma


lizaivy23 karma

what is everyone’s favorite track from TTT?

TWRPband71 karma

DS - Pets

CM - Feels Pretty Good

LP - Synthesize Her

HH - Feels Pretty Good

homophobos22 karma

Does traveling all around on tour mess with your guys’ sense of time? Is constantly changing time zones tiring at all for you all, and how do you manage to stay so energized throughout a tour?

TWRPband56 karma

It has zero effect. TWRP functions on 4 simultaneous 24-hour day/night cycles.

Chubbstock20 karma

How in the world has there not been a gust grumps with any of you guys yet?

TWRPband32 karma

We're not popular, cool or funny enough!

SlimKnives18 karma

Congrats on Together Through Time! It's a pure jam (as always).

Speaking of which, what albums have you guys been jamming to lately?

TWRPband31 karma

Herb Alpert - Rise Michael McDonald - If That's What It Takes Donny Benét - The Don In Your Eyes - George Benson It's Alright Between Us As It Is - Lindstrøm

Also: Any and all of Longmont Potion Castle's discography.

musixgrl3018 karma

Hey, guys! In your last IAmA y’all mentioned that you listen to podcasts while on the road. I was wondering if you guys have ever listened to The Adventure Zone or anything else by the Mcelroys? Seems like something that would be up your alley.

Also do any of you guys have hidden talents, and if so, what are they?

TWRPband49 karma

Actually, during our nutty tour schedule last year we listened to a lot of podcasts. Hardcore History, SYSK, Knifepoint Horror. We'll give Adventure Zone a shot this year!

Meouch is really good at Counterstrike.

NicronCreations18 karma

Hey there TWRP! I'm a filmmaker/writer and I love listening to how cinematic your albums and songs sound. Every time I listen to one of your songs, I immediately start visualizing a music video in my head. In some instances, I've actually written down and scripted entire music videos for your songs, including Atomic Karate, Ladyworld and The Perfect Product to name a few. Nathan Boone and Sean Barrett have done videos for you in the past and I absolutely love their work. Have you ever thought about allowing people to submit video ideas and potentially help with a shoot? I would absolutely love to just be on one of your shoots to help out in any way I can! I love your music guys, thanks for making so many people happy with your funk!

TWRPband30 karma

We like to keep it in the fam, also we don't have very much money for videos. Both Nathan and Sean have a team they work with... which is part of why they're so great.

Always feel free to shoot us an idea though! We won't steal them.

umachu17 karma

Hey guys really simple question, Will the TTT t-shirts from the bundle be available by themselves be available by themselves anytime on your store?

TWRPband17 karma

Yes! Thanks for bringing that to our attention - that is a mistake.

SpookeUnderscore17 karma

Hey guys. As a human I find it hard interacting with hot space babes. You have any future space grooming advice for me so I can get more ladies? Also may I call you my space dads?

TWRPband32 karma

Just picture them in their underwear... wait... NO!!!

Biffalo4415 karma

Hey guys! This question is for Phobos and Meouch, what were the first Guitars and Basses you had, and what made you stick with them to become some of the raddest players I’ve ever seen?

TWRPband37 karma

Lord Phobos had a black Fender Strat MIM, and Commander Meouch had a nasty lookin' green Squire PJ bass.. it sucked.

harrybug3314 karma

Do you guys think you’d ever make an old skool hip-hop song to put on one of your albums? Btw Together Through Time is awesome, great job guys!

TWRPband24 karma

Would love to! Newcleus inspired type of jam could be killer!

PaTcHiZzEl739714 karma

Were you aware of The Lick in the saxophone solo in "Feels Pretty Good," and if so, was it intentional?

TWRPband27 karma

We have no idea what you're talking about.

quintoast14 karma

How many of the songs on TTT go out to all the ladies?

TWRPband53 karma

Fuckin' all of em! Except for Pets.

MrHotsauce133714 karma

What is the average meal like in the future? Like is it all in tubes or freeze-dried?

TWRPband27 karma

Soylent... liquid essence.

artstoregoth13 karma

Has anyone else tried the hoverboard yet, does it have a name, and how long did it take before someone wiped the fuck out on it?

TWRPband25 karma


ChickenAcrobatics11 karma

Are you ever going to race go-karts with The Protomen?

TWRPband19 karma

Not sure if there's any go kart track that support that many people at once.

Usingthisonce1357910 karma

First things first: you guys are such an inspiration for not just music, but friendship. You all look like you have the times of your lives up on stage and that’s just super cool. Love you guys and keep doing what you’re doing.

Now for my question: What is the craziest thing that has ever happened while recording for either Together Through Time or any of your EP’s??


TWRPband25 karma

It's always crazy to us how different our songs end up after recording them then how we originally wrote them and planned for them to sound. Once we're in the studio, spontaneous and goofy things happen. Sometimes a saxophone presents itself.

Also, one time we had to wait 90 minutes for our sushi to show up!

Condensor10 karma

What is your favorite yacht rock album?

TWRPband14 karma

Nickleback - Feed the Machine

druidcoffee10 karma

Hey there guys! Thanks for doing this! Just a couple of things!

1: who composed what on the album? (all the chord progressions are really great!)

2: For those of you who play an instrument that produces notes, (sorry Havve!) what are your favorite chords/scales to play?

TWRPband30 karma

  1. Sung and Phobos write the all songs (melodies, chords, etc). Havve and Meouch make it funky.

  2. There are no right or wrong notes, only jazz.

liamemsa10 karma

Hey, I have a question, did you guys consider doing your AMA on r/outrun? I'm one of the moderators. We do plenty of AMAs from artists in the Synthwave scene. Love you guys (I actually have your music in rotation on the di.fm synthwave channel). Alternatively, if you guys want to do an additional one more focused on the scene, we'd love to have you. You can reach out to us either via modmail or on our official twitter.

TWRPband17 karma

We're all HUGE fans of outrun and synthwave music! However I'm not sure how much that community would consider us Outrun, as we tend to genre hop all the time.

Also... there is only jazz.

glimmeronfire10 karma

Can any or all of you please teach me how to play any instrument other than my cello? I’ll pay you if you want. I just really wanna start a band but I can’t play anything band-worthy.

TWRPband26 karma

Phobos teaches guitar sometimes when not on tour. You can email [email protected] to discover more!

TekkoLuskentyre9 karma

Where did the race announcer guy know the phantom racer from?

TWRPband35 karma

He can't quite put his finger on it.

TheContractGamer9 karma

Thank you guys for this amazing album, really been digging it! You guys did alot of unique things with this album, Phantom Racer and Starlight Brigade sound unlike anything else you guys have really done. What gives you guys these sound ideas/motivates you to make these badass songs?

TWRPband14 karma


ItsMrMuffin9 karma

What would each band member consider to be their favourite city to perform in?

TWRPband34 karma


mothquails9 karma

hey!! i got to see you guys at the release party last week, you were awesome!! i’m super excited for y’all to come by DC in september!

anyways, i’ve got a few, so here goes;

1) i’m pretty sure you’ve been asked what other instruments you all play before, but are there any you just think are cool but haven’t had the opportunity/aren’t really your type to play?

2) now that you’ve toured the U.S some, what have been some of your favorite restaurants you’ve found on the road?

3) and lastly, this one’s mostly for Meouch, but i suppose Phobos might have an answer too. i’ve just picked up bass guitar recently, and i’m definitely trying to work on it when i practice, but do you have any good tips/suggestions for getting your ring and pinky fingers up to speed for fingering? they’re by far my weakest fingers, but i definitely don’t want to just leave them behind!

edit: fixed a typo

TWRPband21 karma

We love livin' that Waffle House lifestyle

ClockworkMage18 karma

What do you guys do to psyche yourselves up for a show?

TWRPband17 karma

Pound Soylent, and listen to hot jazz.

PhoenixDude18 karma

When writing a song, what part do you start with? Meaning do you do bass lines and beat first, or the synth and lyrics, or do you just feel it out until something sounds good?

TWRPband15 karma

It usually starts with a funny name or idea, and then turns into a rough sketch of a song (chord progression, melody). How it develops from there is different every time.

hytylor8 karma

God I hate asking this: what the hell is soylent?

TWRPband15 karma

Food from the future, TODAY!

shawndylan8 karma

What's you favorite place to eat in Toronto? You better not say soylent

TWRPband32 karma


redmightbegreen8 karma

Have you ever timed Meouch’s max slaps-per-second (sps)? I just figure it’s gotta be a lot of slaps. Guinness World Record levels, I’m sure.

TWRPband17 karma

SPS must be in the billions!

LadyDuirel7 karma

H’suh dudes! What’s your favourite part about touring?

TWRPband18 karma

The Soylent

OldSkooRebel7 karma

Hey guys, I'm a big fan of talk boxes and a HUGE fan of the band. What influenced you guys to use a talk box for lead vocals, and who would you say your main influences are as far as talk boxes in music? Thanks.

TWRPband15 karma

We all suck at singing, and we love robots. The path was clear.

CatSplat7 karma

Hey TWRP! Any plans to collab with Lydia Persaud again? She added a killer element to Makin' a Move.

TWRPband11 karma

We just did CatSplat.. she slays it every time!

BaybeeBat6 karma

Would you guys ever release your own covers album?

Also, thank you for the gift of TTT that just keeps on giving <3 Can't wait to see you guys in the UK!

TWRPband22 karma

We've considered it, and it'll probably happen some day. But it always comes down to the fact it takes away from time we could be spending churning out new original music!

Rockruffian6 karma

Hey! I love your new album, and I'm seeing you guys live in ATL!

Have you guys heard about the TWRP Charity Zine? And if so, do you plan on picking up a copy?

TWRPband11 karma

Yeah it's awesome! Ours fans rule, hard.

The_Letter_W6 karma

Have you guys considered writing a rock opera?

TWRPband30 karma

No but we have considered a jazz opera. There is only jazz.

also_hyakis5 karma

Hey TWRP! Really loving Together Through Time, you dudes have done it again and made some fuckin' bangers. I have three questions:

1) How does the songwriting process generally go for you guys? Does one person write most of the songs or is it a more collaborative thing or what?

2) Meouch, how do you decide which bass to use for a song?

3) How come I've never seen you guys play We Close Our Eyes live with NSP? I need more of that bass solo in my life!

TWRPband18 karma

Usually depends on what I think will cut through the mix the best, or what bass will complement the other instruments. The bass is usually the last thing to go on each song, so I get some wiggle room to make those calls.

TidMundra2 karma

Hey guys! These questions are only for Meouch, who is a big inspiration to me as a bassist.

1) What artists/musicians/albums have inspired you the most over your musical career?

2) What artists/musicians/albums are you especially into right now?

You've been a huge inspiration to me as a bassist these past few years that I've been listening to you guys. The whole band is astounding, but you blow my brain every time I listen through Guardians of the Zone the whole way through. Thanks for being an awesome group of musicians to look up to!

TWRPband8 karma

George Duke - Guardians of the Zone

Michael Jackson - Off the Wall

Parliament - Mothership Connection

Chic - Chic

Earth Wind & Fire - All n' All

I pretty much only listen to the classic funk music these days, so the answer to your first question is also the answer to your second one.

AngelLux132 karma

H'suh dudes! Thought you absolutely rocked at the TTT release party! Just a few questions:

  1. Who's Ninja Audrey's favorite member of "Kitty and the Robots"?
  2. What's your favorite Game Grumps series/episode currently?
  3. One last thing: I dropped off a couple of drawings for Doctor Sung and Lazerhorse at the merch table before the TTT release show, and I just wanted to make sure you guys got them. I'm sorry I wasn't able to give them to you in person, and I'm sure you were all swamped that night, but I just wanted to be sure you were able to get your drawings.

Thanks for being so awesome!

TWRPband5 karma

  1. I dunno... take a guess ;)

  2. The Reign of Kings one with Macho Man Randy Savage

  3. Outbound Call Centre