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I appreciate your noble objective, but what you're written here sounds like generic tech pitches, can you more concretely define your objectives? Such as:

aiVENE fights the youth mental health crisis by bringing social media platforms together.


using programs to automate the process of identifying people that need help

You sound like a 19 year old with a tech idea with vague objectives who is making an AMA to find venture capital. I see you're in San Fran. Makes sense. How far along have you gotten in putting these objectives into action? Your website is literally one page. Is there anything behind the scenes?

It's also interesting to me that your actual name (shown on your patreon) and the name of your company put into a google search brings up literally no results besides Reddit AMA posts. Is there any more substance to your idea? Did you come up with this a few days ago or something? What qualifications do you have to properly diagnose and treat mental health issues?

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How did you come to realize the advertising potential that a Reddit AMA would offer you?

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How do you differentiate between "introducing" someone to bitcoin when they watched the video and someone watching the video who is already familiar with Bitcoin?

I say this because your opening descriptor states that you "introduced millions of people to Bitcoin," and your proof of this is that you have a video called "What is Bitcoin?" with 9.3 million views.

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It's not, generally. What you're paying for is access.

Say I want a bill passed that does X Y and Z. I write a letter to my Congressperson. That letter goes in a big pile along with the hundreds or thousands of other letters he receives each week. Maybe he personally reads it, but, most likely, his interns will read it and respond with a form response.

The lobbyist, on the other hand, he walks directly up to the Congressperson when he walks out of his office. He schedules a dinner. The two meet and share a long and lengthy discussion about why the bill for X Y and Z shouldn't get passed. He can lay out his positions and counter any arguments or answer any questions the Senator has. And maybe, yeah, if the lobbyist is from a big company, he can casually drop how the company will promise to help support their reelection campaign next year.

Whereas I just get to maybe tell him what I think, he gets to actually have a discussion.

That's why lobbyists work.

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but I'm facing constant failure to crack the entrance exams to get into high quality universities.

Study harder.

If you can't pass the entrance exams, you're not going to survive. I know that sounds like a mean response, but it's the truth. The math and science in an undergraduate physics program is going to be hard. But you know what's going to be even harder? The Physics GRE, which is a comprehensive test to get into graduate school. And harder than that? Your qualifiers in graduate school, followed by your graduate level courses.