The GaS Digital Podcast Network is celebrating our 2 year anniversary! We work with some incredible talent including UFC's Michael Bisping, Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta, Adult entertainer Lisa Ann, The Legion Of Skanks, and many more!

We just launched our app and are opening a dedicated studio and work space in lower Manhattan this month! ASK US ANYTHING!

EDIT: We are starting to answer questions at 4pm ET.


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ZacAmico84 karma

I’m tired of your shit, can I smell Kim’s panties?

ThePRRattlesnake65 karma

Zac get back in your fucking cage.

LamarThePotato81 karma

Is Dave Smith contractually obligated to not tell any jokes or it's just his choice?

ThePRRattlesnake22 karma

You can purchase Dave's highly acclaimed debut comedy special Libertas at

Sternacthegreat77 karma

1) How much ball park did Cumia pay the Skanks individually? Was it more than say $150 a person per show? Yes or No is good enough.

2) Do you think Cumia had sexual relations with Sue Lightning?

3) Will you admit that BOTBAB is shitty time waster that has run its course?

4) Has Ralph made any headway in finding that Peter Steele interview from years ago?

ThePRRattlesnake69 karma

1) Yes 2) 100% 3) 95% 4) No it's totally gone - Ralph

FatMosque66 karma

Will Tom Myers be booked for skankfest?

ThePRRattlesnake38 karma

Still reviewing tapes.

EugeneGrimgold60 karma

Will you have Chip Chipperson at Skankfest2018 so him and Dave Smith can finally settle their beef?

ThePRRattlesnake35 karma

Haha... Jim Norton will be at Skankfest.... Ari Shaffir already spoiled that. Dave and Jim are cool... I will ask Jim if he's interested in doing a live chip..that would be great!

momomike53 karma

Hey Luis, did you see this video compilation of all the times Rogan disagreed with you when you were on his podcast?

It’s especially weird how it seems like he won’t even make eye contact with you, and how normally he’s so “open minded to new ideas” but not any of yours, apparently. Did you make a joke about his height before you went on the air?

ThePRRattlesnake76 karma

Yes I saw the video... I guess it's all about perspective... Some would say it's me disagreeing with Joe. I'm pretty fuckin' alpha bro... so ya know.. he may have just been intimidated.

soldag47 karma

why are you ruining your show just because your girlfriend lets you cum inside her, Luis?

ThePRRattlesnake31 karma

She makes me pull out

bonniesretardsister45 karma

Why is Sherrod Small seemingly friends with you? He seems like the most annoying man ever.

ThePRRattlesnake56 karma

Friendship is subjective bro

throwawawyy239 karma

How does nick mullen feel about you stealing his bits? He was the og Puerto rican rattlesnake real ass dude. Not cool bro

ThePRRattlesnake41 karma

Parallel thinking bro

shamedanonymous38 karma

Other than Cum Town what shows do you wish you had on the network?

ThePRRattlesnake21 karma

We've talked to a bunch but have not always been able to work it out. Not saying that we can't in the future.. some we would be interested in are:

Ralph: Gilbert Gotfried and Jericho are two that I'd love to work with

Luis: We have talked to Mike Recine recently and in the beginning talked to Ari Shaffir and Sal Vulcano about doing their pods on the network. It has to make sense for everyone involved. A show like Cum Town doesn't make sense. Nick is super motivated to do everything by himself so he doesnt' really need what we offer.. Same thing with Ari.

BaggySpandex5 karma

A show like Cum Town doesn't make sense. Nick is super motivated to do everything by himself so he doesnt' really need what we offer.

No offense meant, but good. Nothing should change the dynamic and setup they have at the moment. It's perfect. Not a slight against GaS at all.

ThePRRattlesnake6 karma

None taken. I am the same type of guy. I just started my own network with that drive.

MessyCoffeeFarts37 karma

Why won't Jim Norton publicly acknowledge his relationship with Cam-Star Princess Alena? has Jim ever brought the Princess around? have you met?

ThePRRattlesnake43 karma

I don't know what you're talking about. I am assuming it's a tranny. It's a tranny right? No I haven't met "her".

tigbiggernits35 karma

what does Kim Congdon's cunt smell like?

ThePRRattlesnake34 karma


ThePRRattlesnake55 karma


MershComic32 karma

How many "Caveman Nitro Energy Drinks" does Kurt Metzger consume per day? Does he still buy "Caveman Nitro Energy Drinks" from a shady Dominican guy an eight ball at a time?

ThePRRattlesnake14 karma

I tried that stuff. it ain't so strong.

1073WAAF30 karma

Luis, have you ever met a die hard Dave Smith fan in real life? How much of a douchebag was he?

ThePRRattlesnake33 karma

They are a nerdy bunch. They are out there though. Dave and I co-headline a lot on the road and he gets hard core libertarian fans that come out and stare at me like im fucking a baby on stage.

LamarThePotato25 karma

Does Big Jay smells like french fries or it's purely a visual thing?

ThePRRattlesnake13 karma

He smells surprisingly nice. At all times. He uses a lot of products.

Dryder64625 karma

Why do you have your girlfriend on the podcast ever?

ThePRRattlesnake23 karma

I think she's funny and she's around a lot so when someone bails or we are on the road it's super convenient. She's a pretty fucked up depraved chick. Give her a chance queers.

Suibu39 karma

You sound like bill burr

ThePRRattlesnake45 karma

this is literally the nicest thing anyone on reddit has every said about me

BrokeMyKneeMan25 karma

How many comics has Shannon fucked?

ThePRRattlesnake15 karma

Hmmmm.... I don't think any to be honest.. She's fooled around with a few :)

Winsnes24 karma

How many GaS digital subscribers do you currently have?

ThePRRattlesnake14 karma

We will never tell :)

it's 3 times more than we ever imagined.

SpurdoBurdo23 karma

Can you have Nick Mullen on your shows more so that they'll actually be funny?

ThePRRattlesnake25 karma

I try every single show. He's a busy boy.

Winsnes23 karma

Who looks more like a Jew? Ian Fidance or Ari Shaffir?

ThePRRattlesnake14 karma

po-tay-to po-tah-to

Ralph I'd say Ian but only because he's short and most jews are short.

TheDarkFezRises21 karma

Have you ever tried explaining to Kurt Metzger that everyone on the internet is funnier than him?

ThePRRattlesnake41 karma

I tried. then he flashed a light in my face and tried to beat me up.

NiceShirtStupid20 karma

How much does it anger you that Kelsey Cook did late night? A barely comic that still opens.

ThePRRattlesnake22 karma

Kelsey's cool. There are so many worse comics that get opportunities. I'm finally at a place in my career where I don't look at the accomplishments of others as a gauge of my own success.

(ralph is looking at pictures of Kelsey Cook)

TheGIddinge20 karma

How many Russian runaways does Ralph have at this very moment, locked up in his room?

ThePRRattlesnake29 karma

Now none... typically 3-5

("years old" - Luis)

Toddforway20 karma

Why did you leave compound?

ThePRRattlesnake24 karma

LOS left compound because we couldn't come to terms on a deal financially. We weren't that far off but we couldn't make it work. We were also starting GaS Digital at that time whether LOS re-signed or not with Compound... LOS coming to GaS Digital was a big reason why we started off with so much traction.

MiniChipper19 karma

Did you know Anthony cumia was a pedophile before you signed onto his Network?

ThePRRattlesnake90 karma

It was the reason we signed on to the network.

SpurdoBurdo19 karma

Why are black people who aren't named Michael Che still allowed to be guests on LoS?

ThePRRattlesnake15 karma

Who are these black people you speak of?

bonniesretardsister19 karma

Did Jay ever explain the context to this photo shoot?

ThePRRattlesnake18 karma

haha... yes .. it was taken years ago by our friend Heidi. He was so uncomfortable... Why did he do that... why?

Bongh1ttransplant19 karma

How did Ian’s dad die? (I already know I just like to laugh at him)

ThePRRattlesnake15 karma


LamarThePotato18 karma

Does GaS Digital need to have a significant amount of real subscribers or it's just a full time money laundering operation?

ThePRRattlesnake9 karma

We're doing pretty good doggie.

yourethebestaround1217 karma

When will you stop flirting with Tom Myers on Twitter and give him a podcast on the network?

ThePRRattlesnake13 karma

Never to both of these questions.

3stepsbackward17 karma

Who is Dave Smith and why do you let this random unfunny homeless man sit by you during your podcast?

ThePRRattlesnake21 karma

I have 7 mins left. I'm only answering a) serious questions b) questions that are CREATIVELY trashing my friends

AsianAnalParty15 karma

Do you call people who don't do standup civilians? Why do a lot of New York comedians say that as if they are in some branch of the armed services? You guys are making fart jokes and sucking the occasional dildo onstage, not splitting fucking atoms. If you heard a juggler call someone a civilian you would assume they are a self absorbed asshole. Tell me why we should feel any different about a comedian doing it. Also, there are probably ten thousand people named Dave Smith in this country. Why did you pick the most boring one to co-host your show?

ThePRRattlesnake26 karma

No I don't call people who don't do stand up civilians. (I can't believe I actually have to explain this dummy) They aren't comparing themselves to the armed services. It's an analogy they are using when talking to room of their peers. I've heard poker players say it. I've heard actors say it. I've also heard people refer to themselves as civilians while talking about poeple of a certain profession (source: When comics do it on a podcast It just comes off as douchy and condescending. I get it. But get over it. You sound just as bad becuase you care this much.

MiniChipper15 karma

Sorry I got here late if this has been asked already but is Laurens chin really that big? Or is Dave Smith just that small make it look big in comparison

ThePRRattlesnake19 karma

Lauren's really hot. I am sure your gf is hotter though.

MessyCoffeeFarts15 karma

Luis, what feels better on your cock, Kim's pussy or Zac's asshole?

ThePRRattlesnake22 karma

Zac's mouth

dumbshowreference15 karma

Luis.. what are you thoughts on your experience going on Rogans podcast? It was abundantly obvious that towards the end he was being a complete cunt to you for some reason. What was that all about you think?

ThePRRattlesnake35 karma

In all seriousness I didn't get that vibe at all. We hung out for an hour after the podcast and he has since texted me telling me how much he appreciates what we are doing. I would imagine we will cross paths again. :)

MessyCoffeeFarts15 karma

Which GasDigital on air employee is most likely to be arrested for child porn within the next 10 years?

ThePRRattlesnake48 karma

Hmmmm Tim Dillon. Definitely Tim Dillon.

floodmeridian13 karma

I don't know if he's on the network or just a frequent guest, but definitely Tim Dillon

ThePRRattlesnake17 karma

haha just saw this.

JoeJMatarese14 karma

What time is Tom Myers performing at Skankfest?

ThePRRattlesnake11 karma

Beer O'clock

DankMemester286514 karma

Will you be installing a casting couch in the new GaS Digital studios? If so can Tim Dillon "interview" any potential new male interns?

ThePRRattlesnake19 karma


plane2nowhere13 karma

Ralph, do you get your monsterous appearance from your mother, father or both sides of the family?

ThePRRattlesnake11 karma

I'm the only one in my family who looks like this. Even my twin brother is half my size :/

buttholebrigade13 karma

Can you invite Tom Myers to Skankfest, but as an audience member only? he should be there but not allowed on stage unless its for naked roast battle.

ThePRRattlesnake17 karma

That's a great idea. I will offer him naked roast battle.

ChipChippersonAMA13 karma

Can you address the increasing animosity between you and Tom Myers?

ThePRRattlesnake15 karma

He's displacing his anger.

LamarThePotato12 karma

Why does Jim Norton acts like royalty around you guys?

ThePRRattlesnake33 karma

I don't think he does. Jim is a pretty normal dude in terms of his demeanor. He's the type of guy to call you up and apologize if he feels like he offended you. Jim has been pretty damn cool to me the whole time I've known him. Opie literally refused to have me on his show and Jim has always let me come on any time I need to promote something. Jim will always be a cool guy in my book.

G4mblog9 karma

Once shannon finally inks the contract, can we get her to show off more skin?

Thx doggie

ThePRRattlesnake18 karma

Thats the plan

MessyCoffeeFarts9 karma

What was the grossest thing to happen in Ralph's apartment while podcasting that Ralph didn't know about/still doesn't know about?

ThePRRattlesnake12 karma

I've had sex in Ralph's apartment with a couple chicks he has no idea about. He is on a call right now and I hope he doesn't read this.

MiniChipper9 karma

Have you ever met a dumber Jew than Dave Smith?

ThePRRattlesnake4 karma


AnonCauseSJWsDoxx8 karma

Given what we know about Harvey Weinstein, isn't it fair to call Janeane Garofalo a prostitute? And not a comedian?

ThePRRattlesnake8 karma

I don't know what this means.

BreastWood_One8 karma

do you think sandy kane will win her lawsuit againist Anthony and his retarded cop buddy?

ThePRRattlesnake11 karma

Probably settle

GoRangers57 karma

Is Kim going to be in the Naked Roast?

ThePRRattlesnake30 karma

Then you'd see her bruises.

Suvario7 karma

Is Compound Media doing as terrible as it seems?

ThePRRattlesnake10 karma

Not at all. To be honest I think Compound Media is doing very very well. They have a very large subscriber base and only like 6 shows. We have different model. Anthony had a lot of die hard fans that had already been paying for his content for years through SXM. We are always looking for new fans so that's why we put out the latest 10 (moving up to 15) audio podcasts for free and just started releasing the latest video episodes to youtube. Always have to find those new people that will fall in love with the content.

OkaySeriouslyBro7 karma

Were your girlfriends parents watching any movies about giant monkeys during childbirth that compelled them to name her Kim Cong?

ThePRRattlesnake9 karma


LamarThePotato7 karma

Do you pay any taxes?

ThePRRattlesnake31 karma

Taxation is rape

EugeneGrimgold7 karma

Any chance you're gonna do the Luis J Gomez/Nick Mullen/Tim Dillon show on GasDigital? Since SiriusXM cancelled Nick DiPaolo, i dont see you 3 going well there, Plus you only need to pay Nick in cocaine & power tools.

ThePRRattlesnake15 karma

We have been trying to make it work. Right now there is a demo sitting at sirius xm apparently that I am waiting on feedback on. We are all too busy to start another podcast so we agreed that if SXM was interested that we would jump at the opportunity. As dumb as it is, radio is still considered more legit than podcasts so it would open up opportunites for us to have a radio gig. WE WANT TO MAKE THE SHOW HAPPEN. Literally all 3 of us have talked about it ad nauseum. Just has to be the right deal and timing.

jaysbluehair6 karma

have you guys ever seen Shannon drunk and wildin’ out?

ThePRRattlesnake7 karma

We all did Molly on SDR recently.

EugeneGrimgold6 karma

If Ralph & Luis fucked, who would be the top who would be the bottom?

ThePRRattlesnake3 karma

We'd switch.

soldag5 karma

do you ever lewinski your interns? why not?

ThePRRattlesnake7 karma

haha no... times they are a changin'.

sillygoose374 karma

Is Ralph happy to get his apartment back?

ThePRRattlesnake4 karma

Yes I am extremely happy to get some of my life back. We are still keeping the studio however. SDR show will still be from there then other special recordings when we need it. The new studio space has 2 working studios that can be used simultaneously.

Grimsreapers4 karma

why did LOS and SDR swap spots?

ThePRRattlesnake10 karma

Big Jay goes on the road on Thursday mornings a lot and LOS was very demanding.. it's an all night thing. SDR is an hour and it is a couple blocks from his apartment. I think it will be really good for LOS though becuase now we will use the freshest content for that show. We work very hard to differentiate all of the shows (LOS, RAP, Bonfire, SDR and Believe You Me)... try to not do the same subjects over and over. It's challenging but I think it's worth it becuase it gives each show it's own voice. LOS suffers slightly because by the time Wednesday night rolls around we have already done BYM, 2 RAPS, and Jay has done 3 Bonfires and SDR. SDR is more guest driven so it wont effect that show as much.