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Sternacthegreat77 karma

1) How much ball park did Cumia pay the Skanks individually? Was it more than say $150 a person per show? Yes or No is good enough.

2) Do you think Cumia had sexual relations with Sue Lightning?

3) Will you admit that BOTBAB is shitty time waster that has run its course?

4) Has Ralph made any headway in finding that Peter Steele interview from years ago?

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Thank you :).

Sternacthegreat6 karma

Any truth to the rumor that you've gotten so fat you've got to wash yourself with a washcloth duct taped to a stick?

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Luis, do you fear for Bob Kelly's health since he's gotten so large? Not asking to be a dick.

Sternacthegreat3 karma

Hypothetically, would you end LoS and ditch Dave if a third mic seat was offered to you on The Bonfire?