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If you had to pick one cast member from MTV's Jackass to have sex with your wife while you watch, who would it be and why?

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Do you think Enrico Pollini was entitled to the $2 Million because he reached the storage locker first? The whole sleep thing was merely a technicality.

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What’s up Bawwwby, I’m actually the owner and sole moderator of the largest Rich Vos fansite on all reddit r/richvos. I have built the community to 49 total members, which I am extremely proud of considering the overall lack of a Vos fanbase to begin with. Just wanted to humblebrag a little.

Anyway, I’m watching Tourgasm for the first time in 2017 because it’s on HBO Go and I want to see how awful it is. It isn’t good, but it’s fun watching you play the part of reality TV “tough guy”. Dane does his thing, bit nostalgic really, and I feel the concept might have actually worked had they not designated you the single “mean” comedian and give you more people to bounce shit off. Anyway, I have two questions:

  1. The fuck is up with you always wearing a stupid hat? I get that you might have been insecure about your baldness but it’s just sad going from scene to scene always wearing a different hat. They wake you up at like 6:30am to go horseback riding, it cuts to a shot of you rolling out of bed in a sweaty t-shirt, and you’re magically wearing a beanie as well. Was this you being insecure about your head or did the producers pitch some “hey what if you were always wearing a hat wouldn’t that be cool” bullshit your way.

  2. Is Jay Davis really that big of a bitch in real life? Gary doesn’t do much except give that American Psycho grin to the cameras and is pretty boring on the show, but Jay just comes across as the biggest pussy and I have no idea why Dane let this utter hack ruin the show. The episode where you lightly busted his balls and he goes to cry in the bus because another comic was mean to him? Please tell me this was exaggerated and fabricated by the producers for reality TV and didn’t actually happen, because this guy was awful. His first stand-up joke in the show is about how they should name a hurricane after his ex-girlfriend, that’s the punchline.

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Is Big Jay Oakerson aware the internet calls him "Pig Gay Oinkerson"?

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Pretty sure Luis has met Vos