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Emmanuel Petit here with Paddy Power News, who are organising my first ever AMA.

I'm a former French international and World Cup winner who played for Barcelona, Chelsea, Monaco and of course Arsenal under Arsène Wenger.

Please do ask me anything. About football, life, even my hair.

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UPDATE: I have to go now, but I hope you enjoyed my answers. Hopefully I can do this again soon!

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igotdamaged2735 karma

You are out shopping in Tescos when you suddenly feel the onset of explosive diarrhoea. You make your way to the toilets, and there is only one stall, but thankfully it's empty.

After reliving yourself (and absolutely ruining the toilet), you suddenly discover that there is no toilet paper or paper towels. The only things in the toilet are an air hand dryer, a sink, and a mirror.

What do you do, Emmanuel?

IamEmmanuelPetit5099 karma

I flush the toilet of course, and then with the clean water I clean my ass. Like a bidet.

KevinDeBrownie1484 karma

Who is the most difficult player you have had to play* against?

IamEmmanuelPetit2566 karma


Ajstylez4882 karma

Hey Emmanuel , who was the laziest team mate you've ever had? On the other hand, who was the best professional?

IamEmmanuelPetit1455 karma

Fabien Barthez

IamEmmanuelPetit2973 karma

I went into his room in the national team and said, can't you just put your pants away? And he said, but if I leave them on the floor, I can just wake up, step into my pants and pull them up

Gungerz801 karma

If you could say one thing to a younger Emmanuel Petit, what would it be?

IamEmmanuelPetit1502 karma

Don't worry, be happy

djile9709 karma

What do you think about Mo Salah?

IamEmmanuelPetit1461 karma

He is unbelievable. wow

DannyBMayo638 karma

What was the most money you spent in a single day and what did you buy?

IamEmmanuelPetit1181 karma

I spent on £200,000 on two weeks on renting a boat

foreignhoe625 karma

What other sports do you enjoy watching?

IamEmmanuelPetit1217 karma

I love the olympics and I like disabled sports

armpitcrab622 karma

Favourite memory of Arsene Wenger?

IamEmmanuelPetit1096 karma

I have so many personal ones... But The double of course

PeterC10620 karma

Is there a club (excluding the ones you played for) you wished you had played for in your career but didn't?

IamEmmanuelPetit2131 karma

Yes, I could have played for Manchester United. I really regret not doing that now, I could've played with Giggs, Scholes etcetera. Some amazing players.

But I have a crush on Liverpool - especially right now. I love Klopp and would love to play under him.

giggitygigg14570 karma

Have you ever considered cutting off that sexy ponytail?

IamEmmanuelPetit3822 karma

No, I'm a sexy motherfucker

benjf1985552 karma

Excluding France and England, what's your favourite country to travel to, and why?

IamEmmanuelPetit1017 karma

I love Thailand

dkaywantstoknow490 karma

  1. Who was the best dancer in the dressing room at Arsenal and Chelsea?
  2. Which was the game you feared the most before going into?
  3. Your favorite food before going into a game?
  4. Arsenal or Chelsea?

Thank you for the memories.

IamEmmanuelPetit1060 karma

  1. Lee Dixon
  2. No, I never felt fear going into a game. Never, not even the World Cup final.
  3. Pasta with fish
  4. Gooners

Arko123488 karma

Which current player is the most similar to you in terms of playstyle?

IamEmmanuelPetit1869 karma

I'm unique.

SekZBoiAlex1986225 karma

And as a supporting question, which current player is the most similar to you in terms of hairstyle?

IamEmmanuelPetit809 karma

Once again, I am unique.

RogerXiao474 karma

What gave you the idea of getting a ponytail? Because your ponytail is cool and I love it :)

IamEmmanuelPetit1688 karma

Because I have a big head. I can't have short hair, my head is too big.

Novocastrian4462 karma

Which of your goals would you say is your favourite, and were you upset when Harry claimed it?

IamEmmanuelPetit777 karma

No because Kane doesn't need help to score goals

Starkie123457 karma

What do you think of Tottenham?

IamEmmanuelPetit1716 karma

I have a lot of sympathy for them. The club are trying to improve and they are the most important for the national team. I have a big respect for Pochettino.

It must be very frustrating, though, to never win any silverware.

(Yes, I know what you want me to say and I won't say it)

HaAs_dEL_GoTTO91426 karma

How has your week been? Hope all is well!

IamEmmanuelPetit797 karma

Busy, i need a nap

adilfc401 karma

What stadium you have been playing on had the best atmosphere?

IamEmmanuelPetit903 karma

The best atmosphere are in Turkey or Greece

carlosd141392 karma

What do you think of what Klopp is doing with Liverpool right now?

IamEmmanuelPetit719 karma

He is incredible. I would love to have played under him

whaleforce9341 karma

Do you enjoy any hobbies outside of sports?

IamEmmanuelPetit648 karma

I love antiques, and I used to collect them. Everything

liampointfive317 karma

did you prefer playing left back or in midfield?

IamEmmanuelPetit525 karma


django_feck302 karma

Do you have any tips for the longer-haired gentleman? For example, do you use a conditioner or just a shampoo?

IamEmmanuelPetit621 karma

Avoid treatments, hairbrushing. Hair is sensitive. Treat it with respect.

McNutt10286 karma

Do you believe France have what it takes to win the World Cup in Russia? If not, what is the major flaw in the team?

IamEmmanuelPetit834 karma

We have the potential, but it's still too soon I think. We can expect semi-finals, but there are a good few teams better than us. Because they have a soul in their team, we have no soul.

ItchaBoiSid250 karma

With Wenger retiring, what are some of his qualities that you wouldn’t see in other managers? How was he different.

Thanks for doing this btw.

IamEmmanuelPetit622 karma

Integrity and humanity

Derwaeg231 karma

Beside your goal in the 1998 WC final, what is your most memorable goal?

IamEmmanuelPetit871 karma

Scoring at White Hart Lane

ChurchillMyths230 karma

Who was your favourite Arsenal teammate?

IamEmmanuelPetit429 karma

Pat, but I have a good link with Lee Dixon

galpin226 karma

Oh my days! Petit!!

Could you please share an anecdote of some of the Arsenal days? No names have to be shared, I just love hearing stories of Bould, Adams, Parlour getting up to pints in Bremen and the lot.


Obviously with the recent news, who are you suggesting or intrigued by as a new potential manager for Arsenal?

Thanks for everything Emmanuel!

IamEmmanuelPetit575 karma

When I first came to London for Arsenal, it was Christmas here. And we had a party with all of the players. We went into a fashionable nightclub, and we went for dinner and the night. As soon as I arrived, the English players were already drunk and doing a competition on who could take the most shots... So you can understand how difficult that was for me. I'm not a big boozer. I will let you guess who won.

I don't care who manages the club, I only care about what they are going to do after Arsene's footprint. Bring back the winning mentality, and keep the Arsenal brand.

BenjaniMaples206 karma

Who was the best player you played with at Arsenal and what do you think their best quality was?

Also, who is your favourite player in the current squad?

IamEmmanuelPetit1233 karma

In the current Arsenal team... I have no idea... Ozil when he actually wants to be a player

copy3193 karma

Messi or Ronaldo?

IamEmmanuelPetit800 karma

That is too hard. Ronaldo is the best example you can have, when you look at him, you know the meaning of the word work

AaronNMorgan14180 karma

Hi Emmanuel.

Who has been the best manager to work for? Including national and club football?

IamEmmanuelPetit510 karma


Obamasmistress159 karma

HI Emmanuel. what would you have pursued in life if not football?

IamEmmanuelPetit501 karma


LucasTorreira155 karma

why always number 17?

IamEmmanuelPetit345 karma

My lucky number, of course

SekZBoiAlex1986151 karma

What is your favourite shampoo?

IamEmmanuelPetit443 karma

I only wash once per week. That is how you have good hair - take it from me

Baldfraud142 karma

Do you reckon you could beat the shit out of Roy Keane?

IamEmmanuelPetit480 karma

I don't know, I know that I am mentally strong and in my heart. But I don't like violence.

Ainm_Anseo137 karma

Hi Emmanuel, I once read that you won the jackpot on a fruit machine in Monaco and gave the winnings away to charity. Is this true?

IamEmmanuelPetit631 karma

It's bullshit

rbbeast2135 karma

Who do you think is the nicest teammate you’ve ever had?

IamEmmanuelPetit443 karma

Gianfranco Zola for sure

fisherpriceman116 karma

What aspects of England shocked you the most when you first moved over? On and off the field?

IamEmmanuelPetit481 karma

The alcohol and booze culture really shocked me. It starts when you are a teenager.

anakinm114 karma

Who do you thinks is the best player of all times?

IamEmmanuelPetit245 karma


bigshawarma101 karma

Hey Emmanuel, what do you think of Arsenal Fan TV?

IamEmmanuelPetit659 karma

What is that?

Francis-c9286 karma

What's your biggest regret in your career?

Also, what conditioner do you use...?

IamEmmanuelPetit165 karma

I use shampoo and conditioner once per week, no treatments and I never go to the hairdresser

wyetye86 karma

How much do you like Man Utd?

IamEmmanuelPetit261 karma

I have big respect, they're one of the biggest clubs in Europe. They're not just a football club.

ItchaBoiSid77 karma

Did they ever approach you with a move?

IamEmmanuelPetit208 karma


mattmorph272 karma

Best English team of all time (not just PL)?

IamEmmanuelPetit295 karma

I'd probably say, of those I've seen regularly, the Man United 1999 treble season or Arsenal invincibles. But I really enjoy watching City now.

AwkwardLook64 karma

Who was your roommate at Arsenal?

IamEmmanuelPetit269 karma

I've always been single in my room.

Blitzdoodles51 karma

What's your favorite food?

IamEmmanuelPetit110 karma

I love Italian, French and Asian food

dontarresme45 karma

What’s your favorite song?

IamEmmanuelPetit108 karma

I have got so many. I love every kind of music, reggae, rap, anything.

jhgibson36 karma

What's your favorite pastry?

IamEmmanuelPetit119 karma

Croissant, pain au chocolat, you know the ones

ImGiroud22 karma

Have you ever been approached by fans from a younger generation, who's only point of reference to you as a player, is from the FIFA Video Games?

And side note: What do you think of your stats? Is there any particular attribute you think should be upgraded?

IamEmmanuelPetit159 karma

i really do not care about my FIFA stats

Bona_Fried2 karma


IamEmmanuelPetit20 karma

No, but a lot of players want me to pass my badges. I always give the same answer... I want to mange my kids first.