I'm an artist, father of two girls, a husband, and an outdoors hunter and fisherman. My collection "COLORISM" is an amazing display of colorful expressionist brushstrokes that brings my subject matter to life. I was originally born in a small city in Albania and moved to Canada in 1998. Few people know that I love to ATV and snowmobile, it is a cold county so you have to enjoy the outdoors. I'll be at Silicon Valley Comic Con this weekend showcasing my latest DC Comics universe inspired works of art. https://blendcota.com/

Proof: https://i.redd.it/zylw06h1jip01.jpg

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ZackSRL65 karma

Have you tried digital art like in Illustratior? Do you prefer it over pen and paper?

Blend_Cota-The_Color177 karma

I am a traditionalist - I prefer pen and paper. However, there is nothing wrong with digital art, the main misconception is that the computer is doing the art and not the artist. A computer is simply a tool just like a paint brush. The artist still has to do all the work... the only real benefit is that you don't have to wash your hands as much. Lol :)

TheConboy2273 karma

I believe that being able to “undo” is quite a benefit as well.

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taratwd55 karma

Favourite superhero as a child?

Blend_Cota-The_Color77 karma

It is a toss up between batman and superman. Too hard to choose just one. Depends what comic book I was into at the time.

sfa150019 karma

Walt Disney World or Disneyland?

Also favorite attraction at whichever choice you go with.

Blend_Cota-The_Color31 karma

Disneyland and Space Mountain.

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

Disneyland and Space Mountain!

the_toddfather19 karma

How do you like the name "Cota"? I've never had the chance to talk to someone with the same name as me (except for me it's my middle name). Do people think it's spelled with a K, or like Coda? Do you get people repeating it back to you saying "Cody"?

Blend_Cota-The_Color27 karma

O yeah people mess it up all the time and my first name too. Instead of Blend they call me Glenn, especially when I am on the phone.

abduis21 karma

your first name is legitimately Blend? thought it was part of the whole art thing... like blending paint

Blend_Cota-The_Color30 karma

It is my real name... the fact that I am an artist is completely random but I do blend my own paint, so the name is fitting.

epaphras15 karma

How often do people tell you you look like Hugh Jackman?

Blend_Cota-The_Color10 karma

All the time

agi2114 karma

Who is your favorite Disney character to paint?

Blend_Cota-The_Color23 karma

My favorite Disney character to paint has got to be Mickey Mouse. He is definitely my favorite but I love to paint him with Minnie Mouse.

Blend_Cota-The_Color11 karma

That is a great question... give me a moment to think about it.

UMDSmith13 karma

I love the use of warm and cool colors and the contrast and blending of the two. Have you ever considered trying a painting but only doing it monochromatic, yet with the some complexity of your pieces?

Blend_Cota-The_Color7 karma

I have considered it :)

ChuckieC03039 karma

How would you describe your style of painting? How long does a piece typically take you to finish?

Blend_Cota-The_Color29 karma

The style is modern expressionism but I like to refer to it as "Colorism". It takes me probably a month or two month to finish a piece (from concept to final painting). I tend to work on two or more paintings at the same time so I can keep my mind fresh, take a break, and stay engaged!

artchick266 karma

Hi Blend, I follow you on Facebook and I saw you at New York Comic Con. I love the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman art you created with the Thomas Kinkade Studios. Are you going to release anymore pieces like that one soon?

Blend_Cota-The_Color5 karma

The Trinity is one of my favorite works of art. Currently, I am working on a Batman/Justice League piece that is like that one but even better!

Do you have a favorite DC character that you would like me to include in a future work of art?

artchick262 karma

Wow, I can't wait to see that one! I actually love Wonder Woman the best. It's cool because you put her in a couple of your paintings, I think, right? As for other characters for you to paint, I'd love to see one centered around The Flash. I think you could do some cool things with motion. And actually a Suicide Squad painting would be cool too.

Blend_Cota-The_Color3 karma

You are correct, Wonder Woman has made an appearance in many of my paintings. The newest painting I am working on takes place at the Gotham docks... Wonder Woman will make an appearance for sure in that one!

I have a new portrait of Flash that I am currently working on for later this year that is sick!

You know, I might have to do a Suicide Squad painting... it would be crazy cool.

artchick263 karma

That is so exciting!! I can't wait to see The Flash and the new Gotham painting! If you do a Suicide Squad one, I will get that one for sure, too.

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

awesome news!

Aquariana1315 karma

Hi Blend! I’m going to SVCC this weekend! Do you have anything like “group shots” of the Justice League or the Avengers? And where does your inspiration come from (dreams, comics, movies)?

Blend_Cota-The_Color8 karma

You can check out my "The Justice League" at Thomaskinkade.com. My inspiration comes from comics, movies, and life in general.

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

There is a painting called "The Justice League" that I did. You can check it out at ThomasKinade.com. My inspiration comes from movies, comics, and life in general.

roby_soft5 karma

What is a “fine” artist?

Blend_Cota-The_Color6 karma

The dictionary states "a person does creative art, especially visual art, whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content."

uzipump4 karma

When did you started drawing ?

Blend_Cota-The_Color6 karma

I started way back in elementary school around 6ish. The first drawing I did was of a radio and it was so good my father thought it was a photocopy! Then in high school I entered a competition, that I won which allowed me to attend a specially school for the arts. 6 days a week - 8 hours a day!

Bucknastyz3 karma

Of your work do you have a favorite piece? If so where is it now?

Blend_Cota-The_Color8 karma

I have a few favorite ones, it is too hard to choose just one. But if I had pick right now it would be "King of the Jungle" or "Flamenco Dancer" you can check them out at BlendCota.com. They are currently in my studio but they will both be going to Artexpo New York in (booth 202) April 19-21.

dtburger3 karma

Any hints relating to future Disney Kinkade releases?

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Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

I am working on Mulan and a new Sleeping Beauty.

Killerkimm2 karma

Who are your favorite artists either historical or current?

Blend_Cota-The_Color5 karma

Picasso would have to be on my list.

Shockblitz2 karma

Aside from Disney and DC related art, what is another franchise/company you like to do art of?

Blend_Cota-The_Color3 karma

I really enjoyed painting Elvis!

jordanhirsh2 karma

What are your thoughts on the seeming incongruous goals of fine art and commercial art? Your subject matter is obviously commercial, yet you are a fine artist where do you see yourself on the spectrum?

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

In the middle... closer to fine art side

Cain-Draws1 karma

I never heard of you until now and I must say I'm amazed by your art! I love how expressive and kinetic it feels and knowing that you make it using traditional tools has me drooling...

I have 2 questions: How did you start as an artist (like... Since childhood or were you a late bloomer)? What made your evolve in this particular way?

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

I started around 6 in elementary school. Many artists such as Picasso had an influence on me and helped me to evolve into the artist I am today.

sccouture1 karma

did you go to art school? what would you say to someone interested in doing the sort of stuff you do? thanks dude.

Blend_Cota-The_Color2 karma

I did and I would say work hard and practice, practice, practice.

TalullahandHula331 karma

I absolutely love your work and as an artist I aspire to master my own style as you have done. My question to you is how long have you been painting and how long did it take for you to develop your style?

Blend_Cota-The_Color3 karma

I have been painting since I was six and it took a lifetime.

bozobozo1 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

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SpGrnv1 karma

Thoughts on Justice League movie?

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webtheweb1 karma

Left field question, we share the same last name, how do you pronounce your last name? Also any knowledge of your last name origin?

Blend_Cota-The_Color3 karma

I pronounce it Coh-Tah and I am from Albania.

bekahfromspace1 karma

What are your thoughts on digital comics vs. print comics?

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

I love print comics but digital are convenient. Either way a lot of work goes into the artwork; a computer is a tool just like a brush is.

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Blend_Cota-The_Color2 karma

You made my day!

Shakentree1 karma

Have you done any work for comic books? What is the best advice for someone trying to break into the field?

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

I currently only do Fine Artwork for DC comics but I would love to do a special Justice League issue one day.

Odegrade1 karma

Hi mate, your paintings are awesome. For the budding artists amongst us do you manage to earn a living from your art alone or do you need to supplement it with other incomes?

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

I live off my art and the opportunities it presents me. Good luck!

invictusmonkey1 karma

Are you actually Hugh Jackman's alternate timeline?

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

No but it would be crazy if it were true. LOL

undulatingmeatstick1 karma

Wow. Beautiful art man. But I have an important question. Will it blend?

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grandmagellar1 karma


I see that you mentioned Catwoman was awaiting DC approval in another comment.

How did your relationship with Disney, DC, and other franchises begin?

As a follow up, if you have the time, in what ways are those relationships different?

Thank you so much for joining us on Reddit!

Blend_Cota-The_Color2 karma

I worked with a company called Art Brand Studios who helped open those doors. Have a wonderful day!

ajshe1 karma

Do you speak Albanian? I always get interested when I meet figures who are Albanian because they're so rare! (I am Albanian too, but Macedonian Albanian.)

Blend_Cota-The_Color3 karma

I do speak Albanian.

NCRose8201 karma

If you could have any of your art displayed on any place in the world, which piece would you choose and where?

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

It would have to be in New York at Times Square on New Years Eve and it would be a toss up between "King of the Jungle" and "Dark Knight".

veni-veni-veni1 karma

Mr. Cota, my daughter is interested in a graphic arts career. Do you have any tips I can pass on to her to make a career of it?

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

Have her practice her craft as often as possible to perfect her skill set. An immersive school for the arts might benefit her. Good luck!

ethanhen1 karma

What’s your favorite style or technique of art to do?

Blend_Cota-The_Color2 karma

modern expressionism but I like to refer to it as "Colorism"

mighymidget0320 karma

Hi Blend! Thanks for doing this AMA!

Out of all the characters in the DC universe, who is your favorite to draw and why?

Looking forward to seeing you and your art at the SVCC!

Blend_Cota-The_Color2 karma

I just finished my painting of Wonder Woman, I have always loved painting her. She is strong, powerful, and can rival even the likes of Superman. But I also have a soft spot for Catwoman.

heathbar40 karma

I saw you said you started painting around elementary, but I was curious, When you started taking art more seriously how many hours per week would you say you put into learning and drawing?

Blend_Cota-The_Color3 karma

I went to an art focuses high school and practiced my craft 8 hours a day, six days a week.

djdunkinflonuts0 karma

How much cake could you eat in a single sitting, hypothetically?

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

no clue, interesting question.

CosmicSlytherin0 karma

Are you saying you are a sexy fine artist? Or are you saying you're fine as in you're okay? Or do you even go so far as to say you are a fine artist as in a very good one?

Blend_Cota-The_Color3 karma

That is up to interpretation... but I like the way I look and my art. Judge for yourself at blendcota.com

_pvnda0 karma

How do you get yourself known to the big publishers such as DC?

Blend_Cota-The_Color2 karma

I work with a company called Art Brand Studios, they introduced me.

ellesbeth0 karma

Do you ever go to smaller Cons? For example.... Calgary... in April?

3ey3s2 karma

Calgary is a bigger Con than Silicon Valley Comic Con.

Blend_Cota-The_Color2 karma

Good to know, I will have to put it on the list.

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

I have not been to the Calgary Con but Super Hero Fine Art was at Wonder Con last month.

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

My art has been on display at Wonder Con and New York Comic Con but I have not been to the Con in Calgary but it is on my list.

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

Never been to the Calgary Con but I have had my art on display at Wonder Con and New York Comic Con.

Minsc_and_Boo_0 karma

You´re superbly talented, no doubt, but how did you end up fathering two girls, a husband and a couple of hunters at your age?!

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

hard work

[deleted]-1 karma


Blend_Cota-The_Color2 karma

Falemderit shumë!!!

thesecretsofnothing-2 karma

Is it so hard to do original art that you just use some of the biggest characters in the world as "inspiration" (infringement)?

Blend_Cota-The_Color3 karma

I do plenty of original artwork, you can check some of it out at BlendCota.com. Have a great day.

ktlbfam-2 karma

Hi Blend! I’m going to Silicon Valley Comic Con and I’m excited to see you! Are you going to be doing signings?

Blend_Cota-The_Color3 karma

Yes I will be. You can catch me each day painting in the foyer or at booth 1023. Mention that you talked with me on reddit and I will take care of you!

ktlbfam-1 karma

Awesome!!! Thank you! I was just at Wondercon and saw your art there. They said you’d be at SVCC so I waited to get something hoping you’d sign it in Silicon Valley. My favorite painting is your new Superman. It’s sick! Is that Catwoman behind you available yet? I want to get that one too!

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

The Catwomen is sicker than Superman! I can't wait for SVCC late this week... but Catwomen is still being approved by DC and will be out shortly.

Blend_Cota-The_Color1 karma

Which DC character would you like me to paint next?

ktlbfam-1 karma

Very cool! I’ll get Superman at SVCC and Catwoman later then. Do you have a website? Can’t wait to meet you, man! Your work is amazing.

Blend_Cota-The_Color3 karma

I do, you can check out my work at blendcota.com

I can't wait to meet you at SVCC!

HeyitsmeyourOP-5 karma

DC sucks, and Disney art sucks. Any reason we can't be friends?

Blend_Cota-The_Color6 karma

We can be friends, I do much more than just Disney and DC. BlendCota.com