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Being a sci-fan fan, and involved in future tech, have you watched a series called Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex?

My focus is in the realm of IT, specifically cyber security, and I find that a lot of the tech in that show aren't very far off (100 years or so).

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It is worth a watch, and one of my personal favorites.

How would you recommend beginning employment within the defense agencies. I have a fairly extensive IT background (13 years), with the last 7 dealing with enterprise level systems, and will have a Masters degree in cybersecurity by December. Any tips you can pass along beyond USAJobs.gov.;)

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Thank you very much for the advice. I have some friends that work for contractors now that continually try and entice me.:) Once the degree is in hand, I may have to jump on it.

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I love the use of warm and cool colors and the contrast and blending of the two. Have you ever considered trying a painting but only doing it monochromatic, yet with the some complexity of your pieces?

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190-200k?? 19-20k is well below poverty.