It's me again, it's a tradition at this stage! For the new people, my name is Gar and im a pub owner in Dublin, Ireland. Its St. Patrick's day and we are getting ready for one of the busiest days of the year. Ask me anything.

Proof at or @thomashousedub

*I'm going to be on and off this thing all day folks. I may have to take a break to do some work but keep the questions coming and I promise I'll answer all of them. Gar

** I'm currently not at the bar if anyone is dropping in to say hello. I'll be back in later this evening.

*** And we are done for the day. Thanks to everyone for jumping on board this AMA again this year. I'll do my best to keep answering any questions if you keep them coming but it may take a while. See you next year!

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captainfunder5767 karma

You've said that you pretty much hand the city over to tourists today, do you find it strange that St. Patrick's Day is mostly celebrated by people who aren't Irish? I'm in England, and everyone I know seems to be going out tonight to get drunk on Guinness, however for St. George's Day, we maybe put a few flags up.

bombidol7382 karma

It's pretty much just an excuse to get drunk at this stage, whatever it meant originally.

sulkyskeleton4321 karma

How much alcohol do you typically sell on Paddy’s day?

bombidol7801 karma

A legitimate shit ton.

TheQueryWolf513 karma

Alright then. Let's do this. A shit ton. Now, you're Irish, but you said "ton" so, I'll do the math for imperial. Adult fecal matter is about 75% water by weight. A ton is 2000lbs, and of that ton of shit, 25% of it solid by weight, or 500 lbs of dehydrated shit. Beer is anywhere from 90 to 95 percent water by volume, and about 2%-6% alcohol by volume, which means that the solid content in a beer (I'll take the lowest water and highest alcohol content. You are Irish after all) is about 4%. This means that for every pint of beer, there are 0.04 pints of solid material. Unfortunately, the density of the solid matter will vary significantly from beer to beer; It's mostly mineral content; we will have to make due with the density of beer in general. 0.04 pints times 1.05 grams/centimeter cubed is 0.042 grams of solid material per pint. The liquor is either broken down into acetate, and then unrinated out or is exhaled and sweated out. We have a surplus of water, therefore both factors can be ignored. Take our desired 500 lbs, and convert that to kilograms: 226.796 kilos or 226,796 grams. 226,796 divided by the 0.042 grams of solid mass per pint gives us 5,399,904.76 pints of beer to make a literal ton of shit. That's 2,555,107.89 liters of beer. According the price of travel website, a pint of beer in dublin, low end, will run you about 5.56 USD per pint. That's a minimum revenue (not gross) of $30,023,470.47 USD for our friend u/bombidol here.

bombidol222 karma


SupahMonkee3388 karma

Fellow Irishman here, and I have probably the most important question of all: Are ya televising the rugby?

bombidol3424 karma

Absolutely not.

Dean3643222 karma

How's the weather today?

bombidol4684 karma

Shitty. Mix of rain and snow so far.

pulpSC2724 karma

What do people order the most of at your bar on the holiday? Guiness? Do they try and get anything “weird” like a Smirnoff Ice?

bombidol3626 karma

It's mostly guinness and whiskey today. A lot of lager and cider too.

burritomeat2333 karma

What's the earliest anyone's chundered in your Paddy's Day history?

bombidol4478 karma

As the door opens. I saw people puking on the walk to work two hours ago.

Chaosncalculation2196 karma

Do you ever run out of beer? Have you heard of that happening in other bars? If so, what happens?

bombidol2475 karma

Bag up the tap and sell the other stuff!

IUsedAFarcaster1545 karma

First-- Good luck! Hope your day goes well!

Second-- What's the worst thing that's happened? How many people do you estimate you get in on this day? How many do you kick out?

Thanks in advance :)

bombidol2382 karma

I get asked this a lot. Nothing really bad has ever happened on Paddys day here. 99.9% of the people I'll see are tourists who won't want to spend long in one pub. They will grab one or two beers and head off to the next one. I'd say over the course of the day about ten people will be asked to leave and a bunch more will be denied access.

IUsedAFarcaster794 karma

Are tourists generally considered annoying? Or are they okay/nice to have around?

bombidol1655 karma

For the most part they are great to be around. Its interesting to see people's reaction to the city. There's always one or two that are a pain in the arse but generally they are good people.

StrikeMePurple1453 karma

What's the most you have ever seen someone drink?

bombidol3573 karma

A pal of mine drank 36 pints one night. That's the most I've ever seen.

ThatRooksGuy1431 karma

Hope the day goes well for you!

How often do you get Americans in your pub on this day?

bombidol2978 karma

I'd say 70% of the people in the city are Americans right now.

telecoaster1338 karma

Thanks for checking in again this year, man. Hope it's a good day!

Should Guinness be served cold or at room temperature?

Also, what drink should I order in Dublin that is better than Guinness?


bombidol1716 karma

Cold from the tap. Slightly warmer from a bottle. Try O'Haras Stout and Leann Folainn

tempermentalelement1196 karma

How often do you have to deal with people fighting? Have you ever seen a fight get out of hand?

bombidol1725 karma

I think theres been maybe two fights in the seven years I've been here. Never anything too crazy.

dorkheimer1146 karma

Do you think there's enough barbers on Thomas St now?

bombidol1202 karma


invz27996 karma

Good luck! 🍀

One thing I love when traveling is you can always be sure to feel welcome in an Irish pub no matter the city. As a real Irish pub owner what in your opinion is required to make an Irish pub authentic?

bombidol1655 karma

No bells and whistles. Just good staff and good beer.

Norien711801 karma

As an owner of a pub in Ireland, do you actually think Irish beers are the best? What is your preference when/if you decide to drink?

bombidol1465 karma

I think theres some great Irish beers. Personally, Belgian beers are my favourite.

bombidol667 karma

I don't drink that much beer anymore to be honest. Mostly drink Powers whiskey but if I'm having a beer it'll be German or Belgian.

pappaECK671 karma

What was the most bat-shit crazy thing you ever saw a patron do?

bombidol1200 karma

I've seen some insane shit here. People eating dead lizards, pissing on the floor and a bunch more.

LakeButter610 karma

How do you feel when Americans start talking about their Irish ancestors?

bombidol1229 karma

I personally enjoy hearing about it

NowImHereButGone557 karma

I met quite a few guys from Dublin last night here in Amsterdam. Do a good portion of the locals get outta Dodge for the day?

bombidol811 karma

Some do. Most hide at home

KramDa538 karma

How often, if ever, do you partake in drinking with the patrons? You seem like a guy people would want to have a drink with.

Cheers and good luck today!

bombidol1023 karma

Every day.

ThomBraidy471 karma

What's your favorite [traditional Irish] meal? Having anything special for the holiday?

bombidol1209 karma

I just had some grapes. Does that count?

pokinfolks434 karma

I've heard that ordering an Irish car bomb in Ireland would be as offensive as ordering a 9/11 in NYC. I can completely see that logic. Is it an extremely sensitive subject over there, and is it still ordered often?

bombidol723 karma

Depends on the person. It doesn't bother me at all. That shit is delicious.

Jacobflow3r431 karma

Is your favorite color green?

bombidol2010 karma

Whatever colour money is.

slappedchopped397 karma

How many people will black out at your bar on average St Patrick's day?

bombidol616 karma

Very few. Later this evening there will probably be a few people that need to take a walk and get their legs back working

This_Old_Funhouse370 karma

Thank you for everything to do! I loved my time visiting Dublin in the summer of 2017, and I hope to get back there soon. On St. Patrick's Day, who are the worst drunks - the locals, or the tourists?

bombidol711 karma

Most Dublin people avoid the city today, we pretty much hand the town over to the tourists.

BeardedAvenger369 karma

Too hungover to get up and look out the window lad, did the snow we were threatened with ever materialize? Or was Met Éireann just overreacting?

bombidol334 karma

It was snowing this morning. I doubt it will stick around

Dackonaby325 karma

Is there a sense of pride about people all around the world celebrating Ireland today or is it more just seen as something for the outside world? Irish-American asking

bombidol629 karma

Its hard to explain. It's like we share the city with new comers for a few days and turn up the Irish factor to 100%

TyperSniper324 karma

What do you think about the proposals to extend the opening hours for clubs and pubs here in Dublin? Moreso do you think that the early closing hours hinder a lot of our nightlife scene here?

Best of luck today anyway lad, might head up to ya as I have nothing planned!

bombidol565 karma

Our licensing laws are a joke. I think a twelve hour license should be standard with no area having too many bars/clubs that finish at the same time. Also late license applications should be instant, if I'm busy I should be able to press a button on an app to get one instead of going to court to apply for one. It's a disaster here.

mrmcbeer323 karma

Are you a bar owner the rest of the year as well?

bombidol887 karma


FrigateSailor294 karma

Happy St. Patricks day! Still serving that Founders, All Day IPA?

bombidol255 karma


Aad1tya23187 karma

What do you recommend for first time drinkers who came into your bar?

bombidol907 karma

Ten whiskeys.

Bittykitty666169 karma

How many drinks until you cut someone off?

bombidol341 karma

It's different for everyone.

mmm_butters154 karma

Do they still have Beamish over there? Or is it gone now?

bombidol169 karma

It's still around but rare in Dublin

kshucker150 karma

How does an actual Irish person celebrate St. Patrick's day?

Here in America, it's just an excuse to get shit faced because you might be 25% Irish because of your ancestors.

bombidol309 karma

We hide at home

alwayslurkeduntilnow140 karma

How many staff will you have throughout the day? Is it hard to get staff to work the evening shift? Is their a financial incentive for staff to work today?

bombidol217 karma

We will have about six staff on today, staggered throughout.

ninety6days121 karma

I've been out here waiting for a pint for twenty minutes, is there any chance you could put down your phone and grab me 9 pints of guinness and a bag of bacon fries? cheers kid.

bombidol93 karma

Done deal

prex8390101 karma

If i were to come into your pub, What’s a real traditional Irish beer that you would suggest to an American tourist that you might not find in America that you’d recommend. Guinness is in basically every American pub in the country, or is Guinness very popular and the go to beer there as well?

bombidol173 karma

We do a bunch of Irish beers here. Any of the O'Haras or PorterHouse range.

newladygrey98 karma

Love the Thomas House! Have had many’s a good night in there after a Vicar Street gig! Keep up the good work, hope ye have a great Paddy’s :) What time will ye be open til tonight?

bombidol110 karma

Only going til 12.30 tonight

catlvr3424985 karma

I'm reading the questions in an American accent and your replies in an Irish accent. Are you 100% Irish yourself?

bombidol93 karma


the1gordo79 karma

Do you think that there is an unhealthy attitude to alcohol in Ireland? (Note:am Irish)

bombidol178 karma

Absolutely. But it's related to licensing laws.

velvetXeyes77 karma

Is it true a lot of folk leave Ireland on Paddy's Day and go over to the UK to get away from all the tourists?

bombidol200 karma

I don't think so. I think a lot of them just stay at home and hide.

Rasumii69 karma

Is there a drink you serve that is most popular on this day?

bombidol118 karma

Whiskey and Guinness

shutmouth65 karma

I get the idea yours is a rock and roll bar... Will there be any bands playing at your joint tonight?

bombidol238 karma

We have a bunch of Irish punk band tonight

fannymcslap61 karma

Just wanna say I love the Thomas house, from Kildare but anytime I'm in town I make it a mission to head down there for pints. Keep up the great work!

Any famous heads in there regularly? I've seen Dara O'Briain in the area fair regular.

bombidol84 karma

There's a bunch of well known people that drink here but obviously I couldn't name them publicly

nottherealtrumpotus54 karma

What would you do if you found a snake in your bar on this blessed day?

bombidol118 karma

Kiss it

sglville53 karma

What is your fav St. Pats day joke and/or pickup line?

bombidol108 karma

I don't think I've ever heard a Patrick's day joke or pickup line in my life. Tell me.

skanktastik51 karma

Does your pub have live music?

bombidol69 karma

It does indeed

kremerturbo51 karma

Best accompaniment to a pint of Guinness?

bombidol114 karma

Shot of powers

mrmattohyeah49 karma

Are you in city centre? My restaurant in Dundrum is dead so far

bombidol62 karma

We are on Thomas St so pretty close to the action. It's quiet so far.

zealous-panda44 karma

What’s the biggest freak out you’ve seen in your bar?

bombidol157 karma

A dude exploded once.

Timehorn35 karma

Do you have any advice for a fellow barman working in Cork today?

bombidol82 karma

Head down. Don't make eye contact.

ThatWontFit27 karma

If you could visit any other city in the world on St Patrick's day, where would it be and what would you hope to see or not see?

bombidol108 karma

I've been to Chicago and it was fun. Maybe Philly

UMPUMN26 karma

Gar, please, I must know. Was it the Gods of Metal that blessed you with such a facemelting and badass name? Followup question, is your daily driver a dragon?

bombidol77 karma

Odin himself blessed me.

GooGooGajoob6723 karma

I went to Dublin on St Paddy's Day once and didn't really like it (not into crowds), but I could tell it was a great city and would love to try again. Is there a time of year you could recommend with maybe less tourism but also where the cold doesn't hurt your face?

bombidol22 karma

July or August is great

Domen66621 karma

You need any help?

bombidol66 karma

Not right now. You can bring the staff down some food at about 6pm though.

yurie_nater16 karma

Has there been a steady incline of tourists over the years or has it pretty much leveled off at this point? Thanks for the AMA. Keep the tradition going!

bombidol23 karma

More and more every year

draiki1213 karma

I don't know if it's appropriate to ask. What's the spike in sales compared to a regular day?

bombidol56 karma

Between double and quadruple

Plumbum8213 karma

How many liters of beer do you expect to sell today?

bombidol25 karma


dquan_6 karma

Is Gar in Philadelphia here I come ?

bombidol7 karma

I am not.

hurtsdonut_3 karma

Do you serve reuben sandwiches or is that an American pretending to be Irish thing?

bombidol53 karma

I don't even know what that is.

thejoker000072 karma

Has it ever happened that the stock of any one of the liquors has finished in your bar? If yes, what did you do? If no,what will you do if that happens in future?

bombidol5 karma

We have run out of stock on a few occasions, nothing you can do but just keep going and restock asap

boringlyaverage2 karma

How far out in advance do you start preparing? How much more alcohol do you order? Do you anticipate running out?

bombidol3 karma

We should be well stocked for today

helpusobi_12 karma

Do you think that American tourists now carry themselves differently after the Trump election? Like do you see more/fewer people in red/white/blue garb than a few years ago?

bombidol4 karma

Same as always. Crazy trump mericans don't seem to leave murica

NPendragon2 karma

Do you enjoy eating corned beef? Is it considered heretical in Ireland if you don’t?

Also, is it true that the rainbow always ends in Ireland?

Thanks in advance!

bombidol20 karma

I haven't eaten meat in 25 years but its popular enough over here I believe

MacanDearg2 karma

My friend is working at a pub in Dublin. Though he's not pulling pints, he's still in for one hell of a ride. What should he expect or be careful about today?

bombidol2 karma

Eyes on the back of your head.

Sabre90371 karma

What Irish sorcery makes Bulmers taste 1000% better than Magners?

bombidol1 karma


astaticjustin1 karma

Are IPAs popular over in that side of the world?

bombidol1 karma

Big time

zaboomafu1 karma

Hello! I am coming to Ireland in two weeks with my family. We’re very excited. I hate to admit it, but I am not (yet) a fan of Guinness or Jameson. I prefer vodka,rum, or light beers. Is a “vodka soda” (vodka, water with gas, and lime) a thing there? Should I call it something else? Thank you!!

bombidol1 karma

That's exactly what you'd call it when you order it. Just ask for some light beers. Here's plenty of rums here to choose from.

nwrcj901 karma

Are there any people you absolutely won't let in your bar? Are "refugees" problematic?

bombidol1 karma


Bunkerhillbilly1 karma

Do you do “Irish Car Bombs” and do you call them something different?

bombidol2 karma

We do em

Fmy9251 karma

Do you serve pickle backs at your bar?

bombidol2 karma


Marko_Lamont1 karma

How much more does a pub make on paddy’s day to a normal Saturday?

Hope it isn’t too mental!

bombidol1 karma

It depends. I've done quadruple my regular take. This year, I dunno. It seems quieter out.

pbj9861 karma

My ex lives in Dundalk and got so drunk last year she missed work the next day and got canned. Is that considered an embarrassment by her fellow Irish, or do some get just as drunk on this holiday?

bombidol2 karma

No one should be so drunk as to miss work!

Geoffpecar1 karma

Do a lot of tourists tell you/the staff about their ancestors (especially today)? I don’t like to be “that guy” but I’m American with Irish ancestors who came here a long time ago, which i think is interesting but i don’t make a huge deal of it or anything

bombidol1 karma

Honestly I enjoy hearing about it

Niccooni1 karma

Hello! I just poured and drank my first Guinness but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d have liked. Is it more of an acquired taste?

bombidol1 karma

You will grow to love it

NathMBurt0 karma

Do you put green paint in the beer to turn it green?

bombidol1 karma

Fuck no

asd2410 karma

Hi there - New Yorker here (in Dublin). Didn’t know what hurling was until yesterday. Apparently a big match this afternoon at Croke Park. I kind of want to go - if I do what can I expect? Will they serve beer at the stadium? Is there assigned seating or do you just kind of get a section and squeeze in?I’m not huge into parades as I’ve had my fair share being both from NYC and having lots of family in New Orleans. Any other recommendations?

bombidol1 karma

Assigned seating and they sell beer yeah.