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Damn. I just looked up this guys story and he was straight up minding his own business no where even close to the scene of the crime. This shit could happen to anybody.

Ricky became the lead suspect in the case after an anonymous tip came in naming him as one of the killers; evidence suggests this phone tip may have been called in by one of the actual perpetrators. Ricky had what should have been an airtight alibi for the crime: he was at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Lake Jacomo Office at the time of the murders, filling out an application for a gun permit.


It could have easily been somebody that really didn’t like him and decided to say he was one of the killers. Just crazy to think that I could be doing my thing and then before I know it, I’m serving a life sentence and have no fucking clue what is going on.

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As a navy veteran (hospital corpsman), this is my favorite answer in here.

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How does an actual Irish person celebrate St. Patrick's day?

Here in America, it's just an excuse to get shit faced because you might be 25% Irish because of your ancestors.

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Was your speech devlopment delayed? I really don’t know how else to ask it. Did you not learn how to speak as early as other kids because your parents weren’t able to speak/teach you how to talk?

Never fucking mind. I should probably read the post before I ask a question. Literally #1 on your list.

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