Hey Redditors, My name is Sean Riley Smith and I am the actor who plays the long haired model in the Geico Making a Masterpiece commercial, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Nfwct0IeMg. I have had several hilarious comments and questions revolving around my look, background, doppelgängers, and career. Some friends have suggested an AMA for the hell of it, so here I am. For more pics and to follow my youtube is Sean Riley Smith and Instagram @seanrileysmith, https://www.instagram.com/seanrileysmith/

Ask Me Anything!!!!!

My Proof: https://imgur.com/jOQHRp2

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eastriverdriveII30 karma

Do you view Flo from Progressive as a friend or foe?

seanrileysmith25 karma

Haha only respect for Flo, we've actually been through the same acting school so I can't hate. Maybe she'll switch to Geico at some point

a_giant_fan10 karma

It WOULD save her 15% or more on her car insurance if she did, so that makes sense.

seanrileysmith6 karma

Exactly, so why not!

Nitsua220 karma

You used to train me at Excel in St. Louis, what made you decide to switch to acting or were you starting your acting career as you were still at Excel?

seanrileysmith15 karma

haha That's so awesome! So a former Excel client of mine sent some FB pics to a designer/agent in StL and a week later I was modeling.So I modeled for a month or so while still at Excel before moving on to another day job. As the market there is rather small, I tried acting as an additional route to grow and absolutely loved it. After training in StL for a few months under a few private instructors and group classes I knew that I had found a passion of mine and made the decision to leave StL for a larger opportunities.

antwanrockamora9 karma


seanrileysmith6 karma

And now you know my character type lmao :D

Nitsua22 karma

That’s cool dude! Best of luck with the acting!

seanrileysmith3 karma

Thank you so much!!

apanzerj6 karma

Microsoft Excel?

seanrileysmith6 karma

Lol, Apple only. And Excel was/is a sports training facility in St. Louis, Missouri.

melik2et11 karma

So do your friends call you Sean Riley? Sean? Riley? SR? Señor? Also, I have an uncle named Riley Smith who is an insurance agent in Oklahoma. Weird.
He's pretty much bald.

seanrileysmith6 karma

Excellent question! The majority of my friends call me either Big Sean or Thor. I would say I'm rarely just called Sean, there always seems to be some sort of nickname or prefix attached.

squishynurse8 karma

What’s your favorite kind of cheese 🧀?

seanrileysmith8 karma

Parmigiano Reggiano by far! That paired with a balsamic reduction is phenomenal. I've actually made my own but Whole Foods makes it far easier for timeliness.

aadrvarklove7 karma

When you leaned out of the picture, was the other you in the background green-screen or an actual photo?

seanrileysmith11 karma

It was actually my twin lol. No they took separate takes and then spliced them together. So I really was leaning out, as well as sitting still in the background, just in separate instances.

AskMeAboutMySmell6 karma

What is your perfect type of sandwich?

Do you rinse and repeat? How many repeats?

seanrileysmith4 karma

Does pizza count as a sandwich? Any sandwich that has a pretzel bun!

Wash twice a week, rinse repeat 3x. Unorthodox but valiant in its own right

AskMeAboutMySmell4 karma

Pizza can count as sandwich! I respect that choice.

You have excellent hair.

seanrileysmith6 karma

haha Thank you so much! And definitely pizza of all kinds. Shoutout to Imo's St. Louis style but also into Chicago and NY style. Obsessive about pizza really

another19562 karma

Imo’s? A shout out to the Lou? Are you from the St Louis area?

seanrileysmith4 karma

Yes I am! Born and raised in West County and spent a few post college years in the CWE

ChristyCMC2 karma

Shout out to Zia's on The Hill, too!

seanrileysmith1 karma

I haven't been there, but will give it a shot next time. I'm also a fan of Charlie Gitto's

redditaccountant2 karma

Ew, no Imo's cracker and wax 'cheese' pizza is terrible.

Even Pizza Hut is better...

The_Unknown_Author6 karma

How did you get acting jobs? I'd love to be an actress but it's hard where I'm from.

seanrileysmith5 karma

I have an agent that receives and submits to castings that fit my profile. If I am asked to audition then I go to their studio to audition. From there you have callbacks and sometimes second callbacks and after that hope you get selected. It can be difficult to find work in a small market, however you can always be practicing your craft and readying yourself until you are ready to move to a larger market.

The_Unknown_Author2 karma

Thank you. There are no agencies where I live... Maybe I try taping myself.

seanrileysmith4 karma

Absolutely! And yes, do anything you can to always be improving your skillset.

BeeGravy5 karma

Maybe too personal, but I've always wondered; do actors in commercials or like background extras make enough money to live off of? Like can you have a career just acting in limited capacity, or is it just extra money, or is it in hopes of getting discovered and cast in bigger things?

Thanks for your time.

seanrileysmith5 karma

You’re welcome, and thanks for the question! It’s a career that is always a work in progress. One commercial is not enough to live off of but at the same time most actors who are realistic with goals and timelines understand that. Most have “survival jobs” (bartending, waiting tables, barista, etc.) to help financially.

On the other side of that are career working actors who you’ve never heard of but continually book tv shows, commercials and film who are able to sustain themselves solely on acting. As well as acting several of my friends and colleagues are also writers, directors, and producers. It enables a person to have more than one stream of opportunity both artistically and financially.

It’s an industry that takes constant work as I’m sure you’ve read about and seen as far as being able to sustain it by itself as well as those who lose all success overnight for various reasons.

Hope that answers your question!

BeeGravy2 karma

Thanks for the answer and yes, it sufficiently answered my original question.

Well good luck in your endeavors, hope you find the success in the acting field that you are looking for.

Actually one last question, it's kind of a loaded question tho: how hard is it to break into the acting field, like getting a role in a commercial even, do you just have an agent that is looking for all possible gigs? Or do you have like a portfolio that's out there like a resume? Or just show up for an audition type situation?

seanrileysmith1 karma

Put simply, yes. I have a resume, pics, reels that my agent uses to send to casting directors that fits roles that I could potentially play. From there you audition for that commercial/show/film and brought back selected depending on what they are looking for.

Sandralalala4 karma

In the commercial you look massive and delicious .. how tall are you? Are you in fact massive .. and delicious?

seanrileysmith12 karma

I am massive! 6'5, and 270 currently, I'll leave the delicious part up to those wild imaginations out there...fwiw I officially started my career as a romance cover model

EDIT: Pic Added https://imgur.com/hFC5NDb

Sandralalala2 karma

This is everything I wanted a more !!!!

seanrileysmith2 karma

Haha glad you enjoy that, there’s about 150 of those if you search online hard enough

forcedpleasure4 karma

lol why are you so hot?!

seanrileysmith4 karma

lol I was blessed by the Nordic Gods I suppose

StevenCai693 karma

Do u think geico is annoying?

seanrileysmith5 karma

Not at all. I absolutely love comedy in all forms...satirical, dark humor, dry, etc. So to me most commercials or shows people perceive to be dumb, goofy or ridiculous I find to be hilarious. And extremely clever writing on a lot of commercials as well.

-Insert_user_name-3 karma

What's your favorite commercial?

seanrileysmith8 karma

The Old Spice man your man should be commercial. I used to do this monologue for fun because I thought the commercial was so random and hilarious. Anything highly comedic is my thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE

SpicyTree133 karma

Favourite kind of chocolate?

seanrileysmith6 karma

Id have to go with the Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered almonds with the sea salt and crazy magic sugar stuff. That or those dark chocolate covered açaí berries

Aquaman78272 karma

If you and Flo got married, how would that impact the insurance industry? Would there be a collapse? Would my rates go up?

seanrileysmith1 karma

It would definitely shake things up, but collapse? I think not, only add to the power behind the insurance industry thus reducing your rates even more lol

Anyoung22 karma

Where is the best place to eat in StL?

seanrileysmith2 karma

Wow that’s a tough one, and I’m slightly removed from the food scene but have a few favorites every time I go back. Imo’s for pizza and toasted ravs, Bar Louie just because its near my old stomping grounds, Three-Sixty bc of the view and atmosphere and then Rigazzi’s on The Hill before a Blues game!

Anyoung22 karma

Thanks for answering my question!

Imo's does he the best T-ravs. I'll have to give Rigazzi's a try.

Do you have a favorite bar?

seanrileysmith2 karma

Yes, my Two favorites are Molly’s in Soulard and Wheelhouse Downtown. A new favorite last time I was back was Start Bar. A cool eclectic place with great music and arcade games

Anyoung22 karma

Ahh fine choices indeed! Glad to see a St. Louisian doing so well! Keep up the good work and best of luck! I hope to see you more!

seanrileysmith1 karma

Thank you so much!

PattyC4k3s2 karma

Why do you look like a completely different person in your picture and in the video?

seanrileysmith2 karma

More than likely lighting, longer beard now and I weigh about 20 pounds less than I did in the vid

liuthail2 karma

What’s your natural hair color? I’m assuming it’s dark and you don’t dye your beard?

(you’re super hot, thanks for doing this)

seanrileysmith2 karma

Haha thank you! I have been on reddit for years as an anon and always enjoyed AMAs so I thought it’d be fun.
My natural hair color is actually blonde, however my beard and eyebrows are dark. I dont dye any of it and I still have virgin hair. In the summer sun it gets really light. My heritage is of norwegian and northern german descent, and I believe that’s where genetically the two tone comes from.

Mister-guy2 karma

How do you maintain that fabulous mane of hair?

seanrileysmith5 karma

Very little in fact. A few washes a week, let it air dry and flow. All about low maintenance!

Mister-guy3 karma

What you washing that hair with man? Will it make me attractive?

seanrileysmith6 karma

Garnier Avocado infused is the way to go, and YES, it will absolutely make you attractive!

eastriverdriveII1 karma

serious question, if you were out at a fancy Hollywood club with the Geico Gecko, which one of you do you think would get more phone numbers?

seanrileysmith7 karma

He would easily! Have you seen how Suave he is!?