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Cold, hard, reality, folks.

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Maybe this is more of a modern day fixation, but if the people not fighting help win the war just as much as those fighting, why do so many lie about their service? Maybe in WWII era people were more proud of what they did do, versus feeling the need to make up stories to seem "cool" to others?

I mean I never encounter modern vets who are motor T or admin, they're all snipers or rangers or SF, at that rate there must be just tens of thousands of snipers and rangers in the Army, and no "boring" jobs.

And not taking away anything the folks not fighting did, you're right, a war cannot be won by infantry alone, but every other job exists solely to support the infantry in their tasks.

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I'm a vet too, and like I said, I've never encountered a POG vet, everyone is special ops something or a sniper, everyone has COD style stories. Like come on, I was Marine infantry in 05 in the worst AO, I know you're lying.

It's like, if you didnt serve, that's totally ok. If you served and sat in a AC office all day or pumped fuel, that's fine too, I just dont get the lying. I mean I get it, people want acclaim and to feel badass even if they're not, but I dont see how making up stories really does anything? You'll get called out eventually.

I think it was war becoming "cool" via video games that really pushed it over the top. Nobody wanted to admit they werent doing badass missions and shooting down hundreds of enemies.

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Maybe too personal, but I've always wondered; do actors in commercials or like background extras make enough money to live off of? Like can you have a career just acting in limited capacity, or is it just extra money, or is it in hopes of getting discovered and cast in bigger things?

Thanks for your time.

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"Special operations" run by like OSS and other national intel agencies, and other daring raids had profound effects on the war... destroying German heavy water labs, securing the enigma machine, etc.

There were still rangers, and raiders, various 1 off small specialized units. If anything it seems itd be easier to lie about being involved in something like that in WWII than now... must come down to the people, they didnt want recognition or accolades, they dud their jobs and won the war and came home and there wasn't a ton in various ever present media to compare to, now with video games and blockbuster movies, people feel they have to embellish or what was the point? No it wasnt like COD especially for 90% of the military, but nobody needs to know that...