Oh hai there. As the title says, my name is Abubakar and I do both the voice and motion capture for Bayek of Siwa in Assassins Creed: Origins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScG81dZnGqQ&t

I'm also going to be in the latest series of Jamestown, which will be airing on Sky One and NOW TV this Friday @ 9PM - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgUbTewPBqQ

For one more day, I'm also raising funds for Cancer Research. More info through this link - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/abu-birthday-love

Finally, my favourite Pokemon is Metagross.

PROOF: https://www.instagram.com/p/Be3iF79FKfz/

UPDATE: THAT WAS EPIC!! Thank you all for the questions. Both personal and professional. This has been a blast and I'm sure I'll see you all again. But hey, you wanna ask any more, just fire it at me on either my:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abzysalim/ OR Twitter: https://twitter.com/Abzybabzy


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carlosconde23169 karma

Would you 100% say yes if you ever get contacted to re-voice Bayek in one of his sequels (if he ever gets one fingers crossed) or as any other character in the future of Assassin's Creed?

AbzyBabzySalim242 karma

Absolutely. Gimme gimme gimme.

VTHUT142 karma

What was your favourite line to deliver?

AbzyBabzySalim590 karma

Ancient writing....from the old kingdom.

carlosconde23112 karma

"Sleep? I never sleep. I just wait. In the shadows. And I will kill you all. Everyone who sniffed the air that day in Siwa." and the rest of that scene was definitely one of the best intros to a videogame protagonist ever in my honest opinion and one the best in Origins.

What about you Mr. Bayek? what was your favorite scene in Origins, especifically the one you had the most pleasure of voicing?

AbzyBabzySalim130 karma

That intro scene was definitely a lot of fun...as was the whole Medunamun sequence and also The Lion.

And playing opposite Tristan as Taharqa. DAMN can that man act.

alike03111 karma

I found it weird that Bayek said nothing or showed no amazement when a message from First Civilization started to play. Was this part not planned? Did Ubisoft put it afterwards?

AbzyBabzySalim265 karma

RIGHT?!? Even I was like "Why the feck did I not say anything?!"

I don't know why that was, but just so you know, in Bayek's head, all he is saying is "WHAAAAAT DID I JUST SMOKE?!?!"

JustOkCaiters105 karma

  1. What precautions do you take to keep your voice healthy when acting such a high intensity character as Bayek?

  2. Roughly how many times have you said "I am Bayek of Siwa"?

AbzyBabzySalim238 karma

  1. Honey, tea and lemon. Not going to noisy venues and shouting a lot. And sleep...LOTS of sleep. The more I did the voice, the more I got used to it.

  2. Every night before I sleep and first thing in the morning.

qwert122595 karma

What do you think about gerreh and his precision being so high all the time?

AbzyBabzySalim151 karma

Shit giving is Gerrehs Job. You liiiiiiike?

Blueking64093 karma

Will Siwa never know peace?

AbzyBabzySalim219 karma


HisWharf85 karma

Are there any other video game franchises you would like to do voice work for?

AbzyBabzySalim195 karma

ALL OF THEM. No lie. If the story I feel is powerful and something I want to tell, I'll do it. From Rockstar and Naughty Dog, to indie games as small as ones for apps.

mang26385 karma

What does Ashraf Ismail smell like?

AbzyBabzySalim257 karma

Like the Old Kingdom.

J-Debstup196 karma

Hello, ladies. Look at your man, now back to Ash, now back at your man, now back to Ash. Sadly, he isn’t Ash, but if he stopped using Ptolemy's scented body wash and switched to Old Kingdom, he could smell like he’s Ash. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a felucca with the Ash your man could smell like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s Senu with two tickets to that Gladiator fight you love. Look again, the tickets are now Carbon Crystals. Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Kingdom and not a Ptolemy. I’m on a camel.

AbzyBabzySalim110 karma

Have my soul.

J-Debstup56 karma

That's alright, I'll leave your soul for Apep.

AbzyBabzySalim54 karma

Oh my god. Your servant eternally.

AlexSousa81 karma

Fantastic job with Bayek, Abubakar! Now...

What's your favorite character in Assassin's Creed Origins (besides Bayek, of course)?

And... How Diocles is faring?

AbzyBabzySalim116 karma

I think there is a lot of Mileage in Khaliset...She's just like Bayek, but went the opposite way.

Diocles head is hanging from my wall right now. Don't ask about him.

Turul979 karma

From /u/blanks56

Would you take up Cleopatra’s offer for a night with her, only to be executed in the morning? It’s the toughest decision in the game.

AbzyBabzySalim186 karma

Aya offers more. Like...waaaaaay more.

protectbabysif63 karma

Hey Abu! Great work on the VA, you really nailed a really emotional performance that makes Bayek stand out from previous Assassins in the series.

I want to ask, can you shed some more insight into Bayek's personality? Perhaps a more darker side to him that his interactions with people didn't portray? I feel like he has more to him than what the game really showed due to the weight he carried during his quest for revenge.

AbzyBabzySalim136 karma

Bayek is a man whose journey, I feel, is incredibly selfish. His motives to help people are all to help that certain someone pass with ease. He knows his actions are wrong to a certain extent, but there is a deep lust for the revenge that he actually can't help himself. There is a lot more going on in that final scene between him and The Lion when he says "I can't do it." SO THOSE SIDE QUESTS are simply to help balance his (AND THAT CERTAIN SOMEONES) Ka at the end of it all.

I don't wanna go too much into spoiler territory...but look at it this way:

Bayek is a Medjay to nobody, so who is he now Medjay too? He's helping so many people, yet killing so many as well...who is this guy serving? It's not Cleo, cause Cleo is just a way in.

It's himself and that certain someone.

RealAlixWiltonRegan61 karma

Can you please confirm that Alix Wilton Regan is the best actor and the most wonderful human you have ever worked with and that you feel very VERY lucky to know her?

AbzyBabzySalim66 karma

Alix deserves the world. The universe, stars and all existence. My life, being and every breath I take is for each step she takes in this world.

iamwntr58 karma

Greetings Neb, what did you do to develop your accent for Bayek? Or was it just something you could instantly do?

AbzyBabzySalim111 karma

When I entered the audition, I based the accent off my father and Adewale. When it came to working on the actual project, Ubisoft had a team on it as well as a dialect coach.

Turul952 karma

From /u/Dark_Chris_6

If you could choose where will Bayek go next, which location would it be? Rome? Greece? Judea?

AbzyBabzySalim138 karma

Judea. Would love to meet Jesus and say that he's a very naughty boy.

loko48750 karma

What is your favorite line from Bayek? My personal favorite is when he is on fire and goes: "Go out damn you!"

AbzyBabzySalim106 karma

I think I've already answered this but I have to say, the voice director at the time was like "Make noises as if you are on fire." and made me go on for about 15 minutes...

I'd say the last 30 seconds of that 15 minutes were used because I began talking to the fire xD

Treviso46 karma

Hi Abubakar!
While recording your lines for Assassin's Creed Origins, were there any lines that were particularly difficult to perform? What was your favourite part about playing Bayek? And, do you think Bayek will return in a future game?

P.S. What is your favourite AC community project?

AbzyBabzySalim89 karma

The hardest line was telling Aya she "Smells like the Sea." simply because everytime I said it, Alix Wilton Regan and Zora Bishop would burst out laughing...so I really struggled with that line for...reasons.

I loved every part of playing Bayek. It was so much fun.

I have no idea :D

cawatrooper940 karma

Absolutely love your work in AC Origins- you brought a lot of depth to Bayek’s character. Thanks for doing this!

While recording, were there ever any lines that looked good on paper, but just came across as awkward or anachronistic when you read them out loud? Did this ever cause any lines to be cut or changed?

AbzyBabzySalim75 karma

I hated "Shit giving is my Job" for ages. I remember going up to Alain, the writer, and being like "Bro. This line. Why?" but funnily enough, it's now one of my weirdly favourite lines xD

There was a lot of lines that were chopped and changed just for clarity of delivery :)

Turul940 karma

Hey Abu, it's me Dylan!

Aya and Bayek mention the Creed a lot in Origins, but its never clear what the Creed is, and why the now believe in it, what is the Creed to them, and why is it their new creed?

One of the best performances in all of games! thanks man!

AbzyBabzySalim81 karma

DYLAN YOU SON OF A GUN! I'm gonna get back to this.


Bayek and Aya's "Creed" is to defend those who can not defend themselves from powers more powerful than them that abuse their power. Thats the short of it. But why do they believe in it now? Because it's the perfect excuse to continue their "blood poetry". I think both Aya and Bayek are incredibly blood thirsty because of the trauma they have experienced...and whats the best way of exercising that lust than disguising it as a cause.

Yes, they do want peace and good in the world...but their "Creed" doesn't really say peacefully does it xD

Turul938 karma

From /u/ACreedComment

What does he think about Bayek and his relationship with Aya ? Through his voice, the player tried to know what Bayek felt. What was the most difficult scenes/ cutscenes to act, according to you?

AbzyBabzySalim76 karma

I think Bayek loves Aya with all his being because 1. She's brilliant and 2. She gave him something which he would turn the world inside out for: Khemu

I think he learns the hard way that his relationship with Aya becomes Toxic, but that doesn't stop him. I think he enjoys that.

The hardest scene was the flashback. Jesus...

SparkedSynapse35 karma

What's your favorite playstyle in Assassin's Creed Origins? How do you like to play Bayek, what does your Bayek do to approach his objectives? :D

Additionally, how do you feel about the Present Day and Isu narrative layers in Assassin's Creed? You've been a huge fan of the franchise for a while, so surely you have an opinion on this! :D

AbzyBabzySalim60 karma

Warrior through and through. Headshot the fodder and slash the brutes with my Blades of Thoth. With pleasure.

EricT5934 karma

So one time I had you do a leap of faith but there was nothing there to land on so you died.

That really sucked why did you let me do that?

AbzyBabzySalim59 karma

Because Gerreh told me to.

wiggiwoo31 karma

Hi! First off: You did a great job being Bayek. He is my favourite protagonist in an AC game. Here's some questions

1) Who is your favourite AC character apart from/if not Bayek?

2) Do you know what the famous «high position garreth» line means?

3) Where are the ancient writings from?

AbzyBabzySalim82 karma


1) Every time I'm asked this it changes from Edward, Ezio and Connor, depending on my mood at the time. I think these guys have graced my life at a time which I felt the most open.

2) Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

3) The ancient writings are an underrated gem from the combat system.

BosnianSuperman30 karma

Did you have to get yourself into a certain mindset when playing Bayek? I know some actors take their roles seriously, such as Mark Hamill when he performs Joker, he will walk around and stand up recording his lines, doing various hand motions and an evil smile, did you do anything to this extent, or was it fairly straightforward?

AbzyBabzySalim58 karma

If the world saw my prep for Bayek, I think I would be sectioned...Music is my way in. I listened to a lot of Sarahs (Sarah Schachner) stuff to get into character. I would also hum a tune my father used to sing me as a child to go REALLY DEEP.

EnricoV_0729 karma

Are you often active in AC subreddit? What do you think about it?

AbzyBabzySalim101 karma

It's ritual for me now, every morning, to look at the AC subreddit and read it like the paper over breakfast xD

QwertyKeyboard6727 karma

First of all I think you did a really fantastic job and I think Bayek deserves at least one more reprisal as protagonist. Thanks for doing the AMA! Now on to the questions

1)AC Origins has some pretty memorable moments in terms of story. With many twists both in the main story and side quests. spoiler Were you ever surprised at the route they took in writing?

2)Assassin’s Creed undoubtedly has thought and care put into writing of the characters. When did you realize that the project you were working on was huge and mainstream, and due to the story and protagonists being so beloved by the fan base, that you were a central part of it?

3)How was it working with Ashraf Ismail and how directly did you work with him?

4)How aware of the Assassin’s Creed franchise were you before you got this role? Do you play video games?

5)Do you feel that it’s a little easier to do your job because of the good writing?

AbzyBabzySalim58 karma

THANKS! Bayek is a creation of the writers, designers, and animators so they all deserve the praise!

1) Yeah, the writing wasn't what I was expecting from an Assassins game. It was daring, crazy and took risks. I loved this. From the creation of the creed to even the ritual of the ring finger. I loved it.

2) Second round of my audition. It took my breath away when they revealed that it was AC, simply because I love the series and know how inspirational a main character in a video game can be.

3) Ash is a blessing. A force and a beautiful man. I would work with him again in a HEARTBEAT

4) I played from the first Assassins Creed so VERY aware

5) Honestly, film, theatre, TV...any medium is heavily down to it's writing. If it's good, it works. If it sucks....well.

KogerOnControls26 karma

Will Siwa never know peace?

AbzyBabzySalim53 karma

Not until all those that sniffed the air that day meet my blades.

Turul925 karma

From /u/neurotoxiny

What was his favorite moment from behind the scenes while working on the game? In other words, what is his most cherished memory from working on the game?

AbzyBabzySalim37 karma

Meeting the people who make the video games. Bloody hell....the love and passion. Changed my life.

Ryonyx23 karma

So hello good man. How are you? :)

AbzyBabzySalim39 karma

Terrible. I am terrible. Excited for whats to come :D

Ryonyx11 karma

you got me there haha xD. nice to hear that! i'm also really excited :). what do you think about the german voice actor for bayek? :)

AbzyBabzySalim14 karma

Never heard him yet. I will now.

ArousedSpongeBob23 karma

How does it feel to voice act the greatest assassin ever?

AbzyBabzySalim40 karma

I mean...thank you. A blessing and honour. Thank you.

Chariflame22 karma

Hi Abu! What's your favourite kind of dessert?

AbzyBabzySalim45 karma

Dark Chocolate and Strawberries.

guiltyspark00422 karma

Hey abubakar!

Me and my girlfriend are great fans of your work in origins! We'd just like to know, what part in the recording did you find the most awkward or difficult?

I can't help but imagine making the grunts for when Bayek is climbing to be easy to get realistic when in a booth!

AbzyBabzySalim64 karma

The most awkward moment was recording all the kissing noises in a booth on my own. Next time, I might get Alain to help me...

LOLmouseLOL22 karma

What personality trait do you think that you and Bayek have in common?

Also, you have a wicked voice that fit very well for Bayek!

AbzyBabzySalim33 karma

Stubborness. Both incredibly stubborn xD

suh_dude_crossfire21 karma

What was it like using the mocap suits compared to actually acting on a set in a tv series, and do plan on expanding into other video game franchises as a VA? I love the character of Bayek and you truly brought him to life!

AbzyBabzySalim41 karma

Thanks Bud :D

Mocap suits are hilarious. They leave nothing for the imagination, are uncomfortable and even though it's Lycra, you do not feel like a superhero AT ALL. Having said that though, It was incredibly liberating because I solely had to rely on my imagination which made the element of play so much more fun than it would have been for TV and Film.

Other video games...bring it.

Shadow_Markuz21 karma

Hey Abu! I wanted to congratulate you on the amazing job you did on Assassin's Creed Origins, Bayek is one of the most human main characters of the entire franchise if not THE most human :D

One of the things that happens in the AC community after a new game is released is the "memefication" of some of the lines of the game. Like "Ancient writings, from the Old Kingdom" :D

How frequently did you actors discuss with the writing team the reception of the script / dialogues of the game by the community?

AbzyBabzySalim34 karma

A LOT. I'm a gamer and my gaming life really grew with online gameplay so I was super aware of lines that may become meme's or ones that would haunt my life. So this excited me xD

ClaudioACSy18 karma

Hello Abubakar, First of all, I want to thank you again for your astonishing performance !!! You've embodied Bayek with perfection !!! A little question, could you please tell us what has been the most moving moment of all the process ?

AbzyBabzySalim26 karma

The most moving process was actually behind the scenes and working with the Ubisoft team in Montreal. Beautiful people full of love and passion.

Also Hi Claudio. You're awesome.

Turul918 karma

From /u/MrMeeseeks

What was your favorite part or line in voicing Bayek?

AbzyBabzySalim59 karma

OK I'll be real - For me its that Intro between Bayek and The Heron. Because we had to reshoot that so many times, the anger came out very well :P

But TRUTH: Ancient writings...from the Old KiNgDOm

DarkLordAwesome18 karma

How did you and the team at Ubisoft arrive at the accent used for Ancient Egyptian?

Also, just wanted to say I never wear outfits in the game with masks, because they muffle your voice, and I can't have that. You killed it. As Assassins tend to do.

AbzyBabzySalim24 karma

We had a dialect coach as well as a historian to help on accent basis. but because there was no recordings of ancient Egyptians, we had to be...creative ;)

Taranis-5517 karma

Hi, Abubakar. First off, I want to congratulate you on the success of the game and your performance as Bayek. I thought you gave one of the best performances in the series.

Secondly, can you give an insight into the connection between Bayek and Senu? This has been something that some fans have been wondering about.

AbzyBabzySalim23 karma

I think it's very similar to the way Mongolian hunters would use Eagles! I think they are both deeply connected to one another which makes them a dangerous pair.

EnricoV_0717 karma

Where is "be my eyes Senu" line?

AbzyBabzySalim30 karma

In your soul. Can you feel it?

EnricoV_0716 karma

Do you like Reeda and the actor who played as him?

AbzyBabzySalim51 karma

That son of a gun still owes me the Mummy outfit. I've been doing SO MANY ERRANDS FOR HIM.

liamquane15 karma

I know this may be a ubiquitous question but...thoughts on Brexit?

AbzyBabzySalim72 karma

Oh man. Brexit... To be honest, I see it as an abuse of power and the campaign was full of lies and false promises.

My opinion, we are all better playing on the SAME TEAM. Why divide? For money? Power? Pride? Fuck off.

The wolves weapon is not their teeth or claws, it's them being in a pack.

InsertUsernameHere3214 karma

What’s your favorite thing to do in AC: Origins? Thanks for voicing Bayek and bringing such an amazing character to life. I love your work.


AbzyBabzySalim37 karma

Going into Siwa as a Level 45 Bayek and getting all the Guards in the temple to follow me, and just causing so much havoc.

Propat46013 karma

Bayek's relationship with Aya was very layered and nuanced and a great look at how a marriage can fall apart due to the loss of a child. How did you approach this relationship acting wise? Did you have to do research into this topic or did you pull from any experiences in your own personal life?

AbzyBabzySalim26 karma

Experience from my own life. Grief is a very personal beast that I've had to face many a time. To finally challenge and face it in this project was...interesting to say the least.

Turul913 karma

Hey Abu,

It's often said Bayek is the founder of the Brotherhood, but Aya does a lot of the heavy lifting?

Who is the founder in your eyes? Aya? Bayek? Both?

AbzyBabzySalim33 karma

I think Aya really is the creator and founder. Bayek just helps her. She forms the Brotherhood.

cawatrooper913 karma

I love reading your tweets about your mother watching you play Origins. They're so funny!

Has she started her own save file yet?

AbzyBabzySalim29 karma

Hahaha YES!

She got as far as the bodyguard of Rudjek and threw my controller :/

DontCryBaby__12 karma

What kind of writing that were from the old kingdom?

AbzyBabzySalim36 karma

Ancient. Fucking Ancient.

qwert122512 karma

How often do you browse the assassins creed subreddit?

AbzyBabzySalim39 karma

I know you qwert. I know all your shitposts. Don't think I don't know who you are.

I got your number.

datlinus12 karma

Are you aware that your voice is absolutely amazing? Bayek is one menacing motherfucker.

AbzyBabzySalim11 karma

Hahaha Merci, Merci.

squeevey12 karma

Hey Abubakar, great work! It's been a fun game to play.

How did you get started in VO, and MOCAP?

Also, because I've not googled you - where are you from? Can you tell us a bit about yourself (e.g. what do you love to do?, What is an important piece of routine in your life? etc)?

AbzyBabzySalim41 karma


I just fell into it to be honest with you. It was a medium of storytelling which I wanted to do and the Universe blessed me with that opportunity.

I'm from a working class family in Hertfordshire. My mother was a Carer and my father was a software engineer for Xerox before he was made redundant. I'm black and growing up was tough due to the racism from not only the area I lived in, but also from school.

My love for acting came by accident and was the one thing I felt that I didn't have the weight of my skin colour on me. The moment I realised I could do this as a career was after playing Satan in a physical theatre piece I did for my secondary school and someone said "You could do this professionally."

I've faced so many trials and obstacles and hardships: from losing my father at a young age, my brother....thinking that my love life was concrete to learn it was sick and brittle but now in a place where I feel in control.

Important routine at the moment is Muay Thai and friends.

ShoeUnit12 karma

Did you learn anything about Ancient Egypt while working on this game?

AbzyBabzySalim25 karma

That women had a lot more say than we think they did! Which is awesome!!

Marianations11 karma

I have a couple questions for you, if you don't mind!

-What's your favourite thing about Bayek?

-What was your most memorable moment while working on AC Origins?

Btw, thank you for taking your time to talk to us! I've just gotten a PS4 so I'll be able to play Origins very soon, but I've already seen your work. You did a fantastic job, and I'm very grateful for that! Thank you :)

AbzyBabzySalim21 karma

I enjoy Bayeks torment. As an actor, it's incredibly fun to play. My most memorable moments was doing talking to the Shaman after the main quest and explaining to him what happens in my dreams.

That break in my voice when I'm telling the story of my dreams to him was real. It was so weird. I had to take a break after cause it was just...pwoar.

xBlutkatze11 karma

Hi Abubakar :D Thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask you questions here! I hope you will enjoy it as much as we will -^

Your acting as Bayek was amazing! I love every second which I spend with him in Assassin's Creed Origins. He is one of my favorites - maybe even my most favorite Assassin.

You said that you are a fan of the Franchise yourself. So, from a fan level - what you love to see Bayek in another game? Or do you think that his story is told (after the next DLC which will came out soon)?

And before this AMA I read a previous Q&A with The Ones Who Came Before - and I needed to laugh as you mentioned you brought your YuGiOh Cards with you to your vacation to Egypt as a Kid. Since YuGiOh is my other big Fandom next to Assassin's Creed and the show deepen my love for Ancient Egypt. So, personally I would like to ask: Do you still enjoy playing Cardgames - and is there a Easter Egg somewhere in the Game?! Since the beginning I'm searching for it and I won't rest until I found it!! (Kappa)

I hope you will have a pleasent evening and will receive friendly and good questions :)

AbzyBabzySalim21 karma

Thank you VERY MUCH! He was a beauty to play.

I think when it comes to all stories of well fleshed out characters, there are so many to tell and yeah, maybe Bayek's story hasn't met it's end yet...but that's not up to me, thats up to editorial in France ;)

I LOVE CARD GAMES! I used to heavily play Yugioh and Duel Monsters. In fact, I still have them, and hope to teach my children someday how to play them!

MrJustiFaiz10 karma

This game and your voice work for Bayek are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the unforgettable experience. I guess my question would have to be what is your favorite character in the game if not Bayek and why?

AbzyBabzySalim26 karma

Khaliset because she IS Bayek who just went down a different path. I find that fascinating.

TurtlezTheLad9 karma

Hello good sir. Due to your great work in Assassin's Creed Origins would you be interested in voicing Bayek in any other AC related things?

AbzyBabzySalim15 karma


MoroccanMedjay9 karma

Hi Abu, just wanted to ask, if I see you out on the street, can I run upto you and hug you? Can't wait to watch you on Jamestown, love you as Bayek! (And love you for who you are hehehe)

AbzyBabzySalim16 karma

Hug me and I will hug back.

katiedoodles2379 karma

Abu: opinion on best black flag character? (pls say Mary)

AbzyBabzySalim16 karma

Mary broke my heart. For that, she will ALWAYS carry a part of my heart.

TheRealBlackfur9 karma

Hey man, great work on Bayek.
What, in your opinion, is the best outfit in any of the games?

AbzyBabzySalim36 karma

That bath towel. Fact.

dudeidontknoe9 karma

Dude!! I'm a huge fan of your voice acting! How long were you working on Origins for and have new opportunities for game voice acting popped up for you since doing this?

AbzyBabzySalim25 karma

A year. A god damn YEAR. Not yet...I'm waiting on Guerrilla to call me and have me work with/marry Aloy.

liamquane8 karma

Was it difficult playing a father who had just lost his son going on such a long, emotionally-fluctuating journey? You can feel the tragedy hanging over every scene you're in and I just want to know how you carried that around with you throughout the many different types of scenes?

AbzyBabzySalim10 karma

/u/liamquane your questions are not holding back! I LIKE.

You just have to do what the scene asks you to. Yeah, there was an element of keeping in mind that grief in scenes, but a lot of the time, the audience will carry that for you.

HorribleHank448 karma

How does it feel to have delivered the best AC protagonist since the Ezio games? Great job, your performance was fantastic!

AbzyBabzySalim10 karma

Haha thank you. Humbled you think that bud.

Assassiiinuss8 karma

When did you start recording AC Dynasty?

Edit: Spelling

AbzyBabzySalim13 karma

October 2016

EFCFrost8 karma

/u/abzybabzysalim how much would I have to beg to get an autograph in the mail? I’ve got a shelf of Assassins Creed stuff and I think that would compliment it nicely.

AbzyBabzySalim14 karma

PM me.

liamquane7 karma

Is there any particular character that you would like to play in an adaptation? :~P

AbzyBabzySalim18 karma

Dante from Devil May Cry.

qwert12257 karma

What do you think about the sci-fi elements in the series? :D

AbzyBabzySalim33 karma

MORE. I WANT MORE. It's what makes AC so incredibly UNIQUE!

mustachioedmoose7 karma

To start, I just have to say, Bayek is such a complex, amazing, full character and you give him so much life. Welcome to the AC family, sir. :)

I'm hoping you might be able to answer this question, but I have a feeling it's full of spoilers so perhaps not. If you know, what does Khemu whisper in Bayek's ear during his dream/hallucination after the fight with the giant snake while he walks in the Field of Reeds?

AbzyBabzySalim10 karma


But I want to hear the peoples first :P

Sorrosyss7 karma

Hey Abu! I just wondered have you been collecting Bayek related memorabilia? If so, do you have a favourite item?

AbzyBabzySalim35 karma

I haven't yet, but I'm gonna get a tattoo of the badge on my chest.

liamquane7 karma

I'm a working class UK northerner looking to find my break in the industry as a director but the agent hunt persists to the point of frustration, can I ask do you have any advice on finding representation? It seems as if you now require an agent to speak to agents and it's frightening. :~S

AbzyBabzySalim18 karma

Get together with friends, or people in your line of work and make as much as you can. Keep doing it and keep writing to agents. It's HARD but as soon as you get in, it gets easier. Let your passion and drive be your fuel.

I'm a working class black boy from a council house in Hertfordshire. I'm now Bayek of Siwa. You can do it. You can.

RuefulAssassin7 karma

Did you have fun working with Alix Wilton Regan? What was your favorite scene you did with her?

AbzyBabzySalim20 karma

Alix will forever be in my life. This saddens me.

My favourite scene with her was her saving my ass after telling her she smelt like the sea xD

RetroAnubis6 karma

Hey, Abubakar. I just wanted to say that you did a fantastic job voicing Bayek of Siwa in Origins. Can you tell me anything about the voice acting sessions? Like, how long could one session approximately last, and did you do any motion capture for the game? You definitely could start an ASMR channel on YouTube, by the way! ;D

Have a good one, man!

AbzyBabzySalim12 karma

There was a time where I did for 3 weeks straight, every day, 6 hours in the voice booth.

The actual motion capture sessions were full days (9am - 6pm) 5 times a week :D

liamquane6 karma

Hi Mr. Salim! I am a huge fan of your work, Your performance as Bayek completely blew me away, it was so good! May I ask, as an actor, what is the best thing a director can do for you on set? Thank you and congratuwelldone on your success!


AbzyBabzySalim15 karma

The best thing a director can do for an actor is to be open, listen and also trust the team to deliver. Also to have confidence in themselves to deliver. HOWEVER, the team themselves have to trust that the director knows what they are doing and fully commit to what they envision. It's a group effort right? Work as a team and if you feel you can bring that little extra something, try it out!

OmniscientGohan6 karma

What’s it like playing through the game?

AbzyBabzySalim12 karma

Surreal. Mainly because when filming and working on the game, I didn't really see the world that was being created by the developers in great detail. So yes, very surreal.

CaptnKartoffel5 karma

Great job on Bayek, truly one the most humane characters we've seen in the franchise. My question for you is how was working with Ashraf and the rest of the team? Any funny anecdotes you could share? :)

AbzyBabzySalim13 karma

That team have pure, unadulterated love for their work. It was THE best experience.

One anecdote: Alain convinced me that Bayek was gonna have a love scene with Hepzefa and I was so down for it!

Moas-taPeGheata5 karma

Firstly, on a scale of Jacob Frye to Ezio, how proud is mama Kiya of your portrayal of Batman?

Secondly, I've been with Bayek for over 200 hours now and I just want more of him. Thank you for a fantastic job, and I hope to see/hear a lot of you in the future. Much love <3

AbzyBabzySalim8 karma

Hahahahahahahahahahaha hold on.

Asks mum

Mama Kiya: What are you talking about you silly boy? ME: JUST SAY SOMEONE MA Mama Kiya: Batman?

I'm happy with this.

Turul95 karma

From /u/cappyfish

What was his process of creating Bayek as a character? Did he take inspiration from other characters/roles he had seen previously? What does he think is the most 'telling'

AbzyBabzySalim11 karma

To begin with, I based Bayek off three people: Adewale, My Father Ali and Myself.

As time developed, he began to become his own being. The most telling? I don't understand :3

danny_elle5 karma

What was the process like for taking on the role of Bayek? Did the voice come first and motion capture? Was one processs more fun than the other? I LOVED this game by the way and it really brought me so much joy! Except for Shadya. Super depressing.

AbzyBabzySalim7 karma

For me, when it comes to approaching any character, the most important question to answer is how the character laughs and cries. As soon as you crack that, the movement, the voice, the life flows through.

mempss5 karma

Hi Abubakar! Will siwa ever know peace?

AbzyBabzySalim11 karma


I_Eat_Uranus5 karma

Dude looking through your answers you seem like a really cool guy. So I guess my question is if you had a choice what game would you most like to work on?

AbzyBabzySalim10 karma

Give me the next Devil may Cry.

I will make the Devil Cry.


Would you do a sequel for Assassin’s Creed?

AbzyBabzySalim13 karma


amikara4 karma

Hello! First of all thank you the opportunity for this AMA, if hope the week so far has treated you well!

I was wondering how the audition process went for you? I know from some interviews that Paul Amos had to basically jet around the world and do several auditions - was the auditioning a similar process for you or different?

AbzyBabzySalim20 karma

The audition process was all in London and done in a small studio in Soho. I had to do a chemistry test with Alix and Zora...and I remember so vividly that in one scene I had to kiss Alix, and all I could smell was coffee. It was great. Kissing the inquisitor ;)

TacoSwimmer4 karma

High precision, Mr. Salim! Thanks to your amazing performance as Bayek, I've fallen in love with the series again.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

AbzyBabzySalim7 karma

I don't do eggs. Vegan baby.

houska222 karma

Hi Abu! First of all, absolutely amazing work on the VA of Bayek... I thought no one would top Ezio but you made Bayek my new fave Assasssin...

1)What are your favorite games besides AC?

2)What are your favorite soundtracks from games besides AC?

3)And what game genre do you like the most?

Thank you for making AC:O amazing! <3

AbzyBabzySalim2 karma

Hey Houska! Thank you!

Favourite game AND soundtrack comes from Kingdom Hearts. That game really is beautiful. I love all types of genres really. I play a range of games. From Fifa 18 to Hellblade. Love em all.

J-Debstup2 karma

Do you have any blooper stories from the mocap studio?

AbzyBabzySalim10 karma

There is a scene...where I'm riding in a chariot with Caesar...and the actual mocap looks...really wrong.

Something you would find on an 18+ site. All I'm saying.

EnricoV_072 karma

How did you managed to enter in the character?

AbzyBabzySalim3 karma

Music, research and madness.

liamquane2 karma

What was it like working with Alix Regan? You were both truly incredible together. :~)

AbzyBabzySalim3 karma

A Blessing and a Curse.

qwert12251 karma

Hey Abu thank you for doing this AMA and I loved your portrayal as Bayek, Which is your favourite AC game besides Origins?

AbzyBabzySalim3 karma

3 and Black Flag

pirateshipsx1 karma

Favourite Assassin's Creed game and why? Can't be Origins (no loopholes here!) ;)

Also hi it's piratenkoekjes from Twitter here!:D

AbzyBabzySalim5 karma

What up pirate!

Between 3 and black flag. I think I've given the reasons already somewhere in this but in both games, both protagonists are trying to find their identity in their own way...in a world where they either belong superficially or don't belong at all. I liked that.

420narwhalwaffles1 karma

What were some of your favorite lines to do in the game? Also, which character was your favorite, besides Bayek of course. Thanks

AbzyBabzySalim6 karma

I've answered this already, but one line I really enjoy is "YOU LIIIIIIIIIIKE?"

IssyBoop1 karma

Hi there Abu! I hope you're doing great! As an actor, do you think shooting love scenes is ok or are you uncomfortable with that?

AbzyBabzySalim5 karma

Love scenes are fine. They are SO AWKWARD and TECHNICAL when you do them, there is no love or any feeling there. Seriously. The editors make the scene a love scene.

Donato_Andrea1 karma

Would you be open to voice a main character in a future Prince of Persia game?

AbzyBabzySalim4 karma

If Jake doesn't take it.

ovochubbs1 karma

When you make good decisions are you gerek, Garrett or garek?

AbzyBabzySalim4 karma

Geralt of Rivia.

liamquane1 karma

hat was it like performing on a motion capture set as opposed to a, for a lack of a better word: "real" one? :~P

AbzyBabzySalim2 karma

I think I've answered this already, but in short, performing anywhere needs to be treated as if it's as important as wherever!

swordmaster1231 karma

Hi Abubakar, hope all is good! Loved Origins and Bayek was amazing!

Whose your favorite AC character (not including Bayek of course) and apart from AC what are your favorite videogames? Thanks!

AbzyBabzySalim2 karma

Ezio, Edward and Connor.

KINGDOM HEARTS. Oh my god...that game.