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You may recognize Alex from the front page last week: https://redd.it/7mjw12

The NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar, a comedic take on the traditional pin-up, highlights the hardworking men and women who drive our lazy asses all over town. Now in its fifth year, a portion of the calendar proceeds benefits University Settlement, a nonprofit supporting immigrant and working class individuals and families.

Check out the full calendar here: https://nyctaxicalendar.com

Answering today are:

  • Alex Wang (taxi driver, model, and karaoke king)
  • Shannon Kirkman (co-creator and photographer)
  • Philip Kirkman (co-creator and director)

Follow our upcoming work at https://www.lngshrts.com and @lngshrts

Proof: https://twitter.com/nyctaxicalendar/status/948594848386478084

Kinda Proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdSsHvLBXIr/?taken-by=nyctaxicalendar

UPDATE: Thank you all. We will continue to refresh this page incessantly for the rest of our lives to ensure we answer any new questions. - Alex, Phil & Shannon

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vicelikeabyss4940 karma

To Alex: As a taxi driver, what in your opinion has been your biggest accomplishment in terms of driving someone somewhere on time?

lngshrts172 karma

One guy from hotel in Midtown took my cab to JFK. After I cross the Midtown Tunnel he suddenly reminded me OMG I forgot passport in hotel safe. He say can you go back to hotel? So I go back fast! He say can you make it? I say I do my best! I take Midtown Tunnel again and he go upstairs right away, take passport down and we like flying to JFK byt we cannot speed!! We are happy the guy catch his plane just in time. We make a safe and fast drive to JFK and its a happy ending for passenger and for me too. - AW

AGallagher41027 karma

How drastically has your life changed since the calendar came out?

lngshrts94 karma

Make me feel more happy! I feel like I am big celebrity now. You better buy tickets to see me! :-) - AK

DaddyKetchup19 karma

To Alex: How many times have you been recognised since the release of the calendar and the popular post?

Do you now keep lollipops in the taxi? Because you should!

lngshrts40 karma

Lots of time! At JFK, on the street and at my taxi company I give everyone a calendar. Somebody at JFK say oh that's you in the calendar! Actually I never eat this giant lollipop but I should give them to passengers, that is a good idea! - AK

__WanderLust_15 karma

Alex, how was that big lollipop?

Did they let you finish it?

lngshrts37 karma

7 inchies. Lots of flavor. Mix fruit. - AW

GoodnightElizabeth15 karma


lngshrts45 karma

I already owned them but I know they would look great for the pictures! - AW

GoodnightElizabeth7 karma


lngshrts24 karma

Thank you! I wish you 2018 with happy and a smiling face every day! - AW

AlexandraAlekseeva13 karma

To the calendar people: How do you choose the taxi drivers featured in the calendar?

To Alex: I’m a big fan! What do you like about your job as taxi driver? Would you give it up to become a model?

lngshrts33 karma

The majority of our drivers are referrals from past models/drivers and it's really the first 12 that say yes first. Since it's a unique ask, we don't have a huge pool to choose from. -PK

The first few years, we put up ads online, which was challenging. Now, since most drivers are referrals, it's much easier to ask someone to take off their shirt when they know what to expect. - SK

lngshrts38 karma

Not give up yet! I love my job. I meet so many nice New Yorker and foreigner. I meet Mario Cuomo, Scottie Pippen, David Price for channel 4 and more great people like u/the_diva. - AW

almondparfitt12 karma

What are you fave spots for karaoke? Also is there a neighborhood that tends to have the best and worst taxi riders? Thanks and stay safe out there!

lngshrts35 karma

My home. I have nice machine and you hear the songs nice and lots of old songs and new songs - plenty of choice. Most important you have me, happy crazy karaoke guy! And you will be happy to enjoy the food and everything on the house, no charge! You are invited. There is a place in Flushing called Soho that is very good. - AW

lngshrts34 karma

All neighborhoods good! I like make newcomer happy. I pick up a lot from airport JFK. I tell passenger you give me 1 joke I give you 2 joke! Make very warm trip, happy trip. I like make them feel family to me! - AW

RonaldRingoStars6 karma

How safe is NYC at nighttime for tourists?

Do patrons ever leave the cab in rush hour, when cars aren’t moving (like in movies)? - do they pay?

Have you been recognized by “many” as a model?

Thanks :)

lngshrts16 karma

It is safe city but it is a good idea to watch behind your head and be careful. Or ride in a taxi! During rush hour, yes people do sometimes get out. I don not charge them because they not get where they going.! - AW

dissenter_the_dragon6 karma

Will you come to Atlanta and sleep with my ex? She's cute, young, depressed and will basically fuck anybody if they're nice to her or buy her food. When will you be in ATL next?

LadyA0525 karma

How long did it take you to be comfortable in front of the camera and let your real personality out? I can't imagine that was easy at first. You're awesome!

lngshrts14 karma

Thank you! I take just one second! I feel cold in the weather but I feel warm right away because I was excited to be in the calendar! - AW

lngshrts12 karma

Alex was incredible. We knew he'd be an awesome model before he even showed up, based on our communications with him. He sent us videos of him singing karaoke and as you can see from his photo, he did not disappoint. - SK

Chtorrr5 karma

What is the very best cheese?

lngshrts9 karma

I like all kind of cheese. But I like cheesecake! - AW

Sargento Mozzarella, straight from the bag. - PK

I am completely addicted to brie! - SK

spockspeare3 karma

Whose brie?

I like Trader Joe's double cream, but Safeway's Primo Taglio brand, if you leave it in the fridge for a few weeks, ripens beautifully, btw. At least around here; I imagine it could have a regional-production variability to it.

lngshrts8 karma

Oh man, that's a tough one - I'm pretty non-discriminatory when it comes to brie. I agree about the double cream from TJ's, but unfortunately we don't have a Safeway near us. The Camembert from Whole Foods is dependable. - SK

bariumhydroxide5 karma

What made you decide to take the plunge and be photographed for this calendar?

Have you given copies to your family and friends?

Thanks for making so many of us smile!

lngshrts17 karma

Thank you! My friend William introduce me to the calendar. He model in it year. He say, make picture, make picture for calendar! I say no, I'm too busy. Then I talk to Shannon and Phil very warm and inviting, and I say, I better do this!

I give copies of the calendar to lots of friends and many co-workers. And I show it to all of my passengers to make them happy! - AW

madd743 karma

What's it like knowing people all the way in Nebraska have seen you?

lngshrts14 karma

Feels like the world is very small. I feel like I have friends and loved ones all over the world. You are all my friends and my relatives now. I change the slogan from hands across America to Hands across the whole world! - AW

madd745 karma

Sweet, we are related? Ah... uncle Alex, can I borrow $50?

lngshrts18 karma

spockspeare3 karma

I haven't bought the calendar. Are there any cute girls in it?

lngshrts17 karma

You tell us. Check out Ms. October, Nipa: https://nyctaxicalendar.com - SK

coryrenton3 karma

who have you found to be the best for calendar printing, fulfillment, etc...?

lngshrts13 karma

We print the calendar with a company in the Midwest called Cedar Graphics. For fulfillment, Shannon and I actually handle it ourselves, from our living room. We pack, ship, and push the calendars through the streets of Brooklyn daily in this sweet cart straight to the post office. - PK

coryrenton3 karma

how do you handle lost/mutilated calendars? any tips for packing/shipping?

lngshrts13 karma

We typically reship if there is an issue with a shipment. Re: tips - Pratt envelopes are pretty good in terms of protection and we also use 'Do Not Bend' stickers. And we kiss every envelope for good luck. -PK

StevenSanders902103 karma

Did you have any idea when you were making this that it would be so huge?

lngshrts12 karma

We were hopeful it would resonate with people, but we had no idea how well-received it would be. The response has been absolutely bonkers and we're so thankful people have enjoyed the project. Just this week we have shipped calendars to Estonia, France, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Germany. It's been crazy. - SK

WiseWordsFromBrett2 karma

What is the furthest/longest you have ever driven a passenger?

lngshrts13 karma

To Pennsylvania somewhere. Like 2 hour just to get there! - AW

JediNinjaBatman2 karma

If you could transform into any pastry, gaining all their respective strengths and weaknesses, which pastry would you choose and why?

lngshrts17 karma

Jelly donut. I like sweet and don't worry they make you fat. I am sweet and I like the sweet food! - AW

CircularWitnessing1 karma

question for user/lngshrts - to what extent did working on WASDE prepare you for your future gigs and how do you feel about polyethylene?

lngshrts8 karma

To the contrary. I spent years in therapy, chipping away at all the damage done from my pathetic origins as a financier. And re: polyethylene, I feel like prices will likely go up and down in 2018. - PK