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Is "pringle" the PC term now? Man, I'm old.

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Ah, a jelly man.

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How intense (or not) was the reaction to you, from the African-American community (incl. family/friends), for taking this case?

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It's interesting that when people are explaining a sexual desire that is accepted by society (homosexuality for instance) this is not at all how it's explained. They're "born that way" - move on. There's none of this "well, he didn't have a good relationship with his father and now he's reaching out for a father's acceptance - the problem is he's sexualized that need in his mind, but it's not purely sexual per se....yadda yadda". But when it's something that we all agree is negative, then there's a host of psychobabble that rushes in to explain these "unnatural" desires.

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Aka "Fed-ex"