My short bio: Me and my Husband are part of the Pornhub Model Payment Program. We only shoot content together and would love to answer any questions you may have about our not so norm lifestyle :)

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proctor_of_the_Realm142 karma

Well, yeah. Pornhub pro here, I'm like on there 24/7. Ask me anything blondes, MILFs... You name it, I've seen it...

Seriously though, even though it mightn't be perceived as such. Is the money any good?

Haighlee_Dallas83 karma

It's Good enough for us! Its a great program! Takes a while to get a decent following but if you stick with it and stay active its definitely worth it

proctor_of_the_Realm12 karma

Thank you for answering. Some douche down-voted before I even got to reply.

How regular would the video making have to be to live from it.

Haighlee_Dallas40 karma

we try to upload atleast once a week Good lighting and video quality are huge sometimes we think a video will kill it and it flops its very hit and miss at times

proctor_of_the_Realm6 karma

Do you edit it together or..?

I can see that it could be fun, but then again not, I can't even stand listening to my own voice on a recording.

Also, is there any commenting from the distributors before you upload anything?

Haighlee_Dallas8 karma

what do you mean by commenting from distributors?

I mainly edit then we watch it together i used to hate hearing myself now its kinda in one ear out the other lol

proctor_of_the_Realm3 karma

what do you mean by commenting from distributors?

I thought that, perhaps they wanted to see what you're going to upload, prior to it getting there. I also saw a documentary, about 1930s pulp fiction recently, which I believe confused me a bit. A poor choice of wording on my part, not native speaker and the bong hit me pretty hard a while ago, sorry.

Haighlee_Dallas14 karma

no, there are some rules you have to follow and videos will be taken down if you don't obey the rules. Videos that do well will be picked to be featured on the home page though, which increases traffic to your page therefor increasing your earnings.

rachbbbbb43 karma


Haighlee_Dallas20 karma

again, the amount you are paid is determined by a few different factors. everyone's daily payout is different

rachbbbbb45 karma

Yeah how much do you earn though?

Katie_Pornhub82 karma

$0.50-0.80 per 1000 views depending on who is watching your videos.

rachbbbbb11 karma

Wow that's not a lot at all. Probably not worth it unless you're super super popular.

Haighlee_Dallas30 karma

If its something you enjoy and you stay consistent you will be surprised at how quickly your fan base grows.The more you film and upload the more tricks you will learn, only making your content better and better. It's all about marketing yourself. I always tell people don't do it for the money, do it because its something you genuinely like to do.

Leintk15 karma

So you film your self having sex to a million people to make $800... somethings not right about that..

PaulAbruzzo41 karma

Supply and demand. There's a gazillion chicks with webcams now who consider themselves "porn stars". The concept of a porn star doesn't even exist anymore. In the past, real porn stars like the ones in the 70s-90s would eventually transition into making their own films, directing films, and securing their own distribution. Or at least the smart ones would - that's where the real money is. That's why you see older porn stars like Jenna Jameson, TT Boy, Peter North, etc driving around in Ferraris and Bentleys.

But since the advent of the internet, porn stars are a dime a dozen. I agree, it's too cheap of a price to toss your reputation in the garbage, but porn today isn't a business - It's a hobby a gazillion chicks do for cigarette money.

I mean chicks love to call themselves "porn stars" because they're dying to attach themselves to the "glamour" of the old porn days when there were real stars. But no one on porn hub is a legitmate porn star. They're just chicks who fuck their boyfriends on a webcam and post it for everyone to see.

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

The world of porn has changed a lot and will continue to change pornhub gave us an outlet to share something we enjoy doing, we are porn amateurs not Pornstars I agree with you that there is a difference

kothrowshi40 karma

Here's a genuine question, how the fuck do I find someone to do porn with me?

Haighlee_Dallas62 karma

LMAO Not only do i wish I knew the answer to this question, I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone asked it hahaha

kothrowshi6 karma

I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone asked it hahaha

Yeah you must get it a lot from us normies - So who's idea was doing porn out of you and your partner?

Haighlee_Dallas22 karma

it was a joint decision :) we were both cam models when we got together so it kinda just naturally happened haha

kothrowshi18 karma

we were both cam models when we got together

Wow, how did that even happen? did he just start lurking your room?

Haighlee_Dallas27 karma

lol no we met because our exes were friends...years later we happen to both be single at a party decide to chill... my Ex knew i cammed so i knew tyler would eventually find out, and i really liked him so i decided to tell him only to find out he was a cam model as well lol....Meant to be i guess haha

jackgrafter7 karma

This is so romantic.

AgiosAmido4 karma

Fuckin love story of our time

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma


Haighlee_Dallas1 karma


baldoug35 karma

Why Do Kids Love the Taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Haighlee_Dallas25 karma

good question if you find out let me know...

Going2getBanned26 karma

Lets say you get 100k views in a week for 1 video. How much does that equal is real life money?

Haighlee_Dallas38 karma

The payments are based off of ad revenue. Depending on how well your video is rated and if premium members are watching your content determine the % you receive. The Amount per view fluctuates so its hard to say.

PaulAbruzzo7 karma

Lol thanks for making me feel guilty for only watching uploads of 80s and 90s porn on Porn hub and keeping all my ad blockers on. And usually downloading the vids instead of watching online.

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

The ads arent super annoying... I think one pops up before the video plays and the others are just on the sides of the page the video plays on..

gentnt-88 karma

When i read the question i knew you wouldnt answer it

Katie_Pornhub81 karma

She answered it as well as she could, it's like YouTube earnings, it really depends on the ads. If you want a range it's about $0.50 to $0.80 per 1000 views so $50-80.

Haighlee_Dallas28 karma

thank you Katie!!!

Haighlee_Dallas34 karma

its not a specific set ammount that's why i answerd the way i did.... i don't want to give out false information to anyone when i dont know the correct answer. If i had to make a guess about $50- ish for 100k views

Going2getBanned10 karma

Thank you. I was just wondering if I could make money by showing off my bits.

Haighlee_Dallas10 karma

you absolutely can! I can give you my referral code of your serious about it, make a pornhub profile and message me there :)

Katie_Pornhub16 karma

Hi Haighlee! Who is your favorite model right now on PH?

Haighlee_Dallas20 karma

I am good friends with Cameron Canela so probably her lol

JBIII6663 karma

Why haven't you done any scenes together?

Haighlee_Dallas10 karma

Cause we've friend zoned eachother lol

Naughtysoulmates13 karma

Hi guys, you are awesome!

Me and my husband just joined the model program a few months back. We have been taking photos for a while but didnt know that making videos was such a big turn on for us, and fun!

Do your family and friends know what you do? How do they feel about that? Have you ever been recognized out on the street? :)


Haighlee_Dallas16 karma

Yes my family does know, they found out this year. We were lucky enough to have the support from the majority of the people we know.

Dronken_Dropke1 karma

Did they find out themself or did you tell them?

Haighlee_Dallas3 karma

Both, someone u weny to Highschool with found us and sent me a friend request on Instagram, then sent screen shots of our videos to everyone we knew the following dat....luckily I was able to tell my family before the text went out

Granthree1 karma

People are so fucking stupid. Can't understand why anyone want to hang other people out like that.

Haighlee_Dallas2 karma

Its ok I'm kind of glad it all happened I'm not hiding a big secret from the people closest to me anymore

wilkinsmatt70711 karma

Is there a name I can look up on pornhub to see you two?

Haighlee_Dallas16 karma


1977200920128 karma

Why is anal so popular right now. And do you enjoy anal ?

Haighlee_Dallas6 karma

I don't know why it happens to be so popular right now... Yes I enjoy it :)

BritAddict8 karma

Whats the thing you would suggest to try in the bedroom to spice things up with your long term partner?

Haighlee_Dallas16 karma

Have you ever filmed a video of the two of you?

BritAddict5 karma

No never given that a try. I don't think that my partner is super comfortable with the idea of bringing cameras into the bedroom. Mostly a concern that it would somehow end up in the wrong hands.

Haighlee_Dallas10 karma

You'll never know if U dont ask :) maybe suggest wearing a mask ot not putting uour face in it

BetweenMeAndI8 karma

I watch your videos regularly. Do you have a favorite to make? Is cock hero fun?

Haighlee_Dallas12 karma

We love playing Cock hero! Its one of our fave videos to make actually ;) Glad you enjoy it! We will be making another soon!!

AncientWyvernShield6 karma

Do you ever worry if your career doesn't pan out that your videos are out there for the world to see forever?

Haighlee_Dallas13 karma

No as long as they are out there im getting paid :)

e8ght6 karma

How do you pick the titles of your videos? Any theories or philosophies on that?

Haighlee_Dallas13 karma

I usually just choose the first title that pops into my head lol but recently ive been trying to use popular "key" words to show up in more searches :)

Zer0AssassinZX05 karma

How better off are you financially compared to how well you were doing before?

Haighlee_Dallas13 karma

We make as much as we did when both of us were working full time retail jobs if not more and we are a million times happier!

Rarename914 karma

do yours or your husband family and parents or friends know about this did anyone you met offline saw your porn???

Haighlee_Dallas3 karma

Yes they do

Rarename911 karma

And what do you think and do you have kids and do you plan on having some if you dont and would you ever tell them about this?

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

No we dont and if we ever do there will come a time when we'd tell them...I'd rather then hear it from,me,rather than someone else

delcaek4 karma

Do you ever receive messages by fans that make you feel really uncomfortable?

Haighlee_Dallas13 karma

no not really. I mean there are trolls all over the internet, But the majority of our comments are positive

ar16804 karma

How did you guys get into This? Did somebody approach you?

Haighlee_Dallas11 karma

sort of. we had already been uploading content to pornhub (we like sharing our videos lol) when Mia, the model coordinator, wrote us to let us know about the program.

max_on_the_moon3 karma

You get to do work with mainstream pornstars that are affiliated with Pornhub?

Haighlee_Dallas10 karma

Right now we only work with eachother as far as filming content, but we have gotten to meet a lot of really cool mainstream stars

ClariceOwen233 karma

I've come across your channel before. Didn't expect to see you here. Well here are my questions

  1. How is sex on camera different from real life? Is there something you like in real life that you do less of on camera? Or more?

  2. As a girl who's into pegging, are you planning to make more videos of you pegging your hubby? Possibly with more shots of his ass, since he does have a nice one.

  3. If you could sleep with any pornstars or celebs, which ones would it be? This one's for both of you.

Haighlee_Dallas2 karma

Hi!! Glad uve seen our page!

Off camera sex is super passionate because were only focused on eachother not the camera, there's a chemistry that's so much deeper than when on camera.

I am glad u enjoy our pegging videos! I wasn't sure if be into it but there's something really empowering about it and I like to please my parter so getting him off gets me off lol IDK if we will be posting any on Pornhub only because our last pegging video didn't get a very good rating. We are opening a clips for sale soon.

Idk lol that's a hard one to answer right now we really enjoy fucking eachother lmao

Tomentus3 karma

Do you ever worry that turning your sexual relationship into a business may have a negative impact? I mean no matter how much someone enjoys their work there are always days your tired but still have too to put food in mouths.

Haighlee_Dallas0 karma

As of right now no we still have plenty of off camera sex to keep the spark going :)

sasopocmarany3 karma

what's the best/worst thing you've done?

have you ever ,,experimented?''

why did you join the program?

Haighlee_Dallas8 karma

the best thing we did was win the 2017 avn contest and won tickets to the expo... Going to AVN is Life Changing lol

I dont know what you mean by experimented, we only shoot with each other so if you mean with other people, no.

We were already uploading content to pornhub before we found out about the program. It became something we loved todo so we decided to make it our full time job in Jan of this year.

NotMeanttoKnow2 karma

How worried are you about the impact of the upcoming net neutrality ruling?

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

Its very scary coyld make a HUGE impact on our life

BritAddict2 karma

Has anyone from your personal life recognized you from your work? Or have you had any awkward encounters with people in the real world who have seen your videos?

Haighlee_Dallas10 karma

there are quite a few people that know in our personal life it is sometimes awkward but it is what it is lol

dodogenocide2 karma

Why is there so much incest-themed porn, and when is going to stop?

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

I don't have a good answer for you...I'm assuming it will be around as long as people are watching it

_bobby_tables_1 karma

Your husband was wearing a condom in a shower scene. Is that your preferred birth control method or do one of you have an STD or both?

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

Neither of us have STDs lol it's to prevent babies

_bobby_tables_1 karma

That's a curious birth control method for a committed couple in porn. Why don't you use the pill or other method that wouldn't impact the visuals of your product?

Haighlee_Dallas2 karma

I'm not a big fan of pumping hormones into my body

proskilled1 karma

Does sex get boring?

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma


Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

Lol its pornhub.... We have about 99 videos

Saltybrickofdeath1 karma

What kind of video recording equipment do you use?

Do you use a light set up or just ambient light from the room that’s already there?

Haighlee_Dallas2 karma

Both sometimes our videos are super spontaneous and we just use the natural light, planned videos usually involve lighting being set up. We sometimes film with our hand held camera but mainly use our phones to record lol

coryrenton1 karma

what is the weirdest rule that if broken will get you kicked off?

Haighlee_Dallas-1 karma

you can read all the terms and conditions here


Do you write your own scripts?

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

We don't write scripts lol we just go with it lol

DickleDickleDickle1 karma

I love your videos, what made you guys join the program?

Haighlee_Dallas2 karma

I've already kinda answered this... But we enjoy sharing our videos and when we learned we could make $ that made it even better

MichaelBluthANiceKid1 karma

How come there are videos on y'alls profile that don't have you or your husband?

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

What do u mean? All of our videos are us there is a video or two where we role play... But It's always us

MovieBuff5371 karma

How long have you been doing this?

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

We signed up in 2015 but started doing it full time last almost a year

GoddessKateAlexis1 karma

I think you guys are awesome :) What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

Meeting fans and other amateurs at expos

CoupleExperiment1 karma

We enjoy posting on the subreddits that we do but wouldn't mind if it produced a financial incentive. Do you know if pictures are worth doing on Pornhub? This is also a question for /u/Katie_Pornhub

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

I don't think u make $ off photos...only videos I could be wrong though...

XxDayDayxX1 karma

Do you two try the advice left in the comments? Not gonna lie, some of them look questionable.

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

We do what we want lol a suggestion is just a suggestion

Ordonex1 karma

Will you be doing more pegging and anal play scenes? Yours are super hot! Would love to see you finish him while he’s on his back

Haighlee_Dallas5 karma

yes we will be doing more pegging videos we really enjoy making them

Montelweebobporter1 karma

Couple of other questions why is your partner playing gta5 instead of a decent game like horizon?

And did you have a “normal” job before being a cam model

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

He plays that game too but gta is his fave

And yes I've worked a lot of different jobs before caming

Br56u71 karma

Do you have sex with people that aren't your husband and how did your friends react when you first find them?

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

No right now we only shoot content with eachother and we lost a lot of friends but the ones That actually matter stuck around and are supportive

Br56u71 karma

Are you getting a lot of views and do you look at the comments on them?

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

We do read comments and have about 33 million views so far

mandalorian_misfit1 karma

This isn’t a question moreso a suggestion I see you guys are posting links back to your content on pornhub which I assume is so you can get more views there and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, I would suggest you guys post pictures or gifs on Reddit everynow and then in order to give viewers an easier way of previewing your content. Not everybody likes following nsfw links to see what they’re getting into. I’m sure the gifs and pictures would in turn lead to more clicks back to your pornhub channel

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

Thank u for ur suggestion :)

Montelweebobporter1 karma

Do people recognise you when your out and about? I remember years ago I was on holiday with my sister and parents and saw a adult star and, well, I turned a deeper shade of red than sin sages arse. For the record I was 15 shouldn’t been watching porn I know but I’d discovered myself

Haighlee_Dallas1 karma

Ive had a pilot recognize me but I didn't know until he messaged me like a week later lol