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Are these the figures for before the OFs take or after? Cos I have a couple of pals in top 2% and they don't make this. You say you're 7%?

Not sure why I've been downvoted? Maybe top 7% is making more now due to covid. The earnings from OFs are not what people think they are always, when you take off the company's 20%.

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I'm not OP but sex work has left me almost celibate!

I am so fed up with looking for a fling, only to have it be a let down and have me wish I had just worked instead.

The trusty wand is my companion now. Never lets me down. I miss the intimacy, but not enough to put up with a man/woman for long enough to breed true intimacy.

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Yeah she's 100% not being honest about the earnings. Less than 2 months ago she says she's not top 15% yet. Now, if she is earning from other SW avenues and can't say due to legal status in whichever country she is in, then cool- I get it, but misleading people into thinking 3-6k purely from OnlyFans helps no one.

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Yeah I know, I am really sceptical. I'm a FSSWer and currently inactive on OFs but have pals who do OFs as a 'main' and are top 2%, pretty sure they don't even get 6k after the OFs fee.

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Yes, what I mean is I know people who have been in the top 2% who haven't earned 6k a month. But again, maybe Covid has changed how much each % makes. I'm 'inactive' but I make about $200 dollars a month in the top 47% just now.

The OFs fee itself affects how much you earn massively.