I was born and raised on the Garden Isle of Kauai. You may recognize me from other projects like Soul Surfer and Beyond the Break... You can follow my acting work on Instagram @sonya.balmores - Twitter @sonyabalmores - Facebook @alohasonyabalmores I'd also like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my favorite organizations that I support and LOVE: Stella's Voice (https://stellasvoice.org) and Into Freedom (http://www.intofreedom.org) -- I volunteered this summer at their girls camp, it was amazing. I learned that one of the ways to stop human trafficking is to prevent it from starting, and that's by teaching young girls how valuable they are.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/c26plvri51xz.png

I'm signing off now! Thank you all!!! Enjoyed my first AMA!

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Exitoverhere78 karma

Would you like to be on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?

And I understand if you can't answer this one but what's your overall feelings on how Inhumans turned out?

alohasonya84 karma

Yes, I would like to keep working and AOS would be AWESOME to book!

coryrenton63 karma

what sort of research materials are you given when taking on a comic book role -- what's the weirdest thing you've written off as a tax-exempt expense in researching for a role?

alohasonya70 karma

I bought a few graphic novels from the comic book store and then I went and became a Marvel Insider online so I could read more about The Inhumans. Ooooh expenses... my accountant is very by the book, so I really can't write off too much...

kanejh199044 karma

Hey Sonya, only a light hearted question from me :-)

Cute dog in the pic! Can you tell us a little bit about him/her?

Ps. Good luck with the future

alohasonya60 karma

Thanks! Rufus is a Jack Russell he's about 9.5 years old! He loves the ocean and killing rats.

alohasonya41 karma

Thank you for your questions! and for making my first time on Reddit awesome! I have to hit the books now, studying for an audition and then prepping a little party for tonights season finale!! Hope you'll join us on ABC and live tweets on the west coast! xoxo

Smarshy35 karma

How was working with Iwan on Inhumans?

alohasonya75 karma

Awesome!! I was super nervous to meet him because I watch GOT...

RonKosova28 karma

What's the plan now?

alohasonya82 karma

Just keep swimming... audition and write.

zgold219227 karma

Hey! I actually really like the show and your character a lot. Do you think it’ll survive to another season?

Also: if it doesn’t, can we hope for a crossover?

alohasonya37 karma

I don't know about a second season, always hope for it though! Crossover would be AMAZING! Thanks for watching it and enjoying Auran:)

tickandeklocka21 karma

What's your biggest regret in life?

alohasonya73 karma

Not skipping more school... I took it way too seriously!

Narazemono21 karma

Out of any possible project, What would be your dream TV show/film to do?

alohasonya57 karma

Star Wars-- just heard they might explore a new galaxy with new characters?!?!?! Cray!!

GoodnightElizabeth20 karma


alohasonya59 karma

Yes, it's a huge problem, but I don't think it's just in our business... I think it's a human problem all over the world. I'm very lucky and blessed to not have had to face anything super scary. Everyone I have worked with has been so professional and wonderful to me... there are good men and women in Hollywood and I hope more people with integrity take positions of power to make our industry safer.

WakandanPride19 karma

What did you think of the quality of Inhumans?

alohasonya32 karma

I think it's similar to most fantasy genre TV shows.

aaronp61319 karma

Are you hopeful of season 2?

alohasonya55 karma

Yes, I always try to stay hopeful... but I understand it's also a business... and if we don't have viewers then we can't have a show:(

aglioeoglio17 karma

Inhumans was panned pretty harshly by critics. As an actor, how do you deal with that? Do you pay those criticisms mind?

alohasonya46 karma

Luckily, I am just an actor right now and not a producer. I have no control over the final product, so it's really not my problem, thankfully;0

cool7416 karma

What was it like working Iwan Rheon?

alohasonya35 karma

Wonderful. He is majorly talented. I loved watching him work. He had huge amounts of dialogue and he never missed a beat. Very impressive. Also he is a great singer and musician, his album Dinard is amazing.

freetotheworld115 karma

What do you suspect the future of Inhumans will be? Agents of SHIELD, reboot, etc.?

alohasonya29 karma

Oh gosh! I have no idea! I wish they would tell us actors anything, something;)

HornyNcurious6614 karma

Will your character be appearing in Avengers: Infinity War?

alohasonya37 karma

I wish! Say a prayer for me.

losimagic11 karma

If you went through terragenesis, what power would you be hoping for?

alohasonya27 karma

So fun to imagine! I would love to materialize things... wave my hand around and BOOM anything I want at my finger tips.

nintrader10 karma

Who's your favorite Superhero?

alohasonya41 karma

In elementary school it was Spider-Man... but today I love Dr. Strange.

aaronp6139 karma

what was your reaction when you got casted to be Auran?

alohasonya28 karma

Screaming, jumping, then laying on the ground in shock and saying, "OMG!!!"

Tristina78 karma

What is your favorite candy?

alohasonya11 karma

Dark chocolate anything... Kauai Chocolates has this candy called Opihi's they are the BEST things on Earth: shortbread cookie, mac nut, caramel, chocolate.

sqfessman8 karma

Hi! Obviously, Auran changed a lot from her comic counterpart. I'm wondering where you drew inspiration from in helping form this new interpretation of her character? Did you have a lot of freedom in defining what the new take on her would be like?

I've been enjoying the show, and hope that we'll have the pleasure of seeing you again in a second season.

alohasonya12 karma

I was inspired by her position as an officer in the comics... I loved working with that militant mind-set. That's also what the creative team asked me to create: a no-nonsense kind of woman. Thanks for watching!!

Giff958 karma

What appealed to you about playing Auran?

alohasonya18 karma

I love how serious and deadly she is. Then when I found out about her regeneration powers... I was like whaaaaa--- that's dope!

dragonman80017 karma

What would be your favorite moment on set?

alohasonya16 karma

My mother-in-law got to visit me on set while I was filming a scene with Ken Leung. Watching her see and learn about everything was so cute, she was like a little kid... I think when you're in the business for even a little while it's easy to forget how cool behind the scenes are!

kanejh19907 karma

Is being a Hollywood actress all glam and champagne? Or is there difficult periods like people in normal jobs?

alohasonya19 karma

Yes, there are moments of glam and always champagne and drinks avail... but yes, it is a job with draw backs like normal jobs: being on set away from family, working long hours, navigating ego's, and then the sad part for the artists in us actors is that you really only get 30 seconds to maybe ten minutes of pure acting moments! The rest is all prep and waiting...

aaronp6136 karma

what was your favorite scene to film?

alohasonya12 karma

It's coming up tonight in the season finale!!! It's with Maximus...

thebagelbabe5 karma

How is it to work as a woman in a genre of television (and film) that is primarily dominated by men? What are your thoughts on the discrepancy in the number of female and male superheros portrayed in media today, and the newer female roles that are appearing?

alohasonya17 karma

Loved seeing Thor last weekend and learning about Hela and the Valkyrie-- we need more of them! But I also don't mind male super heroes... as a woman I enjoy drooling over the heroes too;)

prisma8slg5 karma

What did you like most about Auran's character development over the course of the season?

alohasonya17 karma

LOOOVING her struggle right now... that she might have backed the wrong man, like what Karnak suggests.

dextrose79x5 karma

Do you find it difficult sometimes to be an actress in Hawaii instead of living in LA?

alohasonya9 karma

Yes, totally. I also wanted to study and take class here in LA. So much to learn and do here.

manaugwashere3 karma

Opinion on veganism?

alohasonya15 karma

I have lots of friends who are vegan... but it's impossible for me to choose that: I love spam musubi and hot dogs and fried chicken and sushi!!!

lurking_digger3 karma


What were your tv habits growing up?

Any crushes on celebrities today?


alohasonya11 karma

I watched TV every morning and every day after school... my mom has a picture of me drinking a bottle in front of the TV at like 1.5 years old! I love Benedict Cumberbatch.

Jack16__3 karma

What is your favourite moment on set?

alohasonya12 karma

When they pass around mana pua and pie and sandwiches on platters.

mrhaolewood3 karma

How often do you brush your teeth?

alohasonya12 karma


impeccabletim2 karma

If you could choose to portray any superhero or villain, who would you pick and why? Personally, I could see you as Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress from the DC comics because of how badass she is and you are. I hope the best for you and will be keeping up with your future work and endeavors.💖

alohasonya15 karma

Oh thanks! I will have to check her out. Umm I would play whoever Dr. Strange's love interest is... LOL.