I believe the store I worked at was number 3 in sales while I was there, behind the locations in Times Square and Disney Springs, Orlando. We also participated in Random Acts of Cold Stone during my employment which was a promotional thing that corporate ran where we gave away free ice cream for a few hours. We were the finale location for the RAoCS.

I worked there for almost 2 years to the day, thought it would be cool to answer some questions about it.

This is the only paraphernalia I have readily available because I'm currently in my college dorm. My location got personalized clothing items that other locations didn't get with our store name on them (this is a sweatshirt and headband)https://imgur.com/Dx6GXZv

edit: this is not an ad. i'm a 20 year old college student who was bored last night and googled "best reddit AMAs" because I heard of them but never read them. after reading a mcdonald's employee one, i figured 10-20 people might be interested in a cold stone one so i made an account. never expected this many responses.

also, i was fired. so no, not an ad because why would i advertise somewhere that fired me lol.

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hanzahbonanza1448 karma

I worked at The Stone for 4 years. Do you still have wrist problems? Lol I do!

Edit: I'm glad all of us with sore wrists found each other

calilexie1180 karma

i actually never got a cold stone related wrist problem but i did sprain my wrist from cheerleading towards the end of my stone career and was out for two weeks, still living with that pain lol

psychetron1342 karma

How did you feel about singing for tips?

calilexie2491 karma

my store went all out. it was go big or go home for anything a dollar or more. i was embarrassed at first but after a while it's second nature and i would come home after making $10/hr with $30+ in tips a night after a shift with 5 other people. not too shabby.

browster1137 karma

Is it hard to maintain a healthy weight when you have ice cream open and in front of you available to eat any time you want to?

calilexie1801 karma

i didn't witness any major weight gains from co-workers while i was there but i can imagine some people with slow metabolisms had trouble if they got a take home after every shift.

we used to have a milkshake called the PB&C that had to be taken off the menu because it had 2,000 calories in it so that could really send you down the shitter

whitewallsuprise376 karma

How much free ice cream did you give away during that promotion ?

calilexie592 karma

Corporate paid for $1,000 worth of ice cream and the franchise owners paid for another $1,000 of it. The free ice cream had to be a like it create your own which was like $4 at the time so around 500 cups of ice cream

whitewallsuprise267 karma

You know how to math.

calilexie285 karma

thank you, i try my hardest

eastriverdriveII266 karma

do you now hate ice cream?

calilexie458 karma

I actually loved it more after working there for two years than before I started. It became kind of an obsession.

noblecloud154 karma

How much did your arms grow?

calilexie321 karma

so much. i blame the chocolate ice cream aka rock hard hell.

poofu09115 karma

What’s your favorite ice cream?

calilexie288 karma

in general i've always been a die hard mint chip fan but i almost never got that at cold stone because the mint is like stretchy? at cold stone i would go through phases but my last one i was obsessed with was cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker crust and chocolate chips. a lot of people say the cheesecake tastes like sour milk though

StnkyWzzleTeets69 karma

Strawberry cheesecake is the only flavor I order at cold stone

calilexie50 karma

thats a really popular order but i dont like the strawberries we had there lol

K_Murphy43 karma

No way, the cheesecake is amazing. I get that with caramel sauce and chocolate shavings mixed in. It's bliss.

calilexie48 karma

RIGHT all of my coworkers hated it

whitewallsuprise99 karma

Did they just sell ice cream or could I get a greasy burger ?

What kind of cone options were there ?

Any non dairy ice cream served there for the vegans and lacos intolerant?

calilexie165 karma

just ice cream and ice cream-related things, like milkshakes and these things we called "hot stones" which were like warm stuff with ice cream on top.

we had homemade waffle cones that we made out where everyone could see, those came dipped in chocolate with various toppings. we also had sugar cones.

sorbets are non-dairy and would be prepared in a sanitized container instead of the stone for any allergies or specialized diets. smoothies can be made non-dairy upon request but would be icier than normal because the yogurt smoothie base had powdered milk in it.

shicley58 karma

How often do people ask if you have vegan ice cream?

calilexie109 karma

i've been out for almost two years now so that was before the huge vegan boom haha so not really. i'm also from new england so not a lot of vegans here

urbanrooster07-14 karma

I worked on a bunch of places like a hardees an papa johns an were always hookin it up at work do you get down with your peeps in the cooler like me?

calilexie14 karma

hahaha there was only one guy who worked there at the same time as me and he was only there for a few months, with the exception of two who started the same week i left. no hook ups but thats hilarious