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That's so fucking hot I usual get em off back page for $80 but they not all that hot an sometimes you get with a tranny instead. Im a go up to this place for sure an see if I can stick my toe init

urbanrooster07154 karma

You should look it up most of the time you can get a quickie for like $40 or 30 mins for $80. Some times me an my bros will go in on a chick an pay $100 an shell come to the house an we can tag up on it

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Most of them girls I get is from backpage

urbanrooster07-14 karma

I worked on a bunch of places like a hardees an papa johns an were always hookin it up at work do you get down with your peeps in the cooler like me?

urbanrooster07-20 karma

Haha yea we get crazy at hardees well we did but I was just like internin there at night when I was at class an I'm takin off this sem. So I can save up some money and get the trans on my escalade fixed. It's fun tho an beth there an papa johns you do it an it's like your gettin paid to bang it out in the coolers