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How did you feel about singing for tips?

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Same here. I tipped there once and found out about the singing the hard way. I felt awful as the employees sang their cheery song — it just seemed kind of humiliating and I couldn't wait until it was over.

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At the risk of sounding like a dick, the short answer is that he made enough money at his old job that he could afford to take time off and give music a shot. If it doesn't work out he can always go back to work somewhere else and chalk it up to experience.

I'm not disparaging this decision at all. In fact I respect it a lot. But not everyone has the resources to do the same thing.

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This is a false dichotomy. A constitutional republic is a form of democracy.

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That's cool. I didn't mean to imply that other people shouldn't tip you guys. You certainly deserve it, as do others in the service industry. It just made me uncomfortable to think that someone was obligated to sing because of my tipping. I know you may not mind it, but personally I would hate that part of the job. I'm not actually sure I could do it.