Thanks for all your questions. I'm sorry I didn't get through them all in the time I had. If you get a chance, tune into Tenable, weekdays at 3pm on ITV. And if you enjoy a musical, check out Eugenius! Cheers and I'll see ya in the movies!

Hey reddit, Warwick Davis here. I've been lucky enough to work on some of the greatest sci-fi, adventure, and fantasy films of all time, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Willow and Labrynth.

I am currently hosting ITV's quiz show Tenable on every day at 3pm, as well as producing a new musical called Eugenius!

Alright, I think that's it! Ask me anything!


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markican933301 karma

What was it like to work with Karl Pilkington?

pigtrotsky630 karma

Also, were you offended by the way he talks about you (little fella, etc) or did you find it part of his charm?

WarwickADavis1403 karma

I am not easily offended. I just took that as part of Karl's charm.

leyashs389 karma

Is he really an idiot?

WarwickADavis1035 karma


thebeautifulellen2344 karma

Hello Mr. Davis, out of all the prosthetics and makeup you’ve had to wear, which was your favorite and which was the most difficult to have applied?

WarwickADavis3620 karma

The Griphook make-up in Harry Potter was the most challenging. It was very heavy and restrictive but I think it looked incredible. I have so much respect for Nick Dudman and his team of artists.

blushing_fae2256 karma

You played three different roles in Harry Potter, how easy was it to keep all the characters distinct when playing them? Were you familiar with the Harry Potter universe before taking on the roles?

WarwickADavis2321 karma

You have to approach each character differently. it starts with the way they think, then add body language and posture. They become distinct and different automatically, it wasn't a conscious effort.

GurvHD1779 karma

Hi Warwick, How different did it feel working on the newest Star Wars films to how it was back in the 80s?

WarwickADavis2536 karma

It's really not that different. I find it just as exciting as I did when I was 11 and many of the techniques used have not changed at all.

AtL_eAsTwOoD1688 karma

Does making Willow 2 interest you?

WarwickADavis2526 karma


corsair16171490 karma

I absolutely love Willow. I killed my vhs as a kid I watched it so much. Would you be willing to do a sequel even after so long? It would be cool to see you ask the next generation what finger holds the magic to change the world.

WarwickADavis1697 karma

An older Willow would be interesting to explore.

HillsHoistRepresent981 karma

Hello. Forgive me if this comes out offensive, none is meant.

I really love your work and think you are a great actor. Sometimes I feel like you are somewhat typecasted into rolls inherently designed for little people. Is it hard or even possible to get major roles that are open and not little specific? It's an honest question becuase i would love to see you just act in a position. I feel like every time I've seen you do this its in an project of your own device. Anyway, would love to hear from you mate.

WarwickADavis1171 karma

I am very happy with the roles I have been getting throughout my career. They have all been interesting and I am constantly being pushed creatively and learning new skills. I have a new quiz show called 'Tenable' on ITV in the UK and I can honestly say I love hosting it even though it is more difficult than playing a character in a movie, for example.

Sepherocky703 karma

Warwick, if you could cast any spell only once each day, what would it be?

WarwickADavis2795 karma

An anti-discrimination spell.

fr4gge693 karma

What is your dream roll in a movie?

WarwickADavis1679 karma

A spy like James Bond.

KngHrts2648 karma

Mr. Davis, what's it like being part of two of the biggest franchises (Star Wars and Harry Potter) of all time?

WarwickADavis932 karma

I feel incredibly lucky.

brusty583 karma

What are your favorite TV shows right now?

WarwickADavis2675 karma

I am absolutely loving Stranger Things 2. I have resisted watching the whole series in one sitting, instead savouring one episode each evening. If they do make a season 3, I will personally travel to and camp outside The Duffer Bros. house to get a part.

TheRealShnozberrys561 karma

Which Leprechaun movie was your favorite, and if you could pick any setting for a future movie, what would you choose?

WarwickADavis978 karma

Lep 3. I think it would be fun to do a Leprechaun / Pirates hybrid movie.

_Tropix496 karma

What was the worst thing you had to endure while filming Idiot Abroad?

WarwickADavis764 karma

Horrendous hotels!

TheDrCharlie476 karma

Mr Davis, if you could choose your last meal on Earth, what would it be?

WarwickADavis938 karma


WarwickADavis444 karma

Thanks for all your questions. I'm sorry I didn't get through them all in the time I had. If you get a chance, tune into Tenable, weekdays at 3pm on ITV. And if you enjoy a musical, check out Eugenius! Cheers and I'll see ya in the movies!

AneiraKaterina376 karma

Hello!!! If you could adopt any fantasy beast or creature from the various universes you’ve acted in as a pet, what would you choose?

WarwickADavis731 karma

I like the look of the Porgs in The Last Jedi.

mgoyoda360 karma

What's your favorite song?

Thanks for doing this, and for all of your work!

WarwickADavis885 karma

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. I had so much fun performing the song in the musical, Spamalot.

thebestofblue330 karma

How was it working with the Yogscast in the past? Would you work with them again in the future?

WarwickADavis377 karma

They are a great team. I'd be happy to collaborate on further project with them.

kaaaaath313 karma

What was your most fun moment on your adventures with Karl?

WarwickADavis508 karma

Seeing al the fantastic places we visited and having experiences I wouldn't have had on a normal holiday.

cademd241 karma

With well over 30 years of acting under your belt, where would you like the next 10 to go Mr Davis?

WarwickADavis1244 karma

I'd love to host a TV talk show. I have a title... 'Small Talk with Warwick Davis'

TheCrashTheory225 karma

What was it like working with Val Kilmer?

WarwickADavis494 karma

I think Val is a brilliant person and actor. We got along great, and still do. He is often misrepresented in the media, which is a shame.

sonofaBilic224 karma

Hi Warwick, what's with the name Warwick? Is it 'cos you were conceived in Warwick Castle?
Also, do you refer to your own house as Warwick's castle? missed opportunity if not.
All the best.

WarwickADavis544 karma

My name was seen by my parents as graffiti on a train station wall. It turns out it's a good name for an actor as it's quite unusual.

I often refer to my house as Warwick's Castle on my quiz show, Tenable.

chillkiwi85177 karma

Hi Mr Davis, I have been a fan of yours since I was very young, I spent many days pretending to be Wicket playing in the forrest near my home. But without a doubt Willow holds the closest place to my heart - do you have any stories about Val Kilmer from your time on the film and do you do any magic tricks yourself? Thanks and never stop being awesome!

WarwickADavis476 karma

Val Kilmer once broke my pair of fake Ray-Ban sunglasses on purpose. Waited for me to get annoyed, then gave me 2 pairs of real Ray-Bans.

I learnt magic for Willow but don't practice any of the tricks now.

GreasyCheese452148 karma

Will we ever see any more of Porridge on Dr. Who?

WarwickADavis242 karma

I'd love to do more Porridge. I think he's a very interesting character with so much more to offer, after all, he is the emperor of the known universe!

ieatcommentpopcornz146 karma

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

WarwickADavis307 karma


diverfan88138 karma

How are YOU, as a person?

WarwickADavis323 karma

A bit grumpy... as a GOBLIN!

Deemaine125 karma

Whats your favourite flavour of pot noodle??

WarwickADavis187 karma

Never eaten one.

vagabondhermit116 karma

Favorite sandwich?

WarwickADavis202 karma

Cheese salad.

DamagedSave111 karma

Ha I'm just remembering how I once met you when you were in Woolacombe, it always stuck out to me that you took the time to meet and greet people who wanted to speak to you even though you had a bunch of people telling you that you had to get going. So thanks for being cool!

What's you're favourite moment from the Harry Potter series?

WarwickADavis142 karma

It's hard to choose 1 moment from 11 years of memories. I had a wonderful experience during that time. My fondest memories are of the people involved in the making of the films.

Nicksherb108 karma

What were Mr Merchant and Mr Gervais like to work with?

Also, how did Johnny Depp fit in? Was it via Tim Burton? Did you meet Helen on Harry Potter?

WarwickADavis193 karma

Stephen is very funny and a brilliant writer/performer. Ricky is sometimes like a 6yr old child - mischievous and silly.

Ricky just asked Johnny and he said yes.

goatysix95 karma

The power to control the world is in which finger?

WarwickADavis215 karma

Your own, of course.

SpookyLlama88 karma

What role would you like to be remembered for?

WarwickADavis272 karma

Not sure which role but as an actor who just happens to be short!

LucidTopiary75 karma

Hi Warwick I really love your work :)

Im disabled and am interested if you perceive yourself as disabled? Also do you think more should be done to raise awareness about disability, particularly in the UK where attitudes seem to be very polarised and negative?

WarwickADavis190 karma

I don't perceive myself as being disabled. I think it's important to take what could be a disadvantage and a negative thing in your life, reframe it, and only see the positives it brings you.