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Brilliant answer to a brilliant question.

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Ha I'm just remembering how I once met you when you were in Woolacombe, it always stuck out to me that you took the time to meet and greet people who wanted to speak to you even though you had a bunch of people telling you that you had to get going. So thanks for being cool!

What's you're favourite moment from the Harry Potter series?

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Hi Bo, been quite a big fan for a while now, and was super excited to learn you had an hour long skit on Netflix, must have watched that a good few time and have just watched "what."

Anyway, to the question. Do you often find that people make judgements on you based on your stage persona? I think it's brilliant and really adds to your performance, but from what I gather in "what.", especially your very last piece, you are a very genuine comic who appreciates all you've been given.