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Also, were you offended by the way he talks about you (little fella, etc) or did you find it part of his charm?

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What percentage of your customers are heavily pregnant women purchasing a slab of bourbon and coke premix and a pack of holidays 40s?

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In a lot of cases, no. Even though some components may be newer technology such as Internet or Mobile Banking platforms, practically the whole stack from wealth management to insurance to loans to general ledger would need this capability, and a good portion of those most likely still run on mainframe with fixed data lengths or just hardcoded schemas which would never have been designed to handle such large numbers.

Great question though, it would be very interesting to see how they handled it in Zim, possibly storing a base amount which was multiplied by a static exponent? (given the hyperinflation would remove any need to record smaller amounts than the lowest unit of hard currency at the time). You can't withdraw the equivalent of less than a penny. Or maybe they just never bothered to handle those numbers in accounts given any balance would have been worthless in short time. I have no idea how they handled it.

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I suspect people are just concerned that anything said here could jeopardize the case against your Mother. I am not sure whether this concerns you but I'd see it more as a general concern than a specific technicality.

It's Indonesian law, so there might well be little to no chance of it being an issue anyway.

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Is it known how long the resistance is effective for?