Hi! We are the high school and college students running the charity Gamers Gift.

We focus on bringing VR to children's hospitals, elderly homes, and people who are disabled as an opportunity for them to escape to another world beyond their hospital room or wheelchair.

We are so grateful and proud to say that because of our amazing community we have raised over $50,000 thus far in almost 2 years of operation.

We are all super passionate about how video games and technology can bring happiness to others, and we are really looking forward to discussing that with you all!

AMA participants:

Dillon: CEO and Founder, College Student studying Cognitive Science

Amber: CTO, College Student studying Computer Science

Sean: Community Director, High School Student

My Proof: https://twitter.com/Gamers_Gift/status/924027128366055424

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Ragtter12 karma

I love Gamers Gift! What is the end goal for each of you outside of Gamers Gift? What skills do you bring from your other experiences into Gamers Gift?

gamersgiftofficial7 karma

I want to do something amazing with technology, something that makes an impact on the present and future. This includes, but is not limited to, an evil death ray. I'm a really good Googler, so anytime we need something I always have a solution: 'Google it!' - Dillon

gamersgiftofficial3 karma

Right now I'm really intrigued by game development, however as we know that is a really difficult field to get into. So for now I'm just having fun with it!

I guess just loving technology and video games in general just makes me really passionate about what Gamers Gift does! Maybe someday I can make some cool VR games.


shitfuckmothershig7 karma

This sounds a bit like an episode of Black Mirror, do you get that comparison a lot?

gamersgiftofficial9 karma

It's almost got a San Junipero vibe, huh? No one has told us that before but anything related to VR - especially towards groups that could become so dependent on it - has Black Mirror-level concerns.

Also, Ready Player One if you've read it.

  • Dillon

Joe4346 karma

What types of vr “experiences” do the groups you work with enjoy most?

gamersgiftofficial3 karma

TheBlu scuba diving experience is a very good introduction for most people. If they enjoy that, rollercoasters! After that we can begin introducing interactive experiences like snow skiing. -Dillon

Joe4341 karma

Nice. I brought my grandpa in to my college to use the vr set up in our library to show him Google Earth and walk around Rome. He liked it but got a headache after like ten minutes.

gamersgiftofficial1 karma

Do you remember what hardware you used?

ColorColourCoulor6 karma

What are your favorite colors?

gamersgiftofficial3 karma

Wow you love colors! Mines purple. - Dillon

gamersgiftofficial3 karma

Green! I have a green car. -Amber

Juno_Girl6 karma

Do the elderly understand what's going on when you do this? Do they appreciate it?

gamersgiftofficial6 karma

They all look very confused as we setup, and even more confused as we try to explain it. Once one person tries it, everything makes a little bit more sense.

Most everyone appreciates it! We've taken a few people back to old places they used to visit...homes, parks, etc and the reaction has been spectacular.


I had an experience where a blind person wanted to put it on lol. Generally though, they like it! As Dillon said their favorites are usually things that bring back some sort of memory. For example maybe they used to go Skiing, we'll try to find them some sort of VR experience relating to that. More than anything, I think they just appreciate the company and talking to us about the memories that come back.


thegreatgazoo2 karma

Could you use something like VR via a headphone system for the blind, particularly if the source sound had very distinct left and right channels?

gamersgiftofficial2 karma

Binaural audio is definitely something that would be amazing for blind people. Like this: https://youtu.be/IUDTlvagjJA

We spent some time with a blind boy who played video games because he loves the excitement of the sounds, though that wasn't a binaural source.


eman2204 karma

Who is your favorite Team GG streamer who streams on the Gamers Gift Twitch channel?

On a more serious note, what it the end goal for Gamers Gift, do you hope to eventually be a larger organization helping people across the US?

You all are awesome and keep doing the good things you do!

gamersgiftofficial2 karma

I'll in be in Central California next week, Bay Area the week after, and SoCal in December for visits. Every person in the world facing hardship deserves the escape VR provides. -Dillon

thegreatgazoo2 karma

What type of gear do you use?

One of the problems I've had with VR is that it gives me really bad motion sickness, particularly things like Google Cardboard. Is your gear better than that?

gamersgiftofficial1 karma

We've used the Gear VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

We usually use the Vive when we can, it offers the best experience (for the situations we need it for) and people very rarely get nausea during our visits (no one has thrown up, just a little dizzy after a rolleroaster). -Dillon

gamersgiftofficial1 karma

I personally can't use any of the gear for more than a couple hours. Just kind of gives me a bit of a headache. -Amber

Lev12 karma

If Gamer's Gift were to receive more money over time, how would those funds be used? How should we expect our money to be used, if we were to donate?

gamersgiftofficial3 karma

That's a good question! As a nonprofit we do not get paid so the money mostly goes to two things. Either it goes outreach for more headsets, game systems, and other outreach opportunities (like when we gave a refugee school chrome books). Or towards fundraising and advertising. With events we can foster a great community that gets connected with the cause and we can grow a bit. Some events are free for us to do like community game nights over the internet or art exchanges but for awesome events like the GG:WP, tournaments, etc we need money to rent venues, food and any other cost associated with that.

If you want any more information we do have a transparency page on our website you can check out that breaks down everything! Sorry for the formatting though I'm on mobile. http://gamersgift.org/transparency/


alrugen2 karma

I am a environment modeler that is working with a VR startup based in Seattle. I appreciate your initiative in using VR as a tool to help people rather just as a form of entertainment for consumers. Is there any way I can help or get involved?

gamersgiftofficial1 karma

On a basic level you can join us in our 24 Hour Livestream TODAY at 9am PST: http://gamersgift.org/gglp and join our community of people across the world.

Corporation donations and partnerships work wonders. Just some quick brainstorming, we could schedule a visit up in Seattle with your company or you could help us model certain programs, etc. Email me at [email protected] and we'll talk specifics!

  • Dillon

Spinymad1 karma

What are your favorite Dinosaurs?

gamersgiftofficial2 karma

Saurolophus because of Ducky from Land Before Time.


papai20081 karma

what about porn?

gamersgiftofficial2 karma

The elderly joke about this more often than you'd expect. - Dillon

cra2reddit1 karma

Are there dangers for vision associated with wearing gear that close to the eyes?

gamersgiftofficial1 karma

As far as I know, not really for adults. It can cause some eye/ head discomfort though for some people.

I have read that there may be some increased risks for children using VR for extended periods of time since their eyes are still in development and they need to see a certain amount of sunlight and whatnot for their eyes to develop correctly.


ironman821 karma

so what do you think of the situation in venezuela?

gamersgiftofficial3 karma

I hope everything ends well for any country going through crisis right now. Argentina, Spain, etc