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all praise be to got

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I'm not going to downvote you because... well, that's dumb. Rediquette says NOT to downvote over opinion - that would be like trying to silence people you don't agree with. Rediquette says to downvote things that are inappropriate or in the wrong sub.

That said, I'm going to disagree with you. While I don't care what some rando internet guy believes, I don't want to support the efforts of those who can use their success to infringe on what I believe as people's rights. Ergo, I believe in voting with my wallet.

So I wouldn't support a tool or business that is backed by, or will grant benefits (power) to, someone with dangerous views (IMHO).

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So when do you reveal the bad, relationship-ending, ones? After sex? Engagement? Kids?

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I say we all get behind you and ...er... um.. I meant we all rally around you and push you for this job. And then you have to vlog about it every day and post here.

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Like ripped them off instantly or they had to be pulled off to free you?