EDIT: Thanks for all the questions, reddit! This has been fun as usual. Hope to see some of you when I'm with Kari and Grant on the Down the Rabbit Hole tour and otherwise see you here some other time!

It's been about a year since my last reddit AMA, so I thought it was time to do another. Ask me anything about MythBusters, White Rabbit Project, Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Galaxy Quest, The Matrix 2 and 3, etc.!

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Internetallstar5355 karma

I asked Adam Savage this, I'll ask you too.

When will some one remake Junkyard Wars? It seems like it would be perfect for some one with your skill set.

tory_belleci6386 karma

That's funny you say that. We've been talking about revamping that show.

stargazer4182641 karma

Did you ever recover from the emotional damage caused by the infamous bike jump?

tory_belleci2489 karma

Haha! Yes, and amazingly I didn't get injured too bad. I need to revisit that jump using a BMX bike.

RCDuke888 karma

Wait, you're actually considering jumping the wagon again? Do you think using a BMX bike instead of that "cruiser" would help?

If you do decide to jump it again, we'll need Kari and Scottie there for commentary. Just like old times!

tory_belleci1652 karma

Totally. The "Cruiser" was way too heavy. BMX should be a piece of cake. I'll post it on YouTube.

PM_meyour_closeshave712 karma

"Lets egg Tori on until he hurts himself" lol

tory_belleci652 karma

Why would they do that?

TheXenophobe1242 karma

Well you apparently worked on a ton of stuff that defined my childhood. Any memorable moments from your movie work?

tory_belleci1943 karma

Starship Trooper was the first movie I worked on at Industrial Light and Magic and it is the one movie I'm most proud of.

notangryjustupset1063 karma

I just want you to know that is my favorite movie to watch drunk.

tory_belleci1171 karma


motarsmind1225 karma

Where did you learn the majority of your workshop and building skills? I.E. Welding, carpentry, electronics, etc..

tory_belleci2659 karma

A lot of the skills I have I learned on the job. Fake it till you make it.

TabletopNewtype-11103 karma

If you can have one piece of tech from all the fictional universes you were involved in. What would it be and why?

tory_belleci1481 karma

Light saber! Great question.

Stanty161086 karma

Who decided on the cars used in non-car specific myths/scenarios? It seemed sometimes that sought after classics got destroyed sometimes, where regular/other cars could have been used

tory_belleci1662 karma

It still breaks my heart that we destroyed so many classic cars. Ugh.

RaccoonOfKnowledge987 karma

Also, have you ever had to work with any celebrities (not asking for names!) that you just refuse to work with again? If so, what sort of behavior was it that caused it?

tory_belleci1568 karma

Kari Byron!...Just kidding.

RaccoonOfKnowledge927 karma

Has there ever been a project you took on, regretted half-way through, and had it end up being one of your favorites when done? Or have you pretty much always ended feeling the same way you started?

tory_belleci2242 karma

My first week on Mythbusters. I left ILM where I was working on big special effects movies, next thing I knew I was scraping chicken guts off the walls of Jamie's shop. I almost quit, but I'm very glad I stuck it out.

PMurSquanch920 karma

Did the build team get booted from the show by the producers? by Adam and Jamie? or did you guys decide to leave on your own?

Did you really enjoy the skits you guys did re: myths (i.e. the prison break).

Where did you guys go to shoot your machine gun myths?

tory_belleci1427 karma

It was a combination of circumstances. The show had run it's course and we were ready to move on to new opportunities.

Demderdemden873 karma

How did MB change your life the most? Did you begin to be recognised on the street, and did you expect that when you started? Oddest/best fan interaction?

tory_belleci1872 karma

Being recognized definitely took time to get used to. The best interactions are when fans recognize me, but can't place where they know me from. Did we go to school together? Do you work at my dry cleaners? So funny.

nerwal85779 karma

About 10 years ago you were in Windsor, Ontario on a tour speaking to kids. The extra tickets were turned over to the university and I was able to attend. In your talk you showed your Mythbusters audition tape “Do girls fart?” and also a video of a childhood experiment that I think was just a pipe bomb that you filmed from 6 feet away. Any chance you could share those videos again?

tory_belleci954 karma

Oh man! That was a while ago. I'll look through my video files and see if I can find them.

nonaestet758 karma

Can you make a machine that will pay off my student loans?

tory_belleci2065 karma

It already exists. It's called a phone. Call your family.

hyoun32750 karma

What was the funniest episode of Mythbusters you filmed?

tory_belleci1151 karma

Probably the superhero episode. I just remember dressing up in costume and running around the shop like a freak.

crystalcassel746 karma

Ariana's buttock on the stool : myth confirmed or busted ? your opinion ?

tory_belleci1105 karma

Photoshop: Busted

touchedbyhisnoodle717 karma

Was there a myth on the show that you were personally afraid to test?

tory_belleci1207 karma

Anything involving heights I tend to stay away from.

ecniv_o678 karma

What's the most scared you've been on the job?

tory_belleci1633 karma

On White Rabbit Project I built a 1902 replica race car, the Baker Torpedo. I got it up to 80mph and when I applied the brakes the bolts sheered and I was heading for a cliff at the end of the runway with no brakes. At the last minute I cranked the wheel left and the car came to a stop.

Edgefish614 karma

Dunno if you have answer this, but after "Hot Chile Cures" ep, did it made you love or hate spicy food more or less?

tory_belleci914 karma

I still enjoy spicy foods, but I cringe when I smell habanero peppers.

christdaburg590 karma

When I was young watching mythbusters I always thought you and Kari Byron were a thing, were you guys together at some point?

tory_belleci1010 karma

No, just good friends. She's like my lil sister.

anithia576 karma

We see on camera that yourself, Kari, and Grant have a great rapport. Do you continue to see them outside of the office?

tory_belleci839 karma

I see Kari all the time and now that our White Rabbit Project Live tour is starting I'll be seeing both of them more.

cautionjump428 karma

Was it you or Adam who got on Jaime Hyneman's nerves more? haha

tory_belleci553 karma

I think you already have the answer to that one. ha!

GunnerSkale_777360 karma

What was the worst injury you have sustained on Mythbusters?

tory_belleci720 karma

I only went to the emergency room once on MB. Hollywood myths I was trying to hang on to the edge of a building. When I let go I fell 10ft and my shin hit the ledge of a window below. 7 stitches later I was good to go.

stlarry359 karma

Will there be more of the White Rabbit Project?

tory_belleci745 karma

Ask Netflix. It's a bummer, because we were so happy with the way the show turned out, but a lot of people didn't even know we had a new show.

snicketsnickers344 karma

Do you have any favorite YouTube channels to recommend?

tory_belleci688 karma

Corridor Digital

PirateX84324 karma

Hi Tory!
Two quick questions: What was your favorite Myth to bust? And what was the most surprising result or conclusion you and the crew ever came to?
Thanks for doing this!

tory_belleci521 karma

Dynamite Cement Truck.

krystynlo307 karma

How did it feel to work on Star Wars? Were you a fan when you saw it as a kid?

tory_belleci474 karma

Star Wars changed my life as a kid. It was a dream come true to get to work on the Star Wars movies.

Simmonsdude269 karma

If you had a time machine where would you visit?

tory_belleci388 karma

The Jurassic Period.

Rlchv70237 karma

Plan to do anymore racing soon? How did you enjoy Lemons?

tory_belleci341 karma

24hrs of Lemons was awesome! I want to do it again. I approached them about doing a tv show.

Captainboner217 karma

What's your favorite album?

tory_belleci518 karma

Nevermind by Nirvana

kumamanuma215 karma

Did you ever get back at Scottie for the wagon bike jump?

tory_belleci325 karma

No, but I do get to torture Kari from time to time.

Venichee211 karma

Will you please adopt me as your son and take me out to ice cream?

But seriously big fan I've been watching all your shows ever since I was a kid!

tory_belleci190 karma


SullyGee196 karma

What are your thoughts on the Mythbusters reboot? Do you think the show should have ended when Jamie and Adam left, or are you happy to see the legacy continue?

tory_belleci351 karma

I haven't really checked it out, but good luck to them.

Damn_Dog_Inappropes181 karma

I love everyone from Mythbusters, but you, Kari, and Grant seem like great friends in real life. You are a joy to watch together! Thanks for the good times!

How many times a day at the shop did you think to yourself, "I have the best job on Earth and I'm one of the five luckiest mofos alive!"?

tory_belleci247 karma

I would think that to myself several times a day.

pokinfolks163 karma

Where can we check out some of your sculptures/paintings?

tory_belleci242 karma


Dreadzombie8156 karma

Man Mythbusters steered me towards engineering, whats the most difficult thing you've had to build in your career??? Thanks!

tory_belleci220 karma

Stoked you were influenced by the show. Hardest thing ever to build was probably the earthquake shake table. That thing was a beast.

fiasco97136 karma

Were there ever any myths you wanted to test but never got around to it?

tory_belleci333 karma

Going over the Niagara Falls in a barrel. Obviously I would get to build a super barrel out of space age materials.

CyTuba1441125 karma

You're friends with joel zimmerman. Whats your favorite car of his that he either previously or currently owns?

tory_belleci219 karma

The Nyanborgini

crostrom124 karma

Asking the important question here. Automatic or standard?

tory_belleci257 karma


DPS_Dylan123 karma

Do you have a desire to go back into making special effects for movies or non-educational TV shows (such as The Expanse, or the new Star Wars/Star Trek films)?

tory_belleci199 karma

I do miss model making. I was hoping that the old model shop was going to get some work in for The Force Awakens, but it never happened.

cerealjynx120 karma

How many other guys have you met that also have the name Tory?

tory_belleci211 karma

Weirdly enough on the set of MB and WRP we had a builder named Tory.

themindstream115 karma

Are you still building/making stuff? I see mentions on your Twitter of a comic, anything else? If you aren't, anything you would like to be doing?

tory_belleci210 karma

I have a horror movie I'm writing now so I'm stoked on that at them moment.

mcaustic103 karma

When you signed up for MythBusters did you know it would be so painful or hazardous?

tory_belleci166 karma

I blame myself for that. I really need to learn how to say no.

asaboyka99 karma

Aside from basic needs, what is the best thing you have ever bought?

tory_belleci208 karma

I just bought an iPad pro with Procreate sketch. I can't put it down.

GunnerSkale_77789 karma

What did it feel like when Kari was 'mind controlling' you? Did it hurt?

tory_belleci134 karma

It hurt like hell! Funny, but painful.

mattreyu86 karma

What did you have the most fun building/fabricating for mythbusters?

tory_belleci150 karma

One of my favorite builds was the rocket surfboard. Figuring out how to attach 200 rockets and have them go off in stages while staying on for the ride was the best!

islandsimian77 karma

Who inspired you to get to where you are now?

tory_belleci146 karma

My dad. He was very creative and loved helping me with what ever crazy ideas I had. He still does.

GunnerSkale_77768 karma

Hi Tory!!!! Im a huge, huge, HUGE fan! You're one of my all time favorite tv heros, I would really like to know when you Kari and Grant will be returning to television- if you are! I miss you guys so much and I was so sad to hear that there wont be a season 2 of White Rabbit Project (I loved the show!) Will you ever be doing a show like that again?

tory_belleci91 karma

Thanks! Yeah it's a bummer about WRP. We have some shows in development so hopefully we'll be back soon. We miss you guys!

citizenkane8660 karma

Which was the hardest myth to get the insurance company/producers to let you actually test rather than putting a dummy in the situation?

tory_belleci174 karma

There were many. When I fell through the awnings for an Indiana Jones myth they wouldn't let Adam do, but apparently I was expendable. haha! We used the same insurance company that insured Jackass.

drumdude13860 karma

What's your favourite fruit and why?

tory_belleci159 karma

Mango. It just is.

white0devil052 karma

Have you at any time during your career thought "By golly I wish I had studied X subject for Y thing I'm doing right now."?

tory_belleci74 karma

Every day. Why didn't I pay more attention in science class.

zek_050 karma

Do you watch anime? Whats your favorite series if so?

tory_belleci123 karma

Akira and Ghost in the Shell are two of my favorite anime movies.

thep90guy49 karma

What have you been up to after Mythbusters?

tory_belleci135 karma

We made a tv series for Netflix called White Rabbit Project. Check it out.

noshore4me37 karma

What are your favorite restaurants on the Peninsula?

tory_belleci49 karma

Delfina Pizzeria, Slanted Door, Kokkari

Caboose4297731 karma

Do you sometimes go back and rewatch episodes of mythbusters and laugh at your own antics?

tory_belleci61 karma

No, but watching some of the stunts I did I do think, "What the $%&* was I thinking?"

tomasonale15 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

tory_belleci28 karma

I'll take 100 duck-sized horses please.

GunnerSkale_77712 karma

What happened to "Blow it up"? I need you to to blow up my math homework for me! 😂😂😂

tory_belleci18 karma

I'm trying to find a new home for it. That was a fun web series.

Esmer83211 karma

Favorite food?

Really just wanted to say thank you for so many years of Mythbusters—that show inspired me to go into science and I miss it a lot!

tory_belleci15 karma

Thanks! Italian food.

nonaestet11 karma

How is insurance handled differently on Netflix than Discovery? Do they let you get away with more dangerous stunts?

I know you guys joked about you being "expendable" in that Discovery wouldnt let Adam or Jamie do a few stunts, but would let you do them, did that change over the series as you started becoming more and more popular on the show?

tory_belleci25 karma

I think the more the show got popular the more cautious Discovery became.

McManzus185 karma

Hey Tory! I grew up watching you and the gang blowing stuff up in the name of science on Mythbusters!

I’m curious, when you were young, what did you want to do with your life? Have you lived your life according to plan, or has your life been led by opportunity?

tory_belleci10 karma

I always wanted to work in special effects for the movies. This whole TV thing was just following an opportunity.

cablemonkey6044 karma

What was your biggest 'oh shit maybe we shouldn't be doing this' moment?

tory_belleci6 karma

Yes! Jumping into shark infested waters for Shark Week.

PoseidonLives893 karma

What is your favorite Sylvester Stallone movie?

tory_belleci5 karma

First Blood

Sentri2 karma

What was your favorite episode of White Rabbit Project? Does the production of the new series feel different from how Mythbusters was?

It seems to me that in both shows you get to genuinely have fun! Always fun to see you freak out about sciencey cool stuff! I would too. Just heard about your tour, which happens to coincide with my holiday in Seattle, hope to see you there! :)

tory_belleci2 karma

My fav ep of WRP was superpowers. I got to throw lightening bolts!!!

RumpleFugly2010802 karma

Hi. Two unrelated questions here. PS or Xbox? and what do you think of Rick and Morty?

tory_belleci3 karma



95Mb2 karma

I had no idea you worked at ILM! How did you get in, and what did you study beforehand?

tory_belleci3 karma

I went to film school at San Francisco State before working at ILM.

loladrenaline2 karma

Huge myth-busters fan here, what is your favorite myth that you tested? My favorite was the bullet proof car using phonebooks!

tory_belleci2 karma

Bullet proofing a car with phone books was an awesome episode.