My name is Jocko Willink. I'm a retired SEAL Officer and author of the books Extreme Ownership, Way of the Warrior Kid, and Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual. I also host the podcast, JOCKO PODCAST, where I talk about leadership and human nature through the lens of war and human struggle. Outside of that, I own Echelon Front, a leadership and management consulting company that works with businesses in every industry. I’m also a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, an avid surfer, and father of four “highly motivated” children.

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eastriverdriveII1245 karma

Jocko, is Joe Rogan better looking in person?

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btmi222757 karma

Most burpee's youve ever done continuously?

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MavrikM100708 karma


Wanted to send thanks your way. Partly in thanks to your podcast, i have left my 3rd shift factory job and will be shipping out for navy boot camp in 1 week.

Coincidentally, my A school is in San Diego. Can you recommend a good beginners bjj gym? I trained tae kwon do for 9 years, and really wanna branch out my game.

JockoWillink1246 karma

Victory MMA. 3666 Midway Drive. See you there.

gentscofflaw546 karma

Hey Jocko, you talk a lot about "Extreme Ownership" in life, but is there ever a situation when it is appropriate to lay the blame on someone else or a circumstance?

JockoWillink1344 karma

Yes. When someone intentionally does something immoral, unethical, or criminally wrong.

JockoWillink544 karma

Hey all, I have to go get some work done. Thanks for joining. I will try to get back later and answer more questions. Jocko

mrpants10543 karma

Hi Jocko, reading Extreme Ownership completely changed my approach to being a leader within my company (I'm one of the younger "leaders"). So thank you. Recently our team at work has had issues that result in a lot of the leaders pointing the finger downward to cast blame when things go wrong, rather than at themselves. What's the best approach to getting them to buy into the Extreme Ownership mindset so that we can actually fix our problems?

JockoWillink1920 karma

When they point the finger at you, accept the blame and fix the problem. Eventually, they will either take ownership, or you will take their job.

austinin4449 karma

Jocko, do you have suggestions on what first steps to take to start to develop personal willpower and discipline?

JockoWillink1292 karma

Stop trying to develop and start DOING.

gunsNdabs350 karma

When will you and Sam harris decide who is the better grappler?

JockoWillink691 karma

After we grapple.

chiefxizor328 karma

Hey Jocko, when can we expect to hear your podcast with Jordan B Peterson?

JockoWillink434 karma

Early November.

pandapenis1322 karma

Ever read "Fearless", by Eric Blehm? Good book for the podcast.

JockoWillink320 karma

Have it. Will do it.

runboyrun14315 karma

Jocko, good morning, you mentioned the podcast has created a new bridge for you and your wife to connect as she gets to just sit and listen to you speak your thoughts. Is there any plan to have her on the podcast?

JockoWillink500 karma

She WILL NOT come on.

Animastj294 karma

Jocko- are you able to fuel endurance/ multiday efforts in the field with your day to day low-carb diet?

Thanks for the commitment to delivering excellent content.

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EmptyLad285 karma

During college, how long did you spend studying a day? Do you ever get burnout?

JockoWillink631 karma

2-8 hours. Yes. But it didn't matter. Did it anyway.

BJJnoob1990277 karma

Hi Jocko, thanks for doing this and being a general inspiration to thousands. What do you think is the most important thing to focus on at each belt in Bjj? Thanks again. (Bjj blue belt in particular as that's my current rank)

JockoWillink702 karma

White: Relax Blue: Relax Purple: Relax Brown: Relax Black: Start Learning.

Pweg270 karma

Hey Jocko, what do you think is the most difficult thing you've had to overcome, and how were you able to? Thanks!

JockoWillink817 karma

Losing my friends. Live a life that honors their sacrifice.

mellowdann230 karma

Hey Jocko, I like how you always mention people should be able to do pull-ups, as so many gym goers look so strong, yet cannot do pull-ups. As a rock climber, one of my main exercises is pull-ups. Have you ever tried rock climbing?

JockoWillink442 karma

Yes. It is fun. I am not good.

Wyliecody173 karma

Hey jocko, first thank you for sharing what you know and how you go about things. My question is simple, have you gotten any blow back from the seal community for your book or podcast? When are you gonna go talk to Joe Rogan again?

JockoWillink239 karma

No. My SEAL Friends listen to the podcast. Not sure.

backpackingbarbie170 karma

hey Jocko, I loved Extreme Ownership and am an avid listener of the podcast. 2 questions:

1) what's the most important piece of advice you've given to your daughters?

2) I'm a college senior applying for jobs; how do you deal with working hard/trying your best for something and still failing?

JockoWillink405 karma

  1. Discipline Equals Freedom.
  2. Good. I get to try again, harder.

mhkesler84169 karma

Jocko, I completed the process for Concealed Carry Permit in my state and I'm set to receive in 45 days. Any further training you recommend? Do agree with Concealed Carry? and Do you concealed carry in California?

JockoWillink270 karma

Train as much as you can. Yes. Yes.

Bolognabill154 karma


What music do you listen to when you've got to GET AFTER IT?

Also, what unconventional PT would you recommend for a platoon (besides Jiu-jitsu, we already have a few days that we roll) that would be intense but also entertaining?

Thank you

JockoWillink278 karma

Old School Hardcore. Combat Waterpolo.

GarethKale136 karma

Jocko, long time listener here. Any chance you can get yourself, Tony, and Leif in the same room at the same time and record it? That would be amazing

JockoWillink150 karma

Will try.

nlaurenti132 karma

Morning sir.

  1. You mention Band of Brothers and the Pacific often on the podcast. What is your take of the Generation Kill miniseries? Topic for the podcast?

  2. Signing up for bjj today, gonna do my first class. Advice for a newbie?

Huge fan, and thanks for all you do!

JockoWillink144 karma

  1. Haven't watched.
  2. Relax.

abag20127 karma

Hey Jocko, I have an interview coming up for a DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) school in about a month. It consists of 4 sets of group interviews in one day with the last one being myself and one other candidate. In this last round, I will have to explain to the admissions staff in front of me why I am a better fit for the program than the person sitting next to me and he/she will have to do the same. How do I remain humble and true to myself but also complete the task that is going to be presented to me? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

JockoWillink210 karma

Be humble, yes, but tell the truth about why you will be great for the school, what it means to you, and what you will do with the degree.

thatguy_1776119 karma

JOCKOOOOOO!!!!! Because of you I now can’t sleep later than 5 am and have to workout everyday or I feel like a bum. Love your podcast. My question, do you have specific days where you train for strength or endurance? Or does it change depending on how you’re feeling? Thanks for your service and also for sparking a fire in so many of us to get disciplined.

JockoWillink87 karma

I train them both, often.

jtobin34103 karma

Hey Jocko, Can you share a few comments about your relationship with Seth Stone? I'm an old friend of his and went to middle school and high school with him. These last 10 days have been a big shock to many people, here in Houston and all across the world.

JockoWillink131 karma

I will. Not now. He was the best.

T_Brandt103 karma

Good morning Jocko. When are you going to write the complete history of TU Bruiser?

JockoWillink196 karma

Leif and I are planning to do that in a few years...

Hasson185586 karma

Can we expect to see Jocko Willink/Leif Babin on the presidential ticket for 2020?

JockoWillink263 karma

Ha. Can we put a wave pool in the rose garden?

SleepySimulator75 karma

Jordan Peterson and many prominent psychologists say IQ and discipline are critical to life success with more weight on IQ. What do you think about this and how important were these two factors in determining whether or not a Seal was successful or not?

JockoWillink174 karma

Being smart and disciplined seems like it would be a good combination. Smart and disciplined people normally make good SEALs.

chrisjlarsen75 karma

Jocko, about to graduate college after 4 years of division 1 football. Majored in finance but I am debating military OCS route versus typical 9-5 corporate desk job,what are your thoughts? Big EO fan. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

JockoWillink223 karma

Never mind my thoughts. What are yours? I know what I would do, and so do you.

AdamDontTrussIt67 karma

Jocko - simple question... Do you believe in God?

JockoWillink202 karma

In my own way, yes.

throwaway10111762 karma

Hi Jocko, Mint moose tracks exists. It's delicious.

  1. Any podcast worthy books on the most recent conflict in Iraq/Afghanistan? Anything on Ramadi would be ideal.

  2. How do you take notes on books? Any system or methodology to it?

  3. How do you source your collection of watches?

Thank you!

JockoWillink69 karma

  1. there are some good ones.
  2. Highlight and write in the books themselves with post-it notes.
  3. Ebay.

SweeetToof59 karma

Who was Seth Stone?

JockoWillink166 karma

SEAL. Delta Platoon Commander, Task Unit Bruiser. Friend. Brother.

jones1cd58 karma

Im sorry to hear about Cmdr. Stone. Do you plan on doing anything special on the Podcast to honor his memory? Or is that not podcast appropriate.

Thanks for all that you do.


JockoWillink98 karma

I will at some point, when it is time. He was the best.

LazarusR8954 karma

Who would win in a submission only BJJ match, you or Joe Hogan (Rogan)?

JockoWillink76 karma

Never rolled with him.

jonezy3547 karma

Hey jocko,

I'm training for BUD/S, and I'm really thinking about training bjj (not to get ready for BUD/S, but for personal enjoyment and development). Thoughts?

JockoWillink121 karma

BJJ is great. But stop a year prior to BUDS and focus 100% on that.

Lebronisking23x42 karma

Hello Jocko,

Long time listener and I love your material. I have interviewed at USUHS to become a military physician. I have to choose a branch of the military to go into. Any suggestions? Working to assist the navy seals would be incredibly rewarding. There are many opportunities as a military physician, but your insight would be great!

JockoWillink77 karma

Working to assist anyone in the military will be rewarding. There aren't many SEALs.

rkt88edmo39 karma

-longest time off the mats? What was hardest part when you started back up again?

-Are your kids going to start a hardcore band?

Thank you for all the podcasts and sharing.



JockoWillink65 karma

6 weeks- neck surgery. I hope so.

kitikitish35 karma

What's for dinner?

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LeanMass6934 karma

Hey Jocko, have you ever had to use your jiu jitsu in a real world combat situation?

JockoWillink69 karma


weast-of-eden34 karma

Hey Jocko, High schooler, who just recently started listening to your podcast. How does someone find out what they should do after high school?

JockoWillink58 karma

Take what you are interested in and see where that places you.

DrstevebruleMD33 karma

Am I the only one that thought Jocko white tea was a white tee shirt????

JockoWillink93 karma


Onuma133 karma

Jocko: 9mm Luger or .45 ACP ?

JockoWillink167 karma


vgnEngineer33 karma

Hello Jocko, I love you work.

I have a question relating to sleep and discipline.

I have severe problems with sleep, I sleep very badly and wake up with much difficulty and then I am tired throughout the day.

When I hear you talk about 5 to 6 hours a sleep I can't help but think that this is not for everybody.

My main problem is that I very often am able to turn off alarm clocks even when they are at my desk while half off-concious and then wake up 2 hours later only to discover the mistake that I made.

This happens to me a lot. The problem is that when I wake up, I am never really concious enough to catch myself from going back to sleep. I just can't imagine what willpower means in this scenario when consciousness is literally the limiting factor.

What do you think about this? Tips? Tricks?

I have a second question but please don't answer this if you want to get back at as many people as you can. I don't want to consume time.

I also have a lot of problems with scheduling. Due to my Aspergers I tend to misread schedules wrong which causes me to mange my agenda wrong. This happens a lot when I have to read tables and my eyes somehow misalign the rows. In the same way I tend to forget to put appointments in my agenda. This happened to me several times but don't seem to learn.

I really like your, just try more, harder and better approach but I really don't know what this means. I have feld so bad amout my failures so many times and yet I keep making them. Now I know you can't solve my autism but what comes to mind? Do you by chance think of any other approach that might work for me that appeals more to my strengths? How would you go about solving problems like the one I have? I know those are actually multiple questions but you can interpret them as one.

At last, I want to thank you for all the amazing work that you do. Your youtube videos and podcasts really help me to sort myself out. Thanks a lot and thanks for your service even though I'm Dutch.

JockoWillink72 karma

Use multiple alarm clocks in multiple locations. Separate you schedule by pages.

Kappadorian29 karma

We often want to model our lives after the heroes that we hear or read about. For example there are so many heroes that you've covered on the podcast, or in books such as Musashi. I want to be like these people, but often our lives lack the same clear-cut purpose and direction. I can't buy a sword and become a samurai, I'd look a little funny walking down the street. My question is, how do we emulate these figures while finding a path that works in our often less exciting lives?

JockoWillink61 karma

Strive hard no matter the path.

BradyLanter27 karma

Jocko, what is your greatest lesson learned since writing books and having a podcast?

JockoWillink78 karma


mickm226 karma

If you could work with or be attached to any foreign SOF unit, which one would it be and why?

JockoWillink80 karma

Brit or Aussie SAS or SBS.
Because Brit or Aussie SAS or SBS.

tagoxmago24 karma

Hey Jocko, I know you’re a fan of the Cro-Mags and you mention being involved in the hardcore scene growing up. What are some of your favorite bands and how do you think that DIY mentality shaped who you became?

Also, which Breakdown demo do you prefer?

JockoWillink83 karma

Bad Brains. Agnostic Front. Slapshot. Black Flag. Minor Threat. etc etc

superwittyusername_24 karma


I am a BJJ purple belt and Muay Thai/MMA practitioner, I tore the labrum in both my shoulders a while back but am still looking to go the BUD/s route. No physical limitations, I still lift and do push ups, pull ups, etc. but the Navy doesn't seem to want to give me a shot due to my medical history. Any advice? Thanks.

JockoWillink37 karma

Try to get a waiver.

PTEG42823 karma

What makes a good teammate? What makes a good leader?

JockoWillink79 karma

Teammate puts the team first. So does the leader.

MiracleMavs22 karma

Hi Mr. Willink, Do you allow yourself to listen to music or have any other sorts of distractions when you're in the weight room or running?


JockoWillink47 karma

Yes. I listen to music.

s_davids21 karma

Hey Jocko,

What are your top 10 values/principles of life? Actions to take when your life is falling apart? What to do if you're too ugly to get a girlfriend and have bad thoughts about this?

Thanks for your work. Love the podcast. Thanks for getting me in to bjj.

JockoWillink98 karma

  1. Discipline Equals Freedom.
  2. Prioritize and Execute.
  3. Find happiness in being alone and don't worry about it. The right person will come along eventually.

Joseph_T_Valle21 karma

Jocko, I am currently in the AFROTC program at UNC Charlotte; what advice do you have for future officers, and what qualities do you want the future officers to have?

JockoWillink46 karma


ProgrammerFriendly21 karma

In war, and in life, there are often times of monotony where the status quo remains the same. How do you keep your discipline when you can't measure improvement or make advancement?

Thanks so much for the podcast!

JockoWillink36 karma


djcoax19 karma

Hello Jocko,

Do you have any tips for a 40 year old male starting BJJ ?

JockoWillink38 karma

Relax. No Ego.

semc4419 karma

Jocko, do you set your alarm for those 4 am wake ups?

JockoWillink24 karma


mtj122716 karma

Hey Jocko I recently heard you on Joe Rogan and started listening to your podcast. I have a question I was hoping you could help me out with. I was a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu here in New York about 3 years ago, when I was rolling one day I got hip tossed by a purple belt and tore my labrum in my shoulder after healing up I got into college hockey and didn’t go back to Jiu Jitsu. Now that I’ve been out of college I want to get back at it but I’m embarrassed to go back to my old gym. Do I put my ego in check and suck it up and go back or do I pick another gym a few miles away and start fresh?

JockoWillink60 karma

Just go start training.

soberseth1015 karma

Jocko, any chance of you getting Dick Marcinko on the podcast? I think he'd be a fascinating guest. I wonder if in his later years he came to see his error that you mentioned in one of your podcasts...that he didn't adjust his style once he advanced up the ranks.

JockoWillink15 karma

Open invite to Marcinko.

Born2Trill15 karma


Do you have any suggestions pertaining to veterans who have certain regrets with separating from their respective branch too soon & looking back wishing they have stayed in?

JockoWillink41 karma

Try and get back in. If you can't, look for your next mission. Regret gets you no where.

ahgibby14 karma

Since you launched the podcast, from all your interviews and books you've used to recount the stories of so many heroes, what is the main takeaway you got from these individuals and about leadership? #getafterit

JockoWillink19 karma

Stay humble

ProbablySethRogen14 karma


Will episode 100 be an extra long podcast? Thanks.

JockoWillink25 karma

I don't know. I don't plan the lengths.

SlarkeyMalarkey13 karma

Hey Jocko, what are some hobbies you'd like to try but haven't had the time?

JockoWillink56 karma

If I want to try something, I make time.

YouKnowWho6T913 karma

Ever think about doing an AMA over on r/navyseals. Boys would love it ?

JockoWillink24 karma


dacronstonekat13 karma

Jocko, thanks for doing this. I'm a fan of the podcast and half way through your book. Also, just received my order of Jocko white tea. Can confirm that my deadlift has increased by about 3000%.

I'm in the process of submitting my package to SOAS and hopefully I'll receive an invitation to attend SOAS in the spring. I have relatively little leadership experience which worries me. My question for you is how does one motivate a team that has low morale? Similar to the boat crew example early on in your book. Providing clear, concise, and confident instruction on the task at hand as well as believing in the objectives and goals of the task/mission seems like just about all one can do. How big of a role does charisma play in how effective a leader is?

And, although I know you don't like to speak about BUD/s, my final question is how much effort do you dedicate to a classmate that seems to be not putting out. I understand the only way to make it though BUD/s is as a team, but at what point do you simply abandon someone who isn't performing well enough despite them making every effort to help the team and themselves?

Thank you!

JockoWillink25 karma

In BUDs, if someone is weak, let them quit. We don't want them in The Teams,

MrEzyPzy13 karma

Hi Jocko, In your opinion do you think Jiu Jitsu will ever become "mainstream" and do you think there is a competition format (EBI, ADCC, IBJJF, etc.) that would bring in the largest audience?

JockoWillink35 karma

Maybe. EBI.

solo100113 karma

Hi Jocko -- I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but I'm working on a PhD and have very limited time. Right now I'm only able to go once a week. I know your answer but I'll ask anyway. Is it worth it to continue even though my progress is incredibly stifled?

JockoWillink29 karma


RealSinclair13 karma

Thanks for doing this, Jocko--big fan here.

What are some useful methods you use to stay disciplined in pursuing long-term goals? How do you stay focused on projects that take months and years to complete?

JockoWillink21 karma

Make short term steps and attack them.

potassiumOD12 karma

Hey Jocko, what was the best burger you ever had?

JockoWillink27 karma

Hodad's, OB.

occidental_oriental12 karma

Hi Mr. Willink! Kind of a goofy question (re-posting from the other thread), but:
I read a great story about the UDT's in WW2 (proto-SEALs) and how they would paint depth markings along the length of their bodies to measure depth while surveying landing beaches in the Pacific. Basically they would stand up in the water and see how the depth measured against the markings on their bodies. I thought it was cool and inventive. Is this something that's still taught to SEALs? Is it ever put to use?

JockoWillink16 karma

Not any more.

pivoinerose00012 karma

Hi Jocko! Im a 41 years old women and i would like to start bjj Should i go to a man or women class? Thanks!

JockoWillink15 karma


TheNursingStudent11 karma

Hey Jocko, been wanting to get into some MetCon training but dont know how to get started,any tips? thanks

JockoWillink57 karma

100 Burpees for time. Go.

littlefair9311 karma

Hi Jocko , when you complete a task for example , writing a book . Do you immediately find a new task to accomplish to keep yourself busy?

JockoWillink44 karma

No. I already have the new task underway before I finish.

friedtransistor11 karma


Favorite Emerson folder?

Thank you for all you do.

JockoWillink16 karma


KThingy10 karma

Hey Jocko, love the podcast. Just curious as to what your favorite submission to hit is?

JockoWillink34 karma


sl0bd0g10 karma

Hey Jocko

I’m a 32 year old married man and work for a large city fire department as a paramedic with over 12 years experience in the field. I’m considering a reserve position within the military. I’m seeking change, including excitement, knowledge, camaraderie and looking to learn valuable new leadership, combat and vocational skills. I want to disrupt my home life as little as possible. I am married and hoping for children soon. Active duty is not an option at this time. Currently I’m looking at national guard, possibly their combat medic program, although this would likely be basic and easy for me given my experience. My interests are medicine and combat/weapons, not much else.I’m open to all other options... what do you think about this, what would you choose, if any? Thanks Jocko.

JockoWillink22 karma

Sounds like a great plan.

1deadeye19 karma

Hi Jocko, thanks so much for taking the time to do this AMA. If you had a pontoon boat, what would you name her?

JockoWillink17 karma


dnames7 karma

Jocko, in podcast 29 you briefly talked about how the best candidates in BUD/S often ranked themselves as the worst, and the worst ranked themselves as the best. As you said, it is very important for a good leader to be humble, open to criticism, and always want to better themselves, however is there a fine line between humble and having no confidence? A leader also needs to be confident in his abilities to lead, right? I look forward to hearing your response, I thought about this a lot after the podcast. As always, great work to you and Echo on the podcast!

JockoWillink27 karma

That wasn't in BUDs, that was in platoon training. Yes. You must have confidence without being arrogant. Those are some of the many Dichotomies of Leadership: Humble, but not passive. Confident but not cocky.

Gazzz_6 karma

Hey jocko.

In your opinion, how do you feel about the president and his lack of leadership he brings. What is your opinion on his constant criticism to things such as the NFL players kneeling, the Puerto rican relief efforts and so on. What does this say about our country to those who dont live in ours?

And your podcast is amazing btw. I've listened to all episodes. You're awesome.

JockoWillink47 karma

Thank for listening. America is stronger than one man. Even the president.

handsfree535 karma

Is there a marked difference in culture between Army Special Forces and the SEAL Teams? I've heard Special Forces soldiers tend to be a bit older than your average SEAL and that an ODA tends to be more self-sufficient and not reliant on non-SOF support when deployed. Also heard that SEALs hate FID. All second hand info but I'd appreciate any insight.

Also, I have a question about BUD/S. This is taken from a recent graduate's AMA: "The biggest difference I would assume is you no longer want to be the grey man. They started doing a more "wholelistic" approach to BUD/S and it really is a selection now. You are judged on performance and character, you want them to know you." I thought this was really interesting, do you have any insider information on how selection has evolved?

JockoWillink11 karma

Your generalizations about SEALs vs SF are rooted in stereotypes that have some loose validity to them, but are not entirely accurate at all. BUDs is BUDs.

AskMeAboutMySmell4 karma

Navy huh, is being locked in a big metal shaft with 299 other semen something of a treat?

Is it true that 300 Semen go out to sea and 150 couples return?

All jokes aside, thanks for your service and thank you for this AMA.

Serious question, what is your favorite food?

JockoWillink4 karma


TheFischerr4 karma

Good evening,

I really liked Way of the Warrior Kid but my kid knows no English yet. Are you working on translations of the book? If yes, in what languages and when may we except them for sale?

Thank you for your time.

JockoWillink10 karma

Ask Feiwel and Friends, the publisher. Translations are coming. Not sure of languages and dates.

DocWiggles3 karma

Can you recommend a good all weather hiking/wilderness boot?

JockoWillink6 karma

Everyone's feet are different.Try a bunch.

YabloMoloko3 karma

Before you answered a question about if a child was being bullied, you said they should go to Jujitsu. What about if they're the bully?

Also, how do you tread between taking ownership and excessive self-blame?

Thank you for your great podcast and awesome books! Extreme ownership has played an important role for me to get after it!

JockoWillink16 karma

They should also do jiu-jitsu. they will be humbled. Balance.

superwittyusername_3 karma

Do you train any striking or strictly grappling?

JockoWillink10 karma

I trained a bunch, but don't much anymore.

fuimiah3 karma


I'm looking to move to a sunnier environment while building my business, (need to be around more small to medium sized businesses). I want to live close to the beach, scuba, surf, paddle board, crossfit as well as BJJ/MMA gyms. Would you recommend Florida coastline (Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville) or San Diego?

JockoWillink14 karma

FLORIDA! San Diego is too crowded...

HahPhrasing3 karma

Jocko, How can I find motivation, be it to get up in the morning or to go to the gym, what can I do to find something that motivates me?

JockoWillink20 karma


mcshanesteez3 karma

Hey Jocko, Do you know of any good BJJ schools in the Chicago-land area? Or anyone on here?

JockoWillink8 karma

Pete the Greek or Comprido.

--ALF3 karma

  1. Did you ever work with Col. Peter Mansoor (Army)? He was pretty high up with General Petraeus for a tour in Iraq. I took a couple of his classes while in college and loved them.
  2. Is Echelon Front hiring??

JockoWillink3 karma

  1. I did not.
  2. Sparingly.

theruvster3 karma

F/S Shipping out soon. Any books you wish you read before starting your career in the Navy, one military related and one non-military related?

JockoWillink5 karma

ABOUT FACE, Hackworth.

The-Darkest_Knight3 karma

Hey Jocko!

Wondering if you had any recommendations for a young guy trying to develop good habits/discipline! Also do you have a list of things that you think everyone should be doing to be better?

JockoWillink7 karma

Wake up early. Work out. Be stronger smarter faster better.

TheVarian3 karma


What was your ah ha moment?

JockoWillink7 karma


tiki-torch3 karma

Hey Jocko,

Favorite Hardcore band of all time?

Thanks for the podcast, I enjoy it.

JockoWillink17 karma

Bad Brains.

Jake602 karma

Hi Jocko, Do you practice meditation? I've heard you describe how you can take a step back from a stressful/negative situation and observe things from a calm, rational perspective before deciding how to react. It sounded like something an experienced meditation practitioner might do. Thanks!

JockoWillink13 karma

Jiu-jitsu and surfing.

GammaMonkey2 karma

Jocko, you are incredibly driven. I've read Extreme Ownership and listened to many of your podcasts and I know you advocate working towards multiple milestones at once, but do you have one overarching goal you are working towards? Or are you a modern-day Cyrano and pursue "excellence in everything"?

JockoWillink5 karma

Pass on what I have learned.

PaxBarrera2 karma

Hey Jocko! Do you admire any military history figures in particular? If so, who impresses you the most?

JockoWillink5 karma

Hackworth. Sledge.

icmac2 karma

Hey Jocko, fellow navy guy here but nearly as badass. How long did you serve for? If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

JockoWillink5 karma

No badass here. 20 years. Nope.

HunterWindmill2 karma

Hey Jocko. First of all, thanks for the motivation, it's been a big help.

My question is: Between your watch and "aftermath" pictures on Instagram there is often a gap of 3-5 hours. Do you work out for that entire time? Also, how much do you weigh?


JockoWillink5 karma

Sometimes write or do other work in between wake up and aftermath.

goatsee_goat1 karma

Hey, Jocko! What was your biggest setback in life or in the army? EDIT: Forgot to greet you. Apologies, sir! Haha

JockoWillink8 karma

Too many to talk about.

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JockoWillink3 karma

Have answered this on podcast. Sure. Come to my gym with a book. We will grapple and I will sign.

jonspelledwithoutanh-5 karma

Congratulations on having your third book published and thank you for all the work you do. The leadership principles distilled from your hard-won experience are applicable in virtually any life scenario, and the podcast has introduced us, your faithful audience, to dozens of stories and individuals that have valuable perspective on leadership, life, and war. We are in your debt, both for your service, and for the work you do in private life.

As you are aware, Russia is engaged in an overt, and more importantly ongoing, Active Measures (активные мероприятия) campaign against American democracy. This campaign takes several forms: spreading propaganda and disinformation aimed at supporting or tearing down specific candidates, widespread use of social media for amplification of this disinformation and propaganda to engage in provokatsiya, and the use of compromised American agents of influence to distort the national conversation. The Active Measures campaign has continued to this day, as easily identifiable social media bots and trolls continue to polarize American discourse through propaganda and disinformation. And before you discount social media as unimportant, that is largely how democracy (save the singular act of voting) is done in 2017. Rhetorically, how many more people does your message reach through it compared to a world without it?

A major front of the Russian Active Measures campaign was weaponized leaks. GRU-linked Russian hackers (Fancy Bear, Guccifer 2.0) illegally stole private data from both the DNC and John Podesta. This data was then passed to WikiLeaks for publication, which is hosted partly in Russia (it got RU hosting a week before the Podesta emails were released). This is the same WikiLeaks that has released NSA cyber-weapons stolen via what appear to be FSB connections with Kaspersky Antivirus, the same WikiLeaks that arranged Edward Snowden’s massive NSA data breach (he now lives in an FSB safe house outside Moscow), and whose editor, Julian Assange, has been working tirelessly for years to discredit the United States, but rarely, if ever, releasing information unfavorable to authoritarian regimes. In fact, within minutes of the infamous Access Hollywood tape release last year by the Washington Post, WikiLeaks began releasing periodic tranches of John Podesta’s stolen emails to mitigate the former’s impact.

Consensus report from the intelligence community released in January:

During the campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly made references to the illegally obtained emails (“Russia, if you’re listening…”) and WikiLeaks, including mentioning WikiLeaks over 150 times while campaigning in the final month before the election. Furthermore, since his election, Donald Trump has repeatedly worked hand in glove with the Russian influence operations, most recently by repeatedly questioning the patriotism of people kneeling during the national anthem, a major theme amplified by Russian social media bots and trolls. Donald Trump did not create the fissures in our society, but he has no problem driving the biggest wedges he can find into them for his own political benefit.

Donald Trump embraces Russian Active Measures. note: while bot activity cannot be definitively tied to Russia, someone is paying the bills, and circumstanial evidence points that direction (see NYT article) In which fake opposition forgets to turn off location sharing.

And our president, driving that wedge as deep as he can:

“Authoritarianism watch.”

Current trends in Russian social media influence campaigns (on Twitter) can be explored at the Hamilton 68 project:

Russian Active Measures are best thought of as part of Hybrid War strategy (see: “Gerasimov doctrine.”) Clausewitz said that “war is the continuation of politics by other means.” Hybrid war is the space in between. They are aimed at internally destabilizing our society with lower attribution than outright violence in order to strategically neutralize it. Our president participates in this, to the detriment of our shared Republic. If you disagree, ask yourself one question: what is American posture toward Russia under Donald Trump? “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme art of war.” -- Sun Tzu

This playbook of dividing the nation in order to consolidate power is familiar to anyone with a passing understanding of post-Soviet Eastern European authoritarian kleptocracies, where Chekist tactics are a standard means of maintaining control. For those unfamiliar, Chekism is the institutional philosophy of the Russian secret police, which became the KGB, now FSB. As Vladimir Putin (in the Soviet days, a KGB officer) once said, “There are no former Chekists.”

You and Leif have made no secret of your disdain for Hillary Clinton, which is fine, no one was going to convince you to vote for her. However, both of you engaged in evidence-free conspiracy theories about her, suggesting that she was far worse than any other option, including Trump, who is now being investigated for possibly conspiring with Kremlin-linked actors to win the election, in addition to the numerous other crimes and moral abominations he has brought into our national discourse (remember torture? Killing the families? Glad we have President Mattis.) “Hamilton rule” essay suggests that conservatives should vote country over party if Trump gets nomination. You’re smart enough to understand the statistical probabilities that make this effectively an endorsement of Trump. Stick a pin in this one… Here’s that “Obama created ISIS” meme. We all know about the 2008 Status of Forces Agreement, right? Remember Bush dodging the flying shoes? Or should we have been occupying at gunpoint a country we invaded, then helped rebuild, against the will of its duly elected representatives? Bold accusation. Evidence? If Leif is talking about Benghazi, multiple Congressional investigations run by Republicans have turned up no wrongdoing, no “stand down” order.

In fact, Jocko, you went so far as to encourage your Twitter followers to participate in the Russian Active Measures campaign: (I realize the quoted tweet is blocked, but come on. Context. Look at the date. Screenshots from WikiLeaks in replies, too.)

That seems like kind of a big deal to me.

As I have mentioned before, the principles enumerated in your book are extremely valuable, and can serve as a lens through which one can analyze someone in a leadership position’s ability to lead. In fact, you and Leif have done exactly this, criticizing Barack Obama in a Washington Times Op-Ed, describing him as “the worst kind of leader” and a “tortured genius.”

Given that Trump (at least in my estimation, as I have noted in the past) objectively fails as a leader on every Extreme Ownership dimension, it is all the more odd that, as his presidency spirals into the void in terms of approval ratings, ability to execute on his agenda, and the fact that his campaign likely engaged in a criminal conspiracy against our shared democracy, not to mention his flagrant violations of the law and Constitution, both you and Leif have been almost completely silent since his election. This, in spite of the fact that he speaks approvingly of, and appears to want to emulate, Russian president Vladimir Putin, a man I believe you have referred to as a “thug.” Furthermore, like Putin and the other global leaders he has praised, Trump embodies the (populist) authoritarian style, which as best as I can understand, is the diametric opposite of what you and Leif teach.

You and Leif teach leadership principles that facilitate trust within teams and organizations. This president and his administration lie to or mislead the American people several orders of magnitude more frequently than any previous president, over a thousand times since inauguration according to a recent count by the Washington Post, which only erodes trust with anyone outside of his core supporters, and he can only survive doing this with media enablers willing to excuse and obfuscate it. As I have said before, the President, his administration, and his media enablers are waging a disinformation campaign against the American people. An administration that functions this way makes national self-government impossible, as there are no standards by which to judge our national leaders. Furthermore, it is my understanding that an officer in the military must never lie or tolerate those who do, and yet, here we are.

With all due respect, please help this trooper understand.

If silence can be interpreted as acceptance, this trooper wants to understand the Extreme Ownership case for the Donald Trump presidency, which only seems fair given you and Leif’s prior contributions to the national discourse. This is not about politics.

“It’s not what you preach, it’s what you tolerate.” I read that in a book somewhere.

P.S. When all of this comes to a head, make sure you have John Schindler (@20committee) booked as a podcast guest.

JockoWillink6 karma

America is stronger than one man.