My name is Andrew Rea (proof), but you probably know me better as Oliver Babish, the guy whose torso makes all the movie foods. I started the show about a year and a half ago, and thanks to Reddit, I've been able to make it my full-time job, and am super-excited to be expanding into other arenas of food media and entertainment.

I had a fuggin blast during my first AMA back in February, and my book dropping onto shelves and into Amazon boxes today seemed as fitting an occasion as any to do it again! You guys might know me as a serial comment replier and an inadvisably open book, so I mean it when I say: AMA!!

EDIT (11:30 EST): Holy shit guys, my inbox currently reads 800! I'm gonna be answering questions for as long as I can today, I'm very sorry if I don't get to yours, but I'll do my best!

EDIT 2 (1PM EST): Whew okay had lunch quick - wow 1500 now. My poor fingies can't keep up but we'll persevere! I'm being told that the book is sold out Amazon, but there are copies available at Barnes & Noble!

EDIT 3 (2:30PM EST): Whew okay guys my hands need a break - I'll be coming back and answering questions in a bit, in the meantime, check out the new episode I put out today!

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HeadlineGlimmer4883 karma

If you were to hit 2 million subscribers would you consider releasing the Fraiser episode?

OliverBabish5022 karma

I'm still hurting but yes.

JWL10923008 karma

Hey Babish, Thanks for doing this AMA.

Got any more plans to work with Sean from Hot Ones? Really liked the stuff you did together and you seem to get on well.

OliverBabish5787 karma

Hey man no problem!

I'm gonna be on First We Feast next week or so! Sean, Anthony Fantano and I do an exotic melon tasting as the three bald melons of YouTube.

bdubaya2955 karma

what's up with food?

OliverBabish5668 karma

I know right it's like get in my mouth already, food

ViolentlyCaucasian2522 karma

Just back from Japan and there is a temporary exhibit on at the Studio Ghibli Museum about the art of food and animating eating in their movies. Is it a topic you've considered an episode on before? Also how much Food Wishes have you watched? Can definitely see a bit of an influence in your videos and a few tricks used seem to be similar

OliverBabish3847 karma

Absolutely expect Ghibli foods in the near future!

Probably almost every one.

kiptox2241 karma

What's your favorite drink to relax with after a long day of filming?

OliverBabish3390 karma

Old fashioned all the way

Captain_Teemo1886 karma

What is your go to lazy meal to cook?

OliverBabish5092 karma

Those stir fry kits they have nowadays fucking rule.

And this is gonna be embarrassing but if I'm drunk, it's too late to order take-out, and there ain't nothing in the house - buttered goddamn pasta. Been my favorite thing since I was like 0.

scrotal_terrorist1876 karma

Would you ever consider doing more instructional videos on cooking? I love the format as it is now but it would be awesome to learn some more basic tips on cooking from you as well.

OliverBabish4518 karma

That's the new show comin out next week! Basics with Babish!

SparkyBoomBoomMan867 karma

Is that going to be its own channel or on your original channel?

OliverBabish2719 karma

Going to be on the original channel, and accompanied by a biweekly livestream cookingalong on Twitch!

Askmeifiseethings1758 karma

Hey Andrew, just curious. Where did this alter ego 'Oliver Babish' come from?

Love your show! :)

OliverBabish2393 karma

The West Wing! Never really expected the show to take off, so I kinda named it arbitrarily...

And thanks!

ToughSpaghetti1690 karma

Where do you buy your clothes? You have some very nice button-ups.

OliverBabish2524 karma

Why thank you - I'm a total Marshallista, but other than that, Uniqlo, Banana Republic, and Zara.

Digitalmonster70681630 karma

Have you ever wanted to collaborate with You Suck at Cooking?

OliverBabish1885 karma

Dearly, yes

LeagueOfLucian1609 karma

Will there be a Halloween special?

OliverBabish4114 karma

Yessir, some foods from Hannibal (TV Series)...ethically sourced.

letloosethekraken1575 karma

Your videos are a perfect midway between personality and straight up cooking/food porn. After wading through so many channels of over zealous personalities that talk for 6 months before cooking, And videos like, I found yours when looking for Philly Cheese Steaks! Hooked on your channel ever since.

So my question is, where did the inspiration to do torso only, to the point cooking with no kidding around and a great comedic tone? Was it a happy accident or something you specifically tried for?

And thank you for your channel! Can't wait to grab the book.

OliverBabish1849 karma

Thanks man that's exactly what I've been going for!! And the very reason that I decided to show only my torso - I watched some cooking video about a burger that was 30 minutes long, and they didn't start cooking for 10 minutes. I decided to make a show that was focused solely on the food.

Thanks for watching!!

tregorman1536 karma

What is the weirdest request for a video that you've gotten?

OliverBabish3504 karma

One dude asked me to eat him yesterday - does that count

hulk-smashley1317 karma

Is there a famous dish that you refuse to make?

Love the show! Binging your show makes my work day less boring!

OliverBabish2650 karma

The turkey-stuffed-in-a-monkfish from Malcolm in the Middle. I don't have room in my heart for that.

And thanks!!

AManAndHisReddit1274 karma

How much has your life changed since that video of you with a head full of hair, slicing fruit?

OliverBabish2024 karma

So goddamn much haha

Fellas, if you're losing your hair, grow a pair and chop it all off.

EDIT: and happy cakeday!

ladland1136 karma

I’m so bad at cooking chicken. Like, I am the worst chicken chef alive. What are your tips on producing some tender, flavorful, juicy chicken instead of the dry or raw garbage that comes out of my kitchen?

OliverBabish2464 karma

Get bone-in/skin on chicken breasts - sear the fuck out of them in a ripping hot pan, then place in the oven and finish them at 400F until they're 165F internally. Use the fond in the pan to make a pan sauce. Wuhbam.

11002393401099 karma

What is the biggest project (cooking or otherwise) you want to tackle? What is stopping you from doing it?

OliverBabish3374 karma

I've got a full-length series I'm developing for Netflix - really just waiting for it to be in the right place to pitch, and for my career to be in the right place to pounce!

SendChubbyGirlPics1030 karma

What happened to your theme song?

OliverBabish2292 karma

It was the Frasier theme song, I ain't got the rights to it!

flash__thunder962 karma

Any suggestions on a chefs knife? Outside of that, what's the one thing that everyone should own in a kitchen but most don't?

OliverBabish1777 karma

I love Wusthof Ikon Classic - and while that can be prohibitively expensive, Wusthof just came out with their "Pro" line that is super-affordable - cheaper even than my previous budget recommendation, the Victorionox Fibrox line!

EDIT: Didn't finish the question - a big fuck-off cutting board. Most people get those shitty 3-packs from IKEA, and they're totally useless. Get a gigantic cutting board, preferably wood, but OXO makes a great one for $20!

Overwolfy752 karma

Hey Andrew! I just wanted to say first that your show really made start cooking again after i lost my motivation a few months ago so thanks! My question is, How did you figure out that cooking was your true calling? Thanks

OliverBabish932 karma

Hey man that's great to hear, keep it up!!

Hah actually I went to film school - didn't really realize that till last year! Happened quite on accident! But I knew that food/film were my true calling(s) back in 9th grade when I made my first video project to get out of writing an essay, and when I cooked my first meal for a date and it came out horribly.

ImMrsNesbit731 karma

Love your show Babish! It's one of the few channels I regularly follow and keep up to date with!

Might be a personal question, but noticed you stopped wearing a ring in your videos? Single now? Up for a bromance? I know someone... (it's me, it's always been me).

OliverBabish891 karma

Thanks very much!

And I guess enough time has passed that I can talk about this haha, yes, I went through a divorce last year. Loooooong story.

LirikLeg730 karma

Hey, I love your show! Did you ever run across a movie food that turned out to be too difficult to recreate? If so, what was it and what made it too difficult?

OliverBabish1070 karma

Hah definitely the opening scene of Eat Drink Man Woman - lots of requests for it, which means there's a lot of people out there that greatly overestimate my cooking ability.

Giraffozilla682 karma

When you did a collab with the guy who does the funny nature stuff and you started rambling about drugs, how much of it was a joke and how much was based on real life?

OliverBabish909 karma

No comment

DaksOutForPrescott452 karma

Link for the lazy.

Give some love for Ashwin, when it comes to nature there is nobody more knowledgeable.

OliverBabish273 karma

Thanks for learning

whyohwhyohno681 karma

What’s in the book that isn’t on YouTube?

OliverBabish1054 karma

Lots! The book has a bunch of recipes that are more tributes to the films rather than direct adaptations (eg, French Toast Sticks from Kramer vs. Kramer) - but also has many recipes lifted straight from the show!

everything_is_super669 karma

What's your favorite recipe in your new cookbook?

OliverBabish1194 karma

Gotta be the same answer as my favorite episode: Timpano baby

Super00_558 karma

Hey Andrew, big fan!

What's up with you, Shaun, and Antony buying melons? Are we going to get a melon based sitcom starring the 3 of you?

OliverBabish536 karma

God I wish - upcoming episode of Sean in the Wild!

voltaire18522 karma

Are there any cooking shows or food shows that you enjoy watching? Whether they be on TV or YouTube?

OliverBabish1491 karma

Oh lord yes - on YouTube, Chef John, Gordon Ramsay, Brad Leone (BA), You Suck at Cooking

On TV, Alton Brown, Jacques Pepin, Anthony Bourdain

auxilary518 karma

Hey! The wife and I are big fans.

Do you have a graveyard of over-requested meals that you think just won't make good episodes or are just too basic?

Any requests you are afraid are too intricate or beyond your ability?

OliverBabish750 karma

Hey thanks!

And yes to both - I actually shot one that turned out to be too simple/easy, no matter how much I tried to jazz it up: jam and toast from Wallace and Gromit. Still did a crossover episode with William Osman!

Too hard - definitely the opening scene from Eat Drink Man Woman! Literally anything from that scene! I'll make that inflated duck one day though.

AirlineFlyer511 karma

Where in Harlem do you do your food shopping for the show? You get some pretty unique ingredients.

OliverBabish655 karma

I have to go all over for the unique stuff! But happily they just opened a Whole Foods in my area, so that helps!!

I_AM_THE_REAL_GOD503 karma

More of a personal question feel free to not answer it, we all know balding is a tough thing to go through, how did you deal with yours?

OliverBabish1198 karma

Chopped it all off and stopped giving a fuck. When you're balding, people only see how afraid you are of your own hairline. I get way more dates now than when I had hair and was scared I was losing it.

thedude388418 karma

Not to get personal but don't you wear a ring in a lot of your videos?

OliverBabish1309 karma

Hey man get personal, I ain't mind - I got divorced last year

tikkstr465 karma

Hey Babish, love your work!

My question is: Can I call you Babs?

OliverBabish717 karma

Fuckin, yeah dude

lish_uh418 karma

Hello! My boyfriend and I are huge fans! Have you considered putting out merch? Like T-shirt’s and hoodies and maybe even rubber spatulas? I’d buy the shit out of your merch, just saying!

OliverBabish547 karma

Keep an eye out! Definitely going to be dropping more and more product in the near future!

EDIT: and thank you!

JimRug417 karma

What's your favorite Kanye West album?!

OliverBabish1103 karma

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy for sure

boooman360 karma

Is basics with babish still happening?

OliverBabish503 karma

Next week baby!

beastcartridge352 karma

hey Andrew. My question is : how do you get your dulcet tones so silky smooth? They spread metaphorical honey on my burnt toast on a weekly basis.

OliverBabish397 karma

Gaww thanks - I admit I use an equalizer to make it sound a lil richer, but other than that, just good luck I suppose!

bcain204323 karma

It seems music is always playing while you cook. What is your favorite jam?

OliverBabish822 karma

I either have Frasier/Star Trek TNG/Always Sunny/MST3K going in the background while cooking, or: Vulfpeck/Young Thug/Ariel Pink

MiliardoK288 karma

Stumbled into you channel with the Prison Sauce Episode.

So far I've tried making Pasta Aioli, oven style Freddie's Ribs (came out amazing and I finally got a proper smoker for round two) going to do Dave's Carbonara later today for work meals.

A good amount of wit, smooth voice, a taste for good drinks and food and I've become hooked on your channel.

My question to you: propane or charcoal?

OliverBabish394 karma

Thanks very much!!

Much as I love Hank Hill, I gotta go charcoal

obviously_a_unicorn270 karma

You have wonderful forearms (partial focal point of the show).. Do you do any exercises to combat all the large meals you make for the show? Do you meal prep?

OliverBabish308 karma

Why thank you - I have two pull-up bars stationed around the apartment haha, and I jog a lil 5K at least 3x/week.

I don't really have time to meal prep unfortunately! It's one of the few things I miss about having a full-time job.

KezmanTheWorst262 karma

You referenced Mary Berry and Hollywood in one of your vids, you about that GBBO life?

OliverBabish417 karma

Anytime I feel like I need a hug, I just throw on GBBO

yellow-belly224 karma

How do you take your garbage plate and whats your favourite place to get one?

OliverBabish286 karma

White hots, hot sauce, Henrietta Hots

Paperjamweasel217 karma

Hey, I love the quality of your content! I was wondering if there was any particular method you use to determine which dish you make next?

OliverBabish455 karma

Hah it is really by the seat of my pants - like I just realized this morning that I missed the season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm, so guess what the fuck next week's episode is gonna be.

CherryThePanPyro201 karma

Are there any cancelled babish episodes we're unaware of?

OliverBabish431 karma

Just my Frasier episode :( and my Lovers' Delight episode is being copyright disputed right now, hopefully that'll be back up soon

Captain-Turtle183 karma

what dish wasn't worth the time it took to make?

OliverBabish379 karma

Good lord so many - the one that stands out is this very week's episode actually, Cailles en Sarchophage - there are better uses for truffles and foie gras!

mctt23182 karma

Hey Babish, Huge fan of yours, what’s one thing about cooking you wish more people were aware of ?

OliverBabish600 karma

It can get you laid way easier than playing the guitar.

Kidding - that, even when it's indulgent, it's way healthier than eating microwaved crap like Lean Pockets and the like. There are some deep misconceptions about what is healthy and what isn't in the modern food arena, and I hope to one day be one of the voices that helps inform the public!

And thank you!!


How's the progress on cracking the good burger sauce going?

OliverBabish302 karma

Bad - he boils pickles in ketchup!

kartig170 karma

What's a cuisine or cooking style you wish you knew more about?

OliverBabish360 karma

The entirety of SE Asia - I have very little grasp of it and I wish I knew more about it/could cook it better!

trohmas168 karma

Has there ever been anything you’ve attempted to make that has made you consider giving up cooking?

I used to want to be a chef until I tried making a gingerbread house. That thing fell apart almost as quickly as my dreams.

OliverBabish274 karma

Hah if that Timpano didn't work out? If it blew up, leaked, wasn't cooked through? I'd have given up the whole show in an instant. So I'm happy it turned out.

Perimises167 karma

Hey Oliver. This isn't a food related question but I was wondering if maybe we could get a close up of your tattoos and maybe some backstories ? love your videos. thanks!

OliverBabish240 karma

Hah idk about close ups, but the explanation of my tattoos is here on my website!

JamesBondage0069163 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Frasier Crane's or 1 horse-sized Niles Crane?

OliverBabish229 karma

1 horse-sized Niles Crane just to give him a fair chance

TheBrokenTurret153 karma

You have collaborated with other YouTube channels recently, are there any other people (YouTube or celebrity personalities) that you would like to work with?

OliverBabish401 karma

I'm desperate to work with You Suck at Cooking but he's a busy busy man! And utterly anonymous!

tendollarburrito150 karma

Other than J. Kenji López-Alt, who are some chefs that inspire you?

OliverBabish231 karma

Chef John for sure, Gordon Ramsay, Alton Brown, Brad Leone!

GrumpyFinn130 karma

Have you ever considered narration? I'm blind amd love listeniing to your voice I'd totally pay to hear you read audiobooks.

OliverBabish349 karma

New podcast coming very soon, Bedtime with Babish, where I read short stories and poetry!

batmenace112 karma

Do you prefer making Main courses or desserts?

OliverBabish190 karma

Main courses, mainly because I suck at baking, which is usually involved in desserts!

joestn102 karma

Would it be possible to do more grill based recipes a lá the House of Cards episode?

OliverBabish161 karma

Doing Katz's Pastrami from When Harry Met Sally in the very near future - going to need to utilize my buddy's smoker again!

Laamakala85 karma

Have you ever had trouble keeping in shape with all those wonderful foods around you?

OliverBabish125 karma

Hah I do my best to eat clean and exercise every day of the week that I'm not shooting the show :P

McMatt_HD84 karma

Hey Andrew! My roommate and I are big fans, and since we moved into our new dorm with a kitchen we've made a bunch of your recipes.

As fellow NYC residents, what's the most unique/notable dish you've found here?

OliverBabish97 karma

Thanks dude!

One of my favorites is Gnocco Fritto at Via Emilia - it's a simple enough Italian fritter served with charcuterie - but something about it, I don't know, it's fucking fabulous. And it's the only place you can get it in the city as far as I know!

Dunk097378 karma

What helps you when you are frustrated and in a creative block? I'm in a bad writers block and I'm trying to break it

OliverBabish239 karma


Kidding - sort of - but seriously, meditation and a good night's sleep. Laying off the booze for a few days. Getting rid of some of that fog.

VegetarianCannibals73 karma

Hey Andrew! Thanks for doing an AMA on top of your already pretty great engagement on your subreddit.

Probably the most interesting question I can think of is what recipes using fictional ingredients do you most want to try, and what might you use instead of the fantasy components?

OliverBabish150 karma

No problem bro!

Definitely Harry Potter foods - they all sound so tempting, and so practically out of reach!

skameister72 karma

When are we getting the Bedtime with Babish episode where you read us Go the Fuck to Sleep?

OliverBabish61 karma

Soon as I get the rights to it haha

rachelm242470 karma

What do your roommates think of your show?

OliverBabish188 karma

Just one roommate - and I think he digs it, he gets to eat all the results

cweees67 karma

Any plans to branch out to do recipes that aren't in movies/shows?

OliverBabish194 karma

Absolutely - new show coming out, Basics with Babish, is going to be a purely instructional series, accompanied by a biweekly livestream cookalong!

darthnacho1264 karma

Hi, I've watched all your episodes ever since I first saw your szechuan sauce episode posted here on Reddit, love your work.

This is more a request than a question, but would you ever try to recreate cheesy blasters from 30 rock?

OliverBabish81 karma


Oh that is totally happening soon.

Justinmyroom53 karma

Have you ever considered having Action Bronson on the show?

OliverBabish107 karma

Considered, hoped, wished for.

squid_loaf25 karma

I don’t really have much of a question, so I’ll try and think of one as I write this. I’ve been watching your channel since the beginning and it’s been amazing to watch it grow. You make some seriously high quality content, and you never disappoint. You deserve all the success you’ve been getting, congrats on the book, and have a stiff glass of Angel’s Envy right now at 10 am because you deserve it.

I actually did think of a question: what’s your favorite drunk bodega food?

OliverBabish24 karma

Aw thanks very much man!! I gotta lay off the Angel's Envy till tonight haha, gonna go out and celebrate!

Fuckin ham, egg, and cheese on a bagel for sure.

AidenEdwards_9714 karma

Have you thought about making food from video games? Eg the cake from Portal?

OliverBabish47 karma

I've actually done foods from Zelda! Portal cake is definitely coming up!

Husk214 karma

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever cooked?

OliverBabish38 karma

Charlie's milk steak, for sure

ohdiiiiiiiiiick11 karma

Hi Andrew! My girlfriend and I watch your show together, it's one of the weird things we bond over.

If you had to move to another part of the world and continue making your show using films from only that country, where would we see you shooting your next episode?

Has the creation of this show affected the way you cook at home? Do you find yourself cooking less or more?

Any plans for another drinks special? We notice you always have a pretty choice stash of hooch in the background, would you consider doing a whisky episode or feature on a drinks channel?


OliverBabish10 karma

Oh man - gotta be France. I'd just make a show about cooking with the dope shit I find bicycling around Provence.

Great, now you've got me all wistful for a fantasy life.

I think I cook more for myself! Especially because I need to eat healthier as a result of the show :P

And yes expect another cocktails episode in the near future!

phillipr825 karma

I pre-ordered your book as a birthday gift for my wife. My question is; was this a good birthday gift or am I heading for the doghouse??

OliverBabish16 karma

No it's dogshit you're screwed dude

Kidding she'll like it I think, I don't know her very well

WaynePutin5 karma

Huge fan Man! Keep up the great work!

Q: You seem to have a pretty extensive set of kitchen tools to work with, but has there been anything you haven't been able to attempt due to kitchen space, hardware, etc..?

OliverBabish8 karma

Thanks man!!

Not yet - thanks to the growing revenue from the show, I've been able to purchase the equipment I need - I plan on auctioning off the stuff I'm never gonna use again for charity!

letmegetinmyzone1 karma

Andrew, first off, love your show

What is your go-to comfort food?

OliverBabish4 karma

Thanks dude! Gotta be a chicken parmesan hero - there is nothing more delicious in the known world.

L4PU7A1 karma

Hey Babish, big fan! Anyway, what is something you absolutely REFUSE to cook? Be it time consuming, difficult, or just downright nasty, what will you never EVER cook?

OliverBabish4 karma

The turkey-in-a-monkfish from Malcolm in the Middle for sure

crispybaconisbetter1 karma

Hey Andrew, I'd love to see you make some appearances on some of the big cooking shows. Have you been approached by any shows or chefs to make your tv debut?

OliverBabish5 karma

Yes, and I'm not sure if I want to go TV! The tide is changing rapidly and I want to be where the market is headed!

BigBaconMessiah1 karma

How do you think the show will develop as you might eventually begin to exhaust the different dishes from movies/television?

OliverBabish4 karma

I don't know if I'm going to run out of ideas anytime soon - but I'm pushing to make new/bigger/better content to continue growing my channel!