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Believe it, sister - he's a lil more relaxed off camera, he's a way better cook than I am, and he's a mountain man that could carry you into the sunset like you were a baby lamb.

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Die: burgers that are too big to fit in your mouth, or even physically pick up. Over-the-top instagram foods that would make you hellaciously ill if you were to eat them (double-deep fried, cheese-stuffed, served on a mountain of tater tots etc). Rainbow bagels.

More popular: offal. Savory pies. Using your fucking turn signal.

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Bearded cooking man

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Aw thanks! And yes I totally did - anytime I'm making something very specifically regional, I know I'm getting myself in trouble.

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Hey man no problem!

I'm gonna be on First We Feast next week or so! Sean, Anthony Fantano and I do an exotic melon tasting as the three bald melons of YouTube.