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I can see it if I put my phone directly against my face. We have relatively large UI for a mobile game, though I admit I think we need to make it more accessible. It's on the to-do list for the next update.

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Have you ever considered narration? I'm blind amd love listeniing to your voice I'd totally pay to hear you read audiobooks.

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Sometimes I miss minor graphical things. I think the biggest problem is actually mobility, so if we're at a conference I'll always need a bit of help. In the studio I don't think it presents itself often. Sometimes my eyes get tired but that's usually after a long day.

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No one's ever made a mobile game for a radio DJ before, and incorporated artists directly into the story like we're trying to do. Our goal for the game is to incorporate more and more artists and grow the world as big as possible. There are narrative-driven games for the likes of BTS but there's nothing like what we're doing, and I think we've made a pretty cool marketing tool at worst and an innovative game idea at best!

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There was an article in our local paper about a totally blind guy who landed a job as a coder at a local IT company. I also know of a few blind women in tech doing code. It's only an issue if you let HR and management make it an issue.