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questionmark69361 karma

What's the pay like? How hard is it to find work?

ThatOneHentaiVA101 karma

It varies, but it's generally better than most amateur voice acting opportunities I find. Anywhere from from 25 for a minute long moaning string to 200 for a set of 100 lines. I usually find new projects every two months or so. It's nice as a paid hobby.

Scarbane35 karma

that's pretty cheap

ThatOneHentaiVA65 karma

Yeah, generally amateur voice actors aren't paid very much overall. I've been paid less for SFW jobs, unfortunately.

Donaldbucc214 karma

Responded with this question without seeing this post, so you're one of those girls who do the moans for stuff like zone?

ThatOneHentaiVA42 karma

I wish I got the chance to work with Zone! She seems chill. But yes, I do the moans for stuff like that. I also read the dumb lines that go along with the occasionally.

Donaldbucc28 karma

I always figured artist did their own sounds or got close friends to do them but only because spaz kid and ego raptor used to do this, I guess times have changed now that the Internet is more popular?

Do you have any plans on moving away from porn VA into more less lewd work? If so do you worry about how people may see your pass work? Also whose your favorite VA?

Personally I like nyanners even though people say she can only do one voice.


ThatOneHentaiVA10 karma

I think that's a rule that only really applies to non-erotic animation, lol.

My friend has been wanting to do a podcast for a while now, and I agreed to join him in it. Other than that, really, I think my voice is too high/child-like to really branch out into other areas of voice acting. My favorite VA is Jeremy Shada! He really only does his natural voice for roles, but his acting always shines. His characters really come to life.

Donaldbucc25 karma

I think that's a rule that only really applies to non-erotic animation

spaz kid

non erotic

wew, he hangs out with shad they used to make and sell porn gifs at one point. I hope you guys get the podcast together I'd be interested in tunning in

Jeremy Shada!

thats a name I haven't heard in a while, the last time I saw him he was 14 damn, If you don't mind me asking how old are you? Jeremy is pretty young and most peoples influences are a little older.

ThatOneHentaiVA6 karma

I'm 19, so Jeremy Shada and I are the same age. I think he's my favorite because I grew up watching his voice develop and he was an inspiration since then. I have other voice influences, for sure, but he's always really stuck out to me, considering his talent is based purely on acting, not impressions or accents (no shade, vocal range is super important too!)

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You do those voices with your boyfriend?

ThatOneHentaiVA93 karma

I'm a lesbian actually! But no, my girlfriend doesn't even want to hear the stuff I make. Understandably so.

Donaldbucc212 karma

And you're comfortable with doing none gay voice overs?

ThatOneHentaiVA39 karma

I do lesbian content often and I enjoy it a lot more! I think she just doesn't like how fake it sounds.

Donaldbucc24 karma

Can you share some of your work?

I'm out of the loop when it comes to what some amateur animators are up to, I remember being apart of some groups on deviant art but I stopped following once I left highschool.

ThatOneHentaiVA27 karma

I can't really, mainly because of non-disclosure agreements and because my friends follow this subreddit- but I can tell you that I find most of my works posted to tumblr in sfm tags. Sometimes I can't find them at all though, which is more often concerning.

Donaldbucc24 karma

Thats terrible. How can you find work if you're unable to share what you've done?

Would you say that tumblr is sort of where it's at now when it comes to animating and networking?

Sometimes I can't find them at all though, which is more often concerning.

at least you were paid right? ;)

ThatOneHentaiVA7 karma

It's more like I can't share it here while I share details about how the creators work, how I perform, my honest opinions etc. It might reflect badly upon the creators and upon me.

Tumblr is just generally where I see the highest concentration of sfm animator creators. Most of the work I find is branched across multiple sites, namely castingcallclub (terrible site), r/recordthis, and occasionally in open calls on tumblr. I'm sure there are better ways to network, but I do this as a hobby and not a professional, despite being paid.

"At least you were paid" is the takeaway I have from most of my works!

(EDIT: My dumbass got the subreddit wrong)

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Have you done futa work? What's your opinion towards that genere.

ThatOneHentaiVA1 karma

I have. Aside from it being a strange string of fetishizing trans women, I think the genre is fine.

barzamsr29 karma

  1. How the hell do you find work? Is it mostly animators who already know you contacting you personally or like a "voice actress needed" thing on some random hentai blog?

  2. The content of animated porn is often.... harmful to the depicted females. Does that ever bother you? Do you tend to avoid voicing things like ahegao, inflation, loli etc?

  3. Considering the above question, do the creators of these videos ever come off as rape-y or pedophilic? Like do you think they'd ever confuse the lines between what's "ok" in the animated world with the real world?

  4. Not making a deepthroat joke, but does your throat start hurting after like 10 mins of moaning

  5. Assuming you record in private, do you ever get yourself in the mood so that the moaning is less fake? I understand this is weird and potentially creepy so feel free to leave blank

ThatOneHentaiVA25 karma

I really liked these questions, I hope I didn't go overboard with the answers!

  1. Definitely the latter. I have had people contact me privately before, but I did have to let them know of my existence beforehand. I prefer not to advertise my nsfw acting services anyways, so I guess it just works out that way?

  2. Considering most of the porn industry is extremely toxic to perceptions of women of color, lesbians and trans people (and men as a whole to a lesser degree), I feel like animated porn (at least the Western portion of it) is amplified in what harm it can do. It can literally be /anything/ a person imagines. I am bothered by a lot of the content that people would like for me to voice. I tend to gravitate towards projects that are less "problematic" in that sense, but generally I just kind of take the money and go. If I feel bad about it, I donate some of the money.

  3. I do not do anything that's underage, but I do tend to fit the "teen" market for these types of voices better (think D.Va and Marie Rose) so I do some content that is borderline in that respect. I take a lot of the stuff I do with a grain of salt, but I do wonder if some of these creators actually realize what they create perpetuates these toxic norms for porn. "Rape-y" elements are sprinkled into a lot of things I read, namely in the form of dubious consent or "mind break". I know people IRL who enjoy this type of porn and are able to separate it from reality, but I'm not sure if others are able to compartmentalize like that.

  4. Absolutely. I drink a lot of tea.

  5. I already sort of answered this, but I just wanted to add that masturbating while recording doesn't make for a good take. It's too quiet for most animator's tastes!

LessThanTaelor20 karma

How much improv do you do?

ThatOneHentaiVA42 karma

Well, the moaning is basically all improv- but surprisingly porn animators are very specific about what they want! I've had script writers make me redo a line because one word was off. I assume it's because they've already animated the scene and it would throw off the timing.

LarryLavekio17 karma

How do you know what kind of voice to use when a character is being penetrated by a tentacle versus a human? Is there a difference? If so, can you describe it?

ThatOneHentaiVA20 karma

Generally, I stick to how the creator wants me to voice it. From what I've seen/voiced though, tentacle penetration is more... panicked. I assume it's because there's an element of fear in a lot of tenta-porn. The sounds from being penetrated by a human are always very unrealistic and idealized though, that I can assure you ;)

sdururl12 karma

Are you as annoyed by the cliche moans, groans, and squeals as I am?

ThatOneHentaiVA29 karma

Definitely. I can't even listen to myself sometimes. But hey, if it gets the old cock clock from 6 to 12, then I know I did my job right, I guess?

jujubaoil6 karma

Are there "fluffers" for animated porn voice actors? Specifically, do you have people or material to turn you on so that you can give convincing performances when the time comes? (Pun intended)

ThatOneHentaiVA25 karma

Honestly? I just look through my girlfriend's photos and various fetish blogs I follow (no judgement here) and I'm good. Sometimes the material is just so ridiculous that I can't stay aroused at all so I just fake it, though. Giving a convincing performance usually gets pretty easy after a couple times of saying "yes, shove your sniffer all the way in my butt" and "drown me in all of your delicious milk pudding!"

Voidtalon6 karma

What would you say is the cheesiest line you've had to deliver?

VAs always been an interest of mine but no clue how I'd even begin to do anything with it. I also realize that this is an odd AMA to state that in.

ThatOneHentaiVA38 karma

Oh boy. How do I pick one?

"Guess where you're going? You're going up my butt! My little butthole slave."

"Pull out! The cum is strong with this one!"

(read as if I'm being fucked while talking with my husband on the phone) "O-oh, h-hi honey! Mmm, yeah, just a-ah s-stomachache. I had a b-big, thick sausage with extra cheese for lunch."

Three of my faves. I cannot say with confidence that I nailed these.

Gumius4 karma

Do you usually see the scene that you are voicing or just the character, or nothing at all?

ThatOneHentaiVA2 karma

They usually show/tell us the character, but I have never seen the scene beforehand. I think they start animating but don't finish until we're done.

Donaldbucc22 karma

I have a different question for you than my last one sense you already answered it.

What do you think the future of VA in hentai is looking like? Personally I don't believe there is a future but I have some ideas to make it one if you'd be interested in hearing.

Also what are some new hentai related projects are you looking forward to?

ThatOneHentaiVA6 karma

I'm not sure what you mean by future of VA in hentai, but it generally seems to be steering towards voiceover in SFM animations. That's 90% of what I see, anyways.

If I'm being honest, I'm not really looking forward to voicing either of the projects I'm in currently, but I do hope that I can find some new content that is creative and consensual in concept in the near future to voice! That's always a lot more fun to read, and I'm sure I give a lot more of an enjoyable performance!

Donaldbucc23 karma

ill try to explain a bit better.

Heres the last english VA I've heard in a hentai it's not good, I'm asking if people have gotten better at it and if so what do you think the future is looking like. Also has there been any new hentai voice actors that have stood out to you?

ThatOneHentaiVA3 karma

Ah, I see. I can't really say for sure- I think erotic VA has gotten better as a whole but hentai dubbing is harder to get into, and I'd assume more rigid in terms of what they want. I applied to be a profession hentai dubber, but I haven't word back yet. The types of hentai I do are fan generated and from a western perspective of hentai, versus dubs of Japanese content. (I should've clarified that! My apologies.)

I don't follow dub hentai voice actresses, but I feel like I could learn a lot from them. (Either by learning by example or mistakes?)

owowhatsthis1231 karma

This one is a twofer. What do your parents and friends think if you told them and is there some sort of code of things that you won’t say?

ThatOneHentaiVA1 karma

I told my closest friends and girlfriend about it, but not anyone in my family. I don't think they would want to know. My closest friends know a lot of intimate sex details about me, so it's not that much of a stretch to tell them about this.

Yellow_Triangle1 karma

How do you practise your craft? Also do you have a sound proof area to do so?

I could just imagine how awkward it would be to try and explain this to someone.

"Well you see, it's a hobby...."

ThatOneHentaiVA13 karma

Because the natural sounds I make aren't loud enough for porn animator standards, I usually watch (you guessed it) other porn to sort of study their moaning patterns/noises. I also study solo camgirls (totally for education purposes, I assure you cough)

God, I wish I did. I work in my room under a blanket when everyone is out of the house, and there have been occasions where someone knocked on my door while I was acting. No one has ever asked about it, so I can only hope that no one has heard it... If I really need to be loud, though, I take my mic setup and laptop in the car and drive a little bit away from my house. It's pretty soundproof.

leclittoris-4 karma

Why do hentai chick have the same godforsaken obnoxious moaning?

ThatOneHentaiVA1 karma

Because that's what they hire us to do. That's usually the animator's fault.